Instruction Manual

WWF Attitude

(X) = X Button
(C) = Circle Button
(S) = Square Button
(T) = Triangle Button

(U) = Joy Pad Up
(D) = Joy Pad Down
(L) = Joy Pad Left
(R) = Joy Pad Right


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Table Of Contents

Loading ____________ 2
Menu Controls ____________ 3
Do You Have ATTITUDE? ____________ 4
Options ____________ 5
Default Controls ____________ 6
Ring Basics ____________ 6
Game Modes ____________ 8
Career ___________ 10
Exhibition ___________ 12
King Of The Ring ___________ 16
Pay-Per-View ___________ 17
Create A Wrestler ___________ 19
Attributes ___________ 21
Utilities ___________ 22
Superstars With Attitude ________ 24-25

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In Memory of Owen Hart

The World Wrestling Federation and Acclaim Entertainment would like to
dedicate WWF Attitude to the memory of Owen Hart. Owen loved the
wrestling business and lived to entertain both in and out of the ring.
He was a consummate performer and a very special human being. If the
legacy of a man's life is measured by the lives he touched and how
much he is loved... then a big piece of Owen Hart will live on in all
of us.

Owen James Hart
May 7, 1965 - May 23, 1999


1. Set up your PlayStation game console according to SONY the
instructions in its instruction manual.

2. Make sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing a PSX
compact disc. Insert the PlayStation WWF ATTITUDE disc and close the
disc cover. If you wish to save your game, insert a Memory Card (sold
separately) into Memory Card Slot 1.

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3. Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation game console.

4. Follow on-screen instructions to start a game.

Note: Attitude is for up to 4 players. A Multi Tap (sold separately)
is required for more than two players. To connect a Multi Tap, insert
into Controller Port 1. Insert controllers into slots 1-4 on the
Multi Tap. When using the Multi Tap, at least one controller must be
connected to Controller port 1-A or 2-A.

Menu Controls

(U)/(D) - Highlight Menu Item

(L)/(R) - Toggle Highlighted

Menu Settings
(X) BUTTON - Confirm Selection/Next Screen

(T) BUTTON - Cancel Selection/Previous Screen


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When it comes to competing against the elite athletes of the World
Wrestling Federation you better have attitude! Because these mat
maniacs don't back down from any challenge. They don't fear any
fight, and WWFATTITUDE has more ways to battle than you ever dreamed
of! If you want to challenge the best, you better bring something
extra to the ring. It takes more than knowing powerful special moves
and humiliating finishing moves. It takes more than a willingness to
take on the crushing blows of the long and wrenching Career climb, or
mad melees like Gauntlet, King of The Ring or Cage matches. You need
a certain pride, a certain arrogance, a deep feeling in your guts that
you're the best grappler in the ring. You gotta be rude, crude and in
the mood to feud: You need Attitude!

A note about Gender: Throughout this booklet, small effort has been
made to make the text "gender neutral". You know, littered with "his
or her superstar" and the like. If you're among the many females who
love wrestling, you may have the great sense and good grace to pardon
these lapses and realize that deep down, it's not simply about men or
women or even someone like Goldust- it's about the joy of great big
people beating up on other great big people! Thanks, man.

It's Star time!
On the Title Screen, press the START BUTTON. You will go to the Main
Menu. Here you can scroll to the desired mode and press the (X)
BUTTON to select it.

Exhibition - Try a variety of Exhibition matches!

Career - Start here to begin your quest for wrestling's highest

King of the Ring - Get into the ring and battle up the ladder!

Pay-Per-View - Create your own PPV wrestling spectacular!

Create A Wrestler - Any match is livelier when you use a custom

Utilities - Manage your Memory card, Set Options and Controller

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Available options change depending on the type of mode and match you
select. Below is a list of options. Utilities mode (see page 22) has
additional options.

Hardcore Match - Make weapons available during your selected match.

Cage Match - Turn the cage on during your selected match.

