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Intro 3
Character Assassinations 4
Starting the Game 7
Walk throught 13
page 3

Here is the story...

You are in jail-not just any jail, though; this is the
jailer's jail. Situated on the most inescapable and inhospitable
barren balls of rock anywhere in the galaxy - the planet RAULE
Long ago, the powers that be built an enormous jail that could
contain even the most dangerous and desperate criminals in the
galaxy. Individuals who would do the most despicable things at
the drop of a hat, people who do not value any form of life which
doesn't have their name, vital statistics and finger prints
(where applicable).It was a model prison for several decades,
until a certain character called F.U.B (Fat Ugly Boy) became
the head warden.
Nobody is quite sure how he attained such a high position in such
a short time, but the fact that several worthy candidates for the
position died suddenly seemed to help.
F.U.B is largely an unknown quantity and very little is known about
him. We do know that he likes to bore the waste products out of most
life forms with his long-winded, verbose rambling about when he was in
the sector marines. All of the stories concern field kitchens though,
since he was only in the catering corps, "Did I tell you about the time
I dropped an entire jar of Plusgrial fart powder into the cooking pot?"
Since those days though, F.U.B really has gone down in the world, barely
stopping for breath it seems.
It all started when he was called to the barren desert front during one
page 4

of the more obscure skirmishes of the last 40 years. Not able to find
some meat for the main dish, and obviously not wanting to let "the boys"
down, he cooked and served his legs up in a rich broth. Despite it being
the best dish he had ever created F.U.B was still given an unconditional
discharge and asked never to show his face again.

He then set about radically altering his appearance, fitting hydraulic
powered legs to his torso and gaining enough weight to put his new legs
under stress. He also took to smoking big fat Havanas, wearing furry
dice and painting a target on his portly belly. Why? Don't ask me.
This type of behavior may seem strange to the average person but there
is nothing average about F.U.B - he defies all known logic. F.U.B seems
to have some master plan, some illogical reason to he with the scum of
the universe.

What most of the prisoners on RAULF don't know though is that
F.U.B has put a lot of them there with his own little dirty tricks and
double crosses. Deliberately provoking the scum of the galaxy in the
hope that when they escape they will come after him with revenge
looming large in their minds.

While they've been safely incarcerated, F.U.B has been a busy boy.
He has been toying with the very fabric of the universe, creating
a machine that changes the way the normal laws of physics behave.
With it he is able to manipulate existing terrain, replace it with
other terrain even open doorways to other dimensions. With this
mighty weapon he hopes to hold planets, solar systems and even entire
galaxy for ransom. He aspires to be the most feared and influential
individual in the entire history of history. He believes the only way
he can possibly be stopped is by a group of dangerous pissed-off law
breakers who have a very large axe to grind. This is why he framed
so many people in the first place; he sees it as a challenge. If he
can defeat a group of the most feared individuals in the galaxy who
are armed to the teeth, he figures he can defeat anyone, and who are
we to say otherwise?

To this end F.U.B seems to be kind of "encouraging" the prisoners to
escape from RAULF, by booby trapping the infra-security strucmre of
the prison, and oddly enough supplying the p keys for the doors.

His objective seems to be to slowly reel them in, deeper and deeper
into his despicable web of megalomania. And ultimately, he believes,
to their deaths.

page 5

Character Assassinations


Butch is THE most dangerous cross-dresser currently residing in the
galaxy. He does not do it by choice though, every time lie escapes
he grabs the first item of clothing that comes to hand. By a staggering
twist of fate this always seems to be a woman's dress of some description.
If he ever crosses Your path try to swallow that snigger or lose that laugh,
because if he hears you, You will not be capable of doing it for much
longer. His favored weapon is a large semi-automatic flame thrower
called The Flaining Queen, mainly because when it's lit it sounds
like it's barking, A bit like Butch really.

Character Information



This lady is a very cool customer, and should be, because she can kill
with a single word (most unprintable here). Some people choose to call
her "The Siren" because of her devastatingly sexy countence. These
people are not her favorites. "Do I look like flashing blue light?"
she has been heard to ask many bubbling pools of protoplasm.
Her weapon was self-developed with the aid of Gabbist Monks,
an order who take the vow never to have a second of peace and
quiet and are masters in the art of amplification. The device they
colaborated on is slung across her back and has a number of "RapMaster"
microphones channeling sound to it via boom mikes on her visor. Vox has
an extremely sharp tongue.

