1 Start Up Information
2 To Begin With
3 The Story
4 Abe's Movements
5 Abe can also talk (GameSpeak)
6 Cast of inhabitants
7 Environments
8 Abe's Guides
9 Save Screen

1, Start Up Information

Insert the game disk and load up as any normal Play Station Title.

R2 Hold down and push direction to sneak.
R1 Hold down and direction to run.
L1 Hold and press action button to speak.
L2 Hold and press any action button to speak.
L1+L2 Chant.
Circle Press and direction to throw.
Triangle Jump (+ R1 and direction for running jump.
Cross Crouch (R1 + Direction + Cross For run to roll.
Square Action.
Down Crouch, Dismount.
Right Walk (roll if crouching).
Up Stand, Hoist, Mount, Enter Door, Jump in well.
Left Walk (If crouching roll).

L1+R1+Start+Select Reset

2, To Begin With

When you see Abe's smiling mug, it's time to make some decisions. Don't Panic.
Take a deep breath. You can do this.

If you want to dive straight into the game, select "BEGIN." You'll be offered the
choice of a one or two player game. The two player game wont work unless you
have two controllers.

"GameSpeak" introduces you to Abe's critical speech abilities. It's cool to
watch his face when you make him talk, check it out.

"LOAD" lets you select a saved game, provided you've saved one to a memory card.

"OPTIONS" lets you see how the controller is configured, and gives you some
minor control over the sound. The controller information is produced in this manual,
so you don't need it unless you lose this book. The sound options let you select
between stereo and mono sound.. Choose stereo for crying out loud! We broke
our backs putting cool stereo sounds into the game so the least you can do is listen
top them.

3, The Story

What's going on here? Who are those blue guys? Why does the guy with the squid
head keep blowing you away? Why can't you get a date? Read on... most (but not all)
answer lie below.

You are Abe, an ignorant, happy floor-waxer in rapture farms, the most dangerous
slaughter house in Oddworld. You and the rest of the blue guys are Mudokons. You've
been a slave all your life for your boss, Mulluck The Glukkon. Mulluck represents the
Magog Cartel, the meanest bunch of corporate weasels you'll ever meet.

You start the game chained up in a cell awaiting interrogation by Mulluck The Glukkon.
You've done something bad... something Very, Very Bad. What have you done? You'll
have to play the game to find out, because Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is a flash back.
That means it happened in the past, even though you'll be playing in the present. Or
something like that. Look, just play the lousy game, all right!!!

Because RaptureFarms has driven Meeches, Scrabs and Paramites to the edge
of extinction, The only way to boost profits is to turn Abe and his pals into lunch.
That's right- Abe's on the menu! You've got to escape from RaptureFarms. The Guards
(those squid-head guys, called Sligs) are on the look out for you, so you'll have to be on
your toes if you want to sneak past them.

Once you're safely away from RaptureFarms you'll learn more about your true
destiny. We'd write it down here, but that would be telling. Suffice to say that your
mission is a lot more complicates than running away from rapture farms. You'll have
to brave haunted temples, rescue your buddies, survive weird ritual mutilation at the
hands of BigFace, learn secret moves, outwit monsters and turn into a monster yourself
before your Oddysee is complete... even though. You'll probably get the bad game ending
because you missed so much stuff the first time through. You see there are these
secrets scatted all over the place, and everything you do influences your reputation.
Which has a different affect on whether your buddies will come to your rescue when
you need them the most. The key to success is........

4, Abe's Moves

Abe is a versatile little blue guy. Nothing bad will happen to you on the first
couple off screens of the game, so take the couple of minutes to play with the controls
and learn all of the things Abe can do.

While there's plenty of game play on the first level, many of the screens are
tutorial areas spotlighting important game mechanics. Read the scrolling LED
messages in the background for instructions on how to perform the moves.

Chant L1 + L2
Crouch Cross + Down
Roll Cross + Left Or Right
Hoist Up
Throw Circle + Left or Right or Up or Down
Walk Left or Right
Jump Up Up
Run R1 + Left or Right
Sneak R2 + Left or Right
Hop Triangle
Run Jump R1 + Left or Right Then Triangle
Mount Up

5, Game Speak

Abe does more than run, jump, roll and flip around like a fish. He can talk, you'll
have to learn how to make the Abe talk if you want to play the game. The "GAMESPEAK"
option available from the start-up screen is an excellent place to learn about Abe's amazing speech abilities.

Game speak Hints

You can talk to just about anything, but Sligs, Elum, and other Mudokons will be the
most receptive.

Learning what to say to who is part of the games challenge, so we won't spoil it for
you, but here are a few hints.

Say "Hello" to initiate conversation with a Mudokon.

Learning to use "Follow Me" and "Wait" is vital to solving many puzzles

When someone whistle at you, Whistle back the same way

Some of the words (especially the rude sounds) are just plain fun to make.

Use GameSpeak to personalise the way you play the game.

It's an attitude thing, experiment!

6, Cast Of Inhabitants

Mulluck The Glukkon (bloke dressed in purple)
The boss of RaptureFarms. Don't take it personally when he sells your guts for
fertiliser - It's only business.

Elum (looks like a monster ED209 out of Robocop)
Abe's "pet" is cranky, stubborn, selfish, and smells like a burst sewer pipe, and
those are his good points. Fortunately, chicks dig him.

Abe (need I say)
The Best damn floor-waxer in RaptureFarms also just happens to be the millennial
hero selected by fate to rescue his fellow Mudokons from slavery. Pity the Mudokons.

Scrabs (Crab like creature with funny head)
These relentless nightmares reside in the dusty vaults of a lost desert temple.
Not much to look at, but terrific dancers.