Last Man Standing - Once an opponent gets knocked down, a counter will
count to 10. If the number reaches 10 before the
superstar can stand back UP, he loses.

Falls Anywhere - This allows players to be pinned outside ring.

Toughman Match - This option is for the 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 game modes.
If toughman is ON, the disadvantaged superstar must
pin all of his opponents! Not just one.

Iron Man Match - Turn winner of the selected match is the player with
the most pins within a specific match length.

I Quit Match - A player can only win by forcing the opponent to

First Blood - The winner is the first player to cause the other to
bleed (if Blood option is turned on under Utilities).

Finisher Only - The player can only win by using his finisher on the

2 out of 3 Victories - The player must meet the win conditions 2 out
of 3 times to win the match.

Time of the match - This can be set from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes or
no limit.

Simulation - This allows you to watch the match as opposed to play the

Arena - Allows the player to select the arena he/she wants to play in.
The choices include: House, Raw, Pay-Per-View and Custom

Time Limit - Limit can be set from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes, or no

TKO - If this is on, the match will end after a player has taken a
specific amount of damage.

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(T) - Punch
(S) - Kick
(X) - Block
(C) - Tie Up/Pin

L1 - Pick Opponent/Pick Up Weapon
L2 - Climb

R1 - Dodge/Release A Pin, Hold Or Submission
R2 - Run

START - Pause/Resume Game

Directional Buttons - Move Wrestler


Once you select Career, Exhibition or Tournament mode, you will come
to the selection screen.

Press (L) or (R) on the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to highlight the desired
number of players. Note that the match types available change with
the number of human players.

Press (U) or (D) on the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to scroll to the desired
match type. Press the (X) BUTTON to select it.

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After selecting the number of players and the match type, select your
superstars. Use the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to scroll to the desired
superstar and press the (X) BUTTON to select, or press R1 to have the
CPU randomly select a superstar. Continue until you have chosen all
the competitors needed for the selected match type. (Depending on the
match type, you'll select the superstars you want to control, those
the computer will control or have random ones assigned). Up to four
players can select the same superstar, but be aware that the second
selection will be considered an impostor. In Career mode, you select
one superstar to guide through an entire season. In all other
matches, Player 1 selects CPU superstars.

Note: In case you were wondering, CPU is geak-speak for Central
Processing Unit, the main brains of a computer. In this manual, it
means a computer-controlled superstar.

If you've created and saved any wrestlers in Create A Wrestler (see
page 19 for details), you can load them for use in any game mode. If
you choose a Created Wrestler, you will go to the roster of saved
wrestlers on your Memory Card where you can select which one you wish
to bring into the ring. If no Memory Card is present or you haven't
saved a created wrestler yet, you automatically get the default
Created Wrestler.

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Green - You're in great shape-try anything!

Orange - You're tired. YOU'LL have to really start to mash the
buttons to escape holds and submissions.

Red - You're in danger-you can be pinned! Watch out for finishing

As a superstar scores hits, the small box next to the superstar's name
turns different shades of blue. The lighter the blue, the greater the
advantage during a tie-up.

Press the START BUTTON at any time during a game to bring up the Pause
Menu. Press the (X) BUTTON to select a highlighted option, and to
toggle settings for these options:

Resume - Back into action!

Move List - View a list of all your superstar's moves-and the

Quit - Return to the main menu.


WWF ATTITUDE offers an incredible array of wrestling modes. In fact,
too many of them, if you ask me, which you didn't, but I'm writing
this, not you, so I can say what I want, and I say there's just too
many of them! You don't believe me? Just take a look!

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1 ON 2 1 ON 2 2 ON 1
1 ON 3 1 ON 3 3 ON 1 3 ON 1
CO-OP 2 ON 1
CO-OP 3 ON 1 CO-OP 3 ON 1

- Page - 10


This mode is for the real wrestling fan, the kind of player who's not
satisfied with simply beating a few frenzied freaks and calling it a
day. In this mode, you go through an entire WWF season, working up
from a rookie in last place to winning the European Championship belt.
After capturing that title, Career lets you continue to compete for
the title in the Intercontinental division, and once that's earned, in
the Heavyweight Championship division. By the time you've played
through the Career, you're among the elite who can beat just about
anybody! After you've beaten the CPU a few times, invite your friends
over for a whipping, because this time around the Career can be played
with up to 4 human players.