Character Information

Page 6


FWANK is a psychotic, He cares not a jot about his fellow life forms,
looking upon them as toys for his amusement or worse, expendable
cardboard targets at a fairground attraction. FWANK has the mental
age of a lobotomized six year old and the body of a steroid eating
wildebeest who doesn't shower. In fact, the only thing FWANK cares
about is his teddy Percy and keeping his weapon well oiled. FWANK's
true identity is unknown, as he wears a used bank bag over his head.
His identity is even more widely speculated on than the late 80's
wrestler "Kendo Nagasaki". FWANK makes one concession to his fellow
life forms; he ties a mood balloon to his back pack indicating the
general ballpark of his demeanor: Green for "Chuckly", yellow for
"I need space" and red for "I wouldn't ask if I were you".

Character Information



This guy has been around for centuries.
one of the most feared and despised Cirates in all space. Only his
head is an original part of his body and that too is rotten to the
core. The rest of his powerful frame is an old cyborg design. He
could have had it replaced around 200 years ago when technology took
a giant step forward but hey, he likes it. Another reason he keeps
this ancient and obsolete skeleton is for its amazing array of original
art which decorates the majority of its panels. He has kept the inmates
of his high security wing amused and beguiled for hours on end with
stories of how he acquired them, and with his famous "Dancing bare
lady" design. Only his best friends and people who are about to
expire in a horrible manner generally get to see that though.

Character Information

Page 7


Mamma is a pratt, He was abandoned as a babe in the busiest
starport in the galaxy. A place where no one has any time for
anyone else. He is totally without education, manners and all
of those other things which are generally regarded as "civilized".
He blunders through life using his very limited vocabulary to get
him through all manners of circumstance. The only word he knows,
and the only thing that keeps him going is the word "MAMMA!".
Obviously he missed something as an infant. His lineage is
therefore something of an unknown quantity, but one thing is
certain-his mother was pals with something large and Simian.
Quite a scary and unpredictable geezer to have around, even if
you are scary and unpredictable yourself.

Character Information



Bounca is a strange guy. Certainly one of the most widely traveled and
employed organisms in the history of the galaxy. He has seen amazing
sights that even the most intrepid galactic explorers would go green
at-hidden planets, lost continents and the like. Bounca has a slight
problem though; he is incredibly thick. Not just a bit thick, enormously
thick. All of his experiences amount to a big fat zero, because the only
thing he finds interesting is "slappin' some innocent geeza about a bit".
You might as well have sent a baboon around the galaxy and then questioned
it about its experiences, as it is probably more perceptive and definitely
less likely to kill you for asking.

Character Information

Page 8

Starting the game

To play LOADED on your Playstation game console:

1. Set up your Playstation game console in accordance with the
instruction manual supplied with the system.

2. Follow your system directions to open the CD drive and
place the CD onto the bed of the drive, ensuring the printed
side faces upwards.

3. Close the CD drive and press the Power button to load and
play the game.

After the game has loaded and the intro has played, the Main Menu
screen appears. From this menu, you select your game mode and set
up your options for the game. Use up and down on the D-pad to
highlight an option and press the X button to select an option.
PLAYERS press left and right on the D-pad to toggle through the available


Select for a one player game.


Select for a two player game. Ensure you have two Playstation
controllers connected before you select this option.


Highlight and select this option using the X button. Select Slot I or 2
by highlighting and pressing the X button. Then highlight and select
Load. Select the previously saved game you want to load using the D-pad
to highlight the save and press the X button to load the save. Select
Format to wipe your memory card. Anything saved on the card will be
lost, so take care when selecting this option. Select Exit to quit
back to the Game Options Screen.


Before you've selected your game player mode, highlight Option from the
Main Menu and press the X button. You'll be taken to the Game

Page 9

Options menu. On this menu screen use the D-p d to move up and down
through the options and press the X button to select an option.

This menu screen allows you to set up the Loaded game options to your
personal taste.

Select a level of difficulty by choosing from the following:
PLAYERS ARE FAIRIES -Train spotters and stamp collectors only.

