Over Blood Instruction Manual


Explore Everywhere 6
Examine Everything 7
Try Anything 8
Pay Attention 8
Voice Recorder
(Saving/Restoring Games) 9
Emergency Spray 10
Hand Gun 10

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Control Summary

Action Command

Highlight Selection D-Button Up/Down
Choose Selection X
Return to Previous Screen Circle

Action Command

Move Character D-Button any direction
Jump Square
Run/Move Object Circle + D-Button
Examine/Open/Pick-up/Climb X
Kneel/Crouch Triangle
Change View L1
Change Character Rl
Access Inventory SELECT
Pause/Resume Gameplay START
Quit/Reset Game SELECT + START

Action Command
Move Character D-Button any direction
Punch/Kick X
Fire Hand Gun Select hand gun from inventory, then R1 + X


Once a favorite subject of sci-fi novelists, cloning technology is here. Imagine the
possibilities! A clone at your side renders organ donors obsolete. But why stop there?
Will it be long before a surgeon can successfully transplant your brain to a younger,
healthier you? Is immortality far behind?

Questions of "when" and "if" are replaced with "should we?" And what (if any) are the moral
and social responsibilities attached to such power?

At Lystra Laboratories' hidden research center, a team of scientists conduct controversial
genetic experiments. As Raz Karcy, you'll experience, firsthand, the wonders and dangers of
human DNA manipulation. Are you prepared?

Over Blood begins when a mechanical malfunction releases Karcy from a cryogenic slumber. Cold
and bewildered, Raz awakens with no memory. Concerns about his identity are soon replaced by
an urgent need to escape, as he reveals the scientists' fateful plan-and his role in it.

Over Blood Features:

Polygon-based characters and backgrounds create a true 3-D world.

Three gameplay perspectives you can cycle on the fly to adapt to changing environments.

Multi-character action lets you toggle control between two characters in realtime.

3-D cinematic sequences and player-controlled events blend seamlessly for a complete
interactive experience.


Over Blood is an action/adventure game, where you assume the role of Raz Karcy. Everything Raz
discovers and uncovers about his identity, the genetic lab, and the scientists' plan is
determined by your actions. Follow these basic rules to make it out alive.

NOTE: Although speech plays a major part in the transfer of information, text is equally
important. When a line of text appears on the screen, read it, then press X. When the text is
cleared, Raz can continue.

Explore Everywhere

You never know where Raz will uncover the next clue to his identity or tool for escape.
Explore each hallway, room, and shaft to see where it leads. Check every shelf, desk, nook,
and cranny to find out what secrets they conceal.

To walk, press the D-Button.

To run, press Circle + D-Button.

To open an unlocked door, press X.

To climb up to an opening or onto a ledge, press X.

To jump up to an opening high above you, press Square.

For a running jump, press Square + D-Button.

To crouch through a small opening, press Triangle.

Examine Everything

The articles Raz needs to accomplish his objectives are not always visible to the casual
glance, so you must examine everything closely. Computers may contain relevant information;
even corpses may possess key objects.

To examine an item above waist level, walk up to it, and press X.

To examine an item below waist level, crouch (Triangle), then press X.

Raz can pick up some objects and hold onto them for later use. If you come across one of these
items, Raz will identify it for you. It's up to you to decide whether or not to take it.

To add an object to your inventory, highlight TAKE, then press X.

To leave the object, highlight LEAVE, then press X.

EA TIP: Raz's inventory has no capacity limitations, so it's in your best interest to pick up
everything just in case.

Try Anything

Whenever you run into a barrier to your progress (a gap in your path, locked doors, etc.),
check your stash to see if you have anything that might come in handy. Many times the
connection is clear (i.e., you can usually open a lock with a key), but not always. Try
different tools until you solve the puzzle.

To use an inventory item:

1. Press SELECT to access your inventory. To cycle through the contents, D-Button

2. When you see an item you want to try, press X. Raz does the rest.

If the item is not effective, access your inventory and try something else.

When all else fails, resort to brute force. Raz can push some objects, as long as
they're not too heavy or bolted to the floor. For example, if there's no clear path, try
pushing something out of the way to get through.
To push, position Raz against the object, then press Circle + D-Button.

Pay Attention
There are no frivolous actions in Over Blood, so make sure you pay attention to everything.
Everything you read, everything you hear, and everything you see is significant-even the
cinematic sequences.

bypass the cinematic sequences, press START + Circle.

Important Items

Although Raz must locate and use several articles as he makes his way through the laboratory,
the Voice Recorder, Emergency Spray, and Hand Gun serve particularly vital functions-use them

Voice Recorder (Saving & Restoring Games)

The Voice Recorder is perhaps the most important item you'll discover as you play through the
game. You need the Voice Recorder to save your progress.

You can save up to four games on a memory card.