You begin at the bottom, an untested rookie ranked 20th. You'll start
off where all rookies start off: House shows. As you prove yourself
and begin to move up in rank, you can start to show your stuff on
Shotgun Saturday Nights. If you keep winning, pretty soon, you'll
find yourself flirtin' with the fans and TV cameras on Sunday Night
Heat and Monday Night Raw. Ultimately, your skilled superstar will be
eligible to compete in the coveted monthly Pay-Per-View matches, where
you have a chance to prove yourself before the most devoted- and
demanding-fans in the world. PPV matches include fan favorites like
In Your House, King of the Ring, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal
Rumble, and of course the ultimate PPV, Wrestlemania! Once you're
ranked #1, your next PPV match will be for an awesome honor: the
European championship Belt! If you win the belt, you'll keep your #1
ranking, and then have to defend your belt to prove you're not a paper
champion. Five successful title defenses will do the trick. You will
then enter into the bottom (#15 ranking) of the Intercontinental
competition, where reaching a #1 ranking ensures you a chance at the
Intercontinental Championship belt. Say you've earned the first two
titles. Feeling pretty good, starting to believe you can beat anybody
right? Well take a breather, brother, because you've got to start
another round of competition if you want to prove you've got the
complete package it takes to win the top belt: the Heavyweight
Championship belt! Think you can take all three? Good luck! Better
hit the Training Room hard and often, amigo!

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House, Shotgun and Heat matches - House shows are the beginning.
Shotgun and Heat shows are televised but they don't include the same
level of fanfare that a Raw or PPV would. These matches are worth 1
ranking point. They take place in smaller, less impressive
surroundings. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, and for a beginner,
that place is the bottom!

Raw is War - This is the great televised Monday Night show you love.
There is a random chance this match will be a specialty match. This
type of match is worth 1 ranking point.

Pay-Per-View - This is a special televised event. These matches have
the most flash and include Superstar Intros. This type of match is
worth 3 ranking points, so there's plenty on the line.

In Your House - Compete against fellow superstars in a gruelling
specialty match.

King of the Ring - This will be an 8 man tournament. This particular
event doesn't end until the player has either lost 1 of the 3 matches
or won all 3.

SummerSlam - Random match types include: Weapons Match, Cage Match,
Triangle Match, Triple Threat, Stable Match or various other matches.

Survivor Series - Your regular superstar is teamed up with 3 other
superstars to create a 4 man team to fight against an opposing 4 man
team. If the player's team wins, his/her superstar moves up in rank,
even if the player's superstar was pinned during the match.

Royal Rumble - This is a 3O person, last-one-still-in-the-ring-wins
match. Players who win this match are automatically catapulted to a
rank of 1st, earning them the right to wrestle for the belt at the
next PPV, depending on the situation.

WrestleMania - This is a regular match. It is only played when a
player is attempting to win the Heavyweight belt.

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The Multiplayer Career

In a multiplayer version, there is an initial War match to place
players in slots from 20th - 17th for 4 players (the winner is ranked
17th). After that, each player in rank order fights in a House match
against a randomly selected CPU or human player. Losers are deducted
1 rank and winners are advanced 1 rank. Shotguns are used to break
ties. If there are no ties, they are treated like House shows. Raw
matches are always 4 player War matches and worth 1 point to the
winner and -1 to the losers. When a player is ranked 1st he must
fight in a war match versus the other human players to prove why he is
the number 1 contender if he wins, he will have the chance to take on
the multiplayer career champion for the Heavyweight belt. If that #1
ranked player loses, the player's ranking is deducted by 3. All other
superstars advance 1 rank.