Paramites (Another crab like creature with a hand for its head)
On their own they're cute in a stomach churning kind of way, but put them in packs
and they get vicious. Kind of like children.

Sligs ( the one with the gun)
Gunned up slugs in mechanical pants, with itchy trigger fingers and room temperature
IQ's. Cruel taskmasters of the sadistic playpen that is RaptureFarms.

Slogs (like a dog but with two legs and a big mouth)
They Bark, eat live flesh, and are definitely not good with children, but they're a Sligs
best friend. Their favourite bone is in Abe's leg.

Big Face (Bloke with tribal mask on)
Mysterious spiritual leader of the Mudokons. Already a Shaman, healer, and teacher,
add "Miracle Worker" to his resume: he has to make a hero out of Abe.

Glukkons (Look a little like a monkey)
Sharp-dressed, cigar-smoking merciless corporate master of RaptureFarms. When
these creeps make a killing in the market, they use a butcher, not a stock broker.

Shrykull (Human type body with a horses head)
Half-Mudokon, half-god, all trouble. If Abe survives his quest he gets to turn into this
bad boy and kick some tail. Life is good.

Native Mudokons (look like Abe)
Not all of the Mudokons are enslaved in RaptureFarms, but those that live in the wild are
a vanishing breed. They don't take kindly to city-folk.

Well, there used to be these really cool creatures called Meeches, but they were slaughtered
to make Meeche munches, and know they're extinct. Industry marches on.

Mudokons (look like Abe)
Robbed of their proud and ancient legacy by profit-crazy Glukkons, the Mudokons are
the slave labour force or RaptureFarms. Because there are no animals left to slaughter
these chumps are the flavour of the week

7, Environments

RaptureFarms: The most dangerous meat-packing plant on Oddworld

Stock Yard and Free Fire Zones: The deadly no-mans land surrounding rapture farms.

Monsaic Lines: Holy caves of the native Mudokons.

Scrabania: Trackless wasteland and test of courage

Scrabanian Temple: proving ground, and home of the Scrabs

Paramonia: Part of Oddworld's vanishing wilderness

Paramonian Temple: Proving grounds of the ancient Mudokons, and nesting
place of the Paramites

8, Abe's Guide

UXB (small canister)
Slap it when it's green to disarm it.

Order Bomb (looks like a test tube with lights)
Slap and clear out.

Land Mine (looks like a green dish)
Jump over these

Moving Bomb (ball with spikes)

Security Orb (grey ball with red lens on it)
Don't chant near these.

Lever (what do you think)
Pull it

Story Stone (grey stone with brass bar wrapped round it)
Touch these for clues and other cool stuff

Shrykulll Portal (ring of flying birds)
number inside, rescue this number of guys at once to get a bonus

Slog Hut (looks like a small boiler, obvious as slogs come out of it)
Look out for slogs

Worker Mudokon (look like Abe but doing work)
Rescue these guys

Hint Flies (little small bright flies in a group)
Chant near these for clues

Motion Detector (red beams that scan across the screen)
Stand still when these touch you

Grenade Machine (looks a little like a boiler with BOOM written on the side)
Push the green button, don't wait to long to throw the grenade.

Chant Lock (look like a set of wind chimes)
Chant near these after you learn the son

Flint Lock (looks a little like a hanging lamp)
Fire these up in the temple

Rock Sack (a hanging sack full of rocks)
hit this to get a rock

Well (guess)
Jump in to these

Security Door (looks like a purple lighting bolt)
Make Sligs talk to these

Directory (object with directory written above it)
Touch these to see a map

Meat Sack (sack hanging that is full of meat)
Hit this to get some meat.

Mudokon status Indicator (looks like a baseball score board)
Keep an eye on these they're important

Platform (looks like a lift)
Ride these up and down

RaptureFarm Flint Locks (looks like a lever with a green orb on top)
Throw these switches to unlock doors

Native Mudokon (look like Abe)
Whistle back at these guys

Bees (looks like a wasp nest)
Run away

Bats (looks like a bat funnily enough)
Look out

LED Screen (scrolling message in the background)
Read these clues

Bird Portal (ring of Birds with no number inside)
Chant near these

Elum Bell (a ring with what looks a little like a purple hart hanging next to it)
Jump up to the pull ring, ring the bell to get Elum

Meat Saw (spinning saw that will come down over your head)
Big Fun

9, Save Screen
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is a tough game. Evan with infinite lives, it's going to take
a long time to play through the game, particularly if you're trying to rescue all 99 Mudokons.
Fortunately, you can save your game, provided you have a memory card for your Playstation.
Saving a game is easy. Press "START" while playing to bring up the option menu.
Select "SAVE" and press "X". The Playstation will take a few seconds to read your
memory card, then give you the option of saving a game, deleting a file, or switching
memory cards. Your game will always be saved in the first open block on your memory
card. Note that when you restore a saved a saved game , you will begin at the last
(invisible) re-start location Abe passed prior to saving the game. This means you wont
always come back to exactly where you where standing when you saved the game, but
you'll be some where in the neighbourhood.
To restore a saved game, select "load" from the options screen. You can save
up to fifteen games on a single memory card. Text at the bottom of the screen
provides a brief description of you save location.
You can only load a game from the options screen, so if you're already playing the
game you'll have to quit and goo back to the options screen. Fortunately, you can do
this from the pause menu that appears when you press "START" during play. If at any
time during the game you simultaneously press the START, SELECT, L1 and L2 buttons,
you will initiate a soft reset. The screen will turn green for several seconds and then
restart from the anti-piracy screen.