EA NOTE: To save and restore your progress, you also need a memory card inserted in Memory Card
Slot 1 on your PlayStation game console. Never insert or remove a memory card when loading or
saving files.

To save your progress:
1. Go to your inventory and choose the Voice Recorder.

2. When the memory card check is complete, highlight a save game slot, then press X to record.
Your saved game is labeled by the time elapsed and your level in the base.

3. When recording is complete, press Circle to return to the game.

EA NOTE: Saving to a slot with an existing saved game automatically overwrites the previously
saved game.

To restore a saved game:
1. At the Over Blood title screen, choose CONTI NU E.

2. When the memory card check is complete, highlight the save game slot in which the game you
wish to restore is saved, then press X.

Emergency Spray

Anytime Raz finds himself in imminent danger, a health status bar appears. The health status
bar remains on the screen until he overcomes the peril or perishes, whichever comes first. When
your status bar is critically low, use the Emergency Spray to replenish your health.

Hand Gun
If Raz finds the 9mm Hand Gun, his combat odds improve dramatically. The first
time you get a chance to use the gun its chamber is empty. Before you can fire it,
you'll have to locate a full clip.

When an enemy confronts you:
1. Access your inventory and select the Hand Gun.
2. Press and hold R1 to draw the gun.
3. D-Button to get the enemy in your sights, then press X to fire.

EA TIP: Your enemies become more difficult to beat as the game progresses, and the amount of
clips is limited. Save your bullets as long as you can so you still have ammo when you need it

Changing Perspectives

Over Blood features three unique game play perspectives, each with its own individual strengths.
You can select your favorite and play through the entire game, or change perspectives on the
fly to adapt to changing environments.

To cycle camera perspectives, press L1.


The Overhead perspective provides a generous view of the entire room. Try this perspective in
combat situations when you must keep your opponent in your sights at all times.


The Chase camera follows Raz from behind, granting a good look at the path ahead. This
perspective is beneficial when positioning Raz to push an object.


The First-Person perspective lets you see through Raz's eyes. In this mode, you can peer
around corners, read text, and get a detailed view of the lab.

When playing in the Chase and First-Person perspectives, Raz can look up and down, bringing
more of the environment into view.

To look up, press L2 + D-Button Up. To look down, press L2 + D-Button Down
Changing Characters

Amidst his encounters with infected mutants and evil scientists, Raz meets up with two friendly
characters (one at a time) who share his interest in escaping the research center. As you
control Raz, his current companion follows close behind. You can assume control of the
companion at any time.

To toggle control between characters, press R1.

All three characters share access to Raz's inventory, and all can perform the same actions;
however, the results may vary. For example, a character of a different stature may be able to
pick up items out of Raz's reach. An ally who seems to be more knowledgable about the workings
of the lab probably is.

EA TIP: If you ever find yourself completely stymied, switch characters and
re-implement the Try Anything rule.

The following section contains gameplay hints only.
This information is provided for the benefit of those
experiencing difficulty getting started. In no way is the
reading of this section necessary for your successful
completion of the game. If you'd rather try your hand at
Over Blood without assistance, read no further.
For additional hints check out overblood on the web at www.ea.com

Getting up to Speed

This section provides a brief walk-through that takes you as far as the acquisition of the Voice
Recorder. From that point on, you can save your progress anytime you wish.

The Cryogenic Chamber

Four deep-freeze pods, along with the central mechanism that controls them, occupy the cryogenic
chamber. There are three doors along the walls of the chamber two are locked, the other is
frozen shut.

A computer breakdown releases the pod holding Raz Karcy. As Raz regains consciousness, he
immediately realizes that he is in danger of freezing to death. He searches for something to
protect him from the cold.

exiting the cryogenic chamber:
1. Turn ON the auxiliary power switch on the central control unit. This warms up the room enough to free the door to the prep room.

2. Open the door to the prep room and enter.
The Cryogenic Prep Room

Sub-zero protective suits line the walls of the cryogenic prep room, but the suits are
inaccessible, as their holding compartments are frozen solid. In the corners of the room are
two trunks and a small robot.

Survival in the prep room:

1. Open the closed trunk and take the jacket. With the threat of hypothermia gone, Raz can
breathe a little easier.

2. Take the memory chip from the trunk as well. You'll use this shortly. or game and

3. Take the Voice Recorder from the other trunk, You can now save your continue on your own, See
Voice Recorder on p. 9

Continuing On Your Own

You're four floors underground, infected with a deadly virus, and trapped in a genetic lab
that's about to be destroyed. Oh yeah, and you've got amnesia-had you forgotten? Each
underground level promises a unique blend of adventure, puzzles, and action, Survive a level
and you'll find the lift that takes you one floor closer to freedom.

Your goal is clear: Save yourself and escape the research center. Along the way, you'll
assemble the pieces of your true identity.

EA TIP: Take advantage of the blank NOTES pages at the end of this manual to write down clues
that you think may become useful later in the game.