The Tag Team Career is similar to the regular career model except all
matches are tag matches, as your team battles to gain the Tag Team
Championship belt. This match can be played with the players on the
same team or on separate teams.

Exhibition Mode

Choose from a range of different matches and get ready for fast

This is the classic 1 on 1 match. Each player selects 1 superstar and
they face off. The match continues until the rules set up by the
player have been satisfied.

Tag team is a match that requires 4 superstars. Under regular rules
this match would end as soon as a Legal superstar has been pinned. 2
superstars are outside of the ring standing on the apron kitty corner
from each other. It is a 2 man team with only 1 man being able to stay
in the ring legally. The illegal superstar has to stay outside on the
apron until he is tagged. Once the legal man tags the illegal man,
their positions switch.
The illegal man can enter the ring, but only for a count of 5 seconds.
When the 5 seconds are up, the illegal man must then exit the ring and
stay back in his team's corner. This time meter will slowly fill back
up to 5 seconds. However, the illegal man is free to come into the

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ring at any time as long as there is some in-ring time left on his
meter. To tag a teammate, Walk over to the superstar and press L1 to
face your partner and then press the TIE-UP/PIN BUTTON.

2 ON 1
In this mode, 2 players face off against a single foe. The individual
superstar must fend for himself while the other two superstars are
free to pummel at will. The teamed superstars are free to attack the
single superstar as much as they like and are not restricted to a tag
format. Under normal circumstances, the match will end when a
superstar from 1 team has pinned a superstar on the other team. The
disadvantaged superstar doesn't need to pin both superstars.

3 ON 1
If 2 on 1 is too easy for you, try 3 on 1! The rules are the same,
but the odds are much worse!

This mode features 4 superstars in the ring at once in a 2-on-2 match
without tag team rules. The match ends when both people on one team
have been eliminated. When 1 person is eliminated, the match becomes
a 2-on-1 handicap match. The eliminated player can continue to
wrestle outside of the ring on the floor, so beware!

In this mode, 2 players face off in the ring. There is a catch,
however. Outside the ring are 2 CPU controlled superstars eager to
pound any poor, unsuspecting superstar who finds himself outside the
Select your superstars, then choose 2 CPU lumberjack players who stay
outside the ring on opposite sides. The rules for the match are a
cross between a VS. match and a Royal Rumble. You can still pin like
a VS. match but you also have the extra throw-over-the-ropes moves
available in the Royal Rumble. The CPU superstars outside the ring do
not interact in any way with the superstars inside the ring- as long
as the in-ring superstars remain inside the ring and are careful not
to find themselves within grabbing distance of either CPU superstar
outside the ring!

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Once the superstars inside the ring wander outside it, they better
have their affairs in order! The CPU superstars outside the ring are
just waiting to pounce on anybody that gets thrown over the ropes or
is stupid enough to walk outside the ring. Both CPU superstars
outside the ring will focus on anyone outside the ring. If more than
1 superstar is outside the ring, the CPU superstars will each pick a
different opponent. The CPUs will beat on their opponent until they
have stunned them or the opponent gets back into the ring. Once the
opponent is stunned, the CPU superstars will throw the opponent back
into the ring. CPUs have unlimited health and are always on 100
difficulty - really fair, eh? Ouch! This style of match will keep
any crybaby opponent or annoying friends from constantly running away
from you, as any player that gets close enough to the ropes risks
being pulled out and stomped by the lumberjack superstars! Timber!

In this mode, 2 players face off in the ring, but one opponent has a
big advantage: one player is able to select a 4 man team! The player
with a 1 man team must defeat all members of the other team. In a 1
player gauntlet, the user fights a CPU one-on-one until the CPU is
eliminated. Once the user has eliminated his opponent, another
superstar appears that the user must fight. This continues until the
user has successfully beaten 4 CPU opponents!