PLAYERS ARE, BORING - Members of choirs and people who still go
shopping with their mums.

PLAYERS ARE CONFIDENT - When you're not playing games you're a stunt
double for Schwarzenegger.

PLAYERS ARE BRUTAL - You're a tough bastard and your friends regularly
tell you so.

PLAYERS ARE LOADED - Fear ain't in Your vocabulary

And You should get one if you have to set this option any higher than
3 lives per game. However, we've given You the option to select between
I to 5 lives per game,

Keep getting wiped out? Select continues to give you up to 5 continues
after the Game Over screen. This allows you to continue on the current
level, but you'll have to still start at the beginning of the level

Highlight and press left on the D-pad to decrease volume or right to
increase background music.

Highlight and press left on the D-pad to decrease volume or right to
increase the sound effects volume,

Use this menu option to select the language of your preference.
Use left and right on the D-pad to toggle throughout the options

Page 10

This menu screen allows you to change the control method on the
Playstation pads. To change any of the settings, highlight the
button option you want to change and then press the button you
want to use. The column on the left represents player one's
buttons and the column on the right represents player two's

Select exit to exit back to the main menu screen.

Once you've selected your game mode and options, it's time to
select an alter-ego. On the Main Menu, highlight the game mode
you've selected (e.g. IP Game or 2P Game, etc.) and press any
button. You will now be presented with the character selection
Use the D-pad to highlight a character and press any button to
select. in a two player game it's first come first served, player one's
choice is indicated by a red highlighted box and player two's by a blue
box. Once you've selected, there's no turning back, sucker. Select
Exit to return to the Main Menu.

There's one basic rule here-if it moves, kill it and kill it quickly
before it kills you. Kill the guards, kill your fellow inmates and make
a break for the exit in a bid to find F.U.B.

A brief outline of what you have to achieve will be given before
each new level. Read this carefully or you could end up being
nothing more than a stain on the floor.

Controlling your character in the game is really easy. Use the
D-pad to move your character up, down, left and right. You can
move at 45 degrees holding down two of the directions on the
D-pad (e.g. Up and Right to move up the screen at 45 degrees
up and to the right of the screen).
Page 11


This displays vital information on your current status.

Once the health status bar is depleted, you're pushing up daisies.
The number lives remaining is displayed at the end of
your health bar.

2. AMMUNITION: If you let this hit zero you're
in trouble, so keep your weapon well stocked.

3. ULTRA BOMBS: Each lightning flash represents one ultra bomb.

4. KEYS COLLECTED: A visual display of the keys you've collected.

To toggle the Status display to the map press the circle button.
Use the map to find your way around F.U.B's den of inequity.
Areas you haven't already visited will be slightly darker than
those you have.

To open the doors you'll need to find the keys.
You'll notice that each door is color-coded, so you'll need to
collect the correct colored key to open the door.


WEAPON POWER-UP (pic of a skull)
This powers your weapon up to full blast. Make them feel your hatred.
Pick up as many of these as is possible to set your weapon to instant

AMMUNITION (pic of a bullet)
Each grate contains much needed ammunition. Pick these up to keep your
weapon fully locked and loaded. if you run out of ammunition your weapon
will automatically switch to low power making it less effective against
the enemy.

Page 12

HEALTH (pic of cross/plus sign)
One of these will re-power your health to full.

SMART BOMBS (pic of a little bomb)
The ultimate in weaponry; let one of these babies go and it's blood baths
all 'round.

EXTRA LIVES (pic of glowing guy)
Pick these tip to give yourself an extra life.

There are a few other power-ups available in LOADED but we don't want to
spoil it for you, so here's pictures of them. You'll have to work out
what they do Yourself.
(pics of, a clock face, the letter I?, foot prints, and the word SPEED)

After you've successfully completed a level you'll he presented with a
Results screen, this is a bit like a school report-well, it's like mine!
You get points and percentages for your performance plus a prediction on
your future career prospects. Here's a break down of the report screen:

What do you mean, you didn't pick up the credit tokens after wiping out
all the guards, etc.? Collect up you schmuck and increase your greed

How accurate you are with your weapon.

Total number of bodies taken out with your mighty weapon.