This mode is similar to a regular gauntlet mode, but with a teammate.
In this mode, the player and his/her teammate fight a teamed-opponent.
As the enemy superstars are eliminated they are replaced with fresh
teammates until all superstars on the enemy team have been eliminated.
If both the player and his/her teammate are defeated before they
defeat the enemy superstars, the match is over. Tag Team rules apply.

Only the STRONG survive! This mode is a Tag Team marathon match with
2 teams. Each team has 4 superstars and it's a fight to the finish.
However, each team has his/her tag partner and 2 other teammates
waiting in the wings. Whenever superstars are eliminated, they are
replaced with the tag partner on the apron and a teammate waiting in
the wings comes in to become the new tag partner. The match ends when
there is only 1 team left.

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The Royal Rumble is among the wildest spectacles in wrestling, a
straight ahead free-for-all with no pins, no submissions, and no count
outs! You can't even leave the ring and fight outside! It begins
with 2 superstars grappling in the ring. Another superstar enters
every 30 seconds. This continues until 4 superstars are in the ring
at once. You eliminate opponents by throwing them over the top rope.
Once a superstar is eliminated, another fills that spot, until all 30
superstars have been in the ring! When the Rumble is over, a stat
screen will appear showing how many times you eliminated someone, how
many times you were eliminated, and how much in-ring time you had.
The winner is the last man in the ring. The Royal Rumble also lets
you select superstars for all 30 superstar slots if you want.

The rules for Battle Royal are exactly the same as the rules for Royal
Rumble with the following exceptions: all 4 players start in the ring
at the same time and there are only 4 superstars. The match ends when
there is only 1 superstar left in the ring.

There are 4 superstars in the ring at once in a free-for-all style.
The match ends when there is only 1 superstar left. Once a superstar
has been eliminated, he/she is forced outside of the ring, but can
still pull people out and beat anyone outside of the ring.

Like a War match, but each player has a team of 4 superstars. When a
player gets pinned, his/her superstar leaves and a new one comes out
until all his/her superstars are eliminated. The match ends when
there is only 1 superstar left in the ring and all of the other team's
superstars have been eliminated. Also, the last member of each team
is allowed to remain outside the ring and fight with any other
superstars outside the ring or superstars that he/she drags from
inside the ring to outside the ring.

This type of match is very similar to a VS. match. Three people are
in the ring at once in a free-for-all-format. The match ends after 2
superstars have been eliminated. The winner is the superstar that
didn't get eliminated.

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This match is similar to a Triangle match. The difference is that
once a person has been eliminated, the match is over and the victory
goes to the person who pinned or submitted the eliminated person.
This type of match prevents double teaming.

In WWF ATTITUDE you'll come across some truly brutal match types,
which can show up at any time. Here's a taste of what to expect,
besides a lot of yelling and whimpering.

The winner is the first superstar to climb out of the cage, usually
leaving a helplessly beaten opponent lying on the mat below. If you
think you can climb out to safety before your opponent is down, you'll
soon have that faith shaken, friend, along with every bone in your
body! The player can turn the Steel Cage on in Options before
starting a match .

In a Weapons match, the rule book is just something to stand on to get
a better view of the action! Just about any object can be used to
punish your opponent. Your opponent will be thinking warmly of you,
too, so be prepared to take on anything-including the kitchen sink!
The player can turn weapons on in Options before starting a match.

King of the Ring

In this mode, the superstars face off in regular VS. matches in a
playoff-style tournament. If a player wins, he/she advances to the
next tier. The mode is complete when there is only 1 superstar left.
On the Options screen before each match the players can choose to
watch the match or simulate a winner. Simulating a match will return
the player to the tournament screen, with the winner advancing. Up to
8 human players can compete in King of the Ring tournaments. Player 1
will select all of the superstars. All players will wrestle using
Controllers 1 and 2.

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Want to relive some of the greatest wrestling matches ever broadcast?
Ever wanted to create the perfect wrestling ticket? "Create your Own
Pay-Per-View" mode is for you! In this mode you get to build a
Pay-Per-View