Your skill in all the above categories are taken into account and from
these we predict your future career prospects. Forget the careers
officer and the DSS; our advice comes from the highest intelligence --
ignore it at your own peril.
Page 13

Your total score with all percentages and scores added together.

After every level you've successfully completed you'll he allowed to
save your progress using Save from the Results screen. Make sure your
memory card is inserted before you select this option. Highlight Save
and press the X button. Now select a slot, highlight Slot and press
the X button to toggle between Slot 1 and
Slot 2. Then highlight and
select Save. Select an avail-able save position and press
X to save the game. Your game will now be saved to
the selected slot and a small portrait of your selected character and
the level number will appear in the slot making it easier to identify
your saves. Another option on the save screen is Format. If you
select this option, all the previous saves on any selected memory
card will be erased. You can over-write previously saved games
with newer saves if you wish.

Highlight and press the X button to continue on to the next level.

At any point in the game press START to access the in-game menu. From
this menu, you can change the volume of the in-game music and sound
effects. Use up and down on the D-pad to select an option and left to
decrease the volume and right to increase the volume. Once you've
adjusted your options select Resume to continue the game or Quit to
leave the current game and return to the main menu screen.
Page 14


Need Your hand held, huh? Well, though we'd Much rather just throw you
into the deep end and watch you flounder around, we'll give you a break
and take this nice and slow. But don't expect any more favors.
You know the drill: put the CD into the PlayStation, close the top,
press power to start it up, wait through some intro screens, yadda
yadda yadda. Okay. Your first option is Language - seeing as
you're reading this manual in English you're probably going to
want the game in English too, but hey, it's your choice. If you
can't figure out how to select an option on this or the main menu
screen (which is coming up in a minute, hold your horses), then go
back and read page 7 again, for cryin' out loud!
On the main menu screen, we suggest that if you want to keep UP, you
should scroll down to Options and make life as easy on Yourself as
possible: toggle to Players Are Fairies, max out your lives and
continues, etc. You can get as macho as you want later, on your
own time.
Now, get back out to the main menu and choose 1P Game. This will bring
up another option screen: which psychotic nutball)all do YOU feel like
playing today? Use the D-pad to check out your options around the
sides of the screen. You can play whoever you want, but WE'RE gonna
go with Vox this time around. She's the blonde babe with the killer
sonic attack, in the upper right corner of the screen.
(Uh, hey, don't tell her we called her a "babe," okay?)
All right, enough of that, on with the game. This is fairly simple
and straight forward: if it moves, blast it until it DOESN'T move.
This goes for guards, inmates, other mercs, cannons, tanks ... heck,
even crates, bunks, and boxes if you like. You begin in the middle
of the prison, and all of the doors are locked up tight; to find a
way out, you've got to scour each room for keycards to other sections.
Walk down towards the bottom of the screen (using the D-pad), turn right,
and follow that corridor. It's a little shadowy, but You should he able
to spot the yellow keycard that some careless guard dropped in the
middle of the hallway. Walk through the card to grab it and then
head back to where you started, on the big black-and-yellow P.
Cool. Now, head up towards the top of the screen. Right before
you head UP that corridor, there's a door to your right. That
door should now open be careful! That guard is more than ready
to leap out and beat the living daylights outta You ... and he's
got a partner lurking in the shadows! You should be able to figure
out what to do about them. Hint: it involves aiming Your gtin,
pressing X, and admiring the artistic merits of the ensuing splatter.
Once You've cleaned out that room (thought perhaps "cleaned" is the
wrong word to use) and grabbed your prize (that box with the skull on
it in the upper part of the screen), get out and continue up the
corridor above you. Brace yourself: there's a war zone through that
door at the end! In a real jam, press to cut loose with a
devastating ultra-bomb and hammer everything in sight. if you get
killed, don't worry about it too much - you should have some lives
and continues left. And if you're quick, you can snatch up your
power-ups (the skull-boxes) and resume firing. Between skirmishes,
keep an eye on your map in the upper left corner of the screen to make
sure that you're checking out every single room; you never know where
that next power-up or keycard might be hidden.
Kill everyone, destroy everything, search everywhere. What more need
we say? It's dark, it's dangerous, and you have a loooooong way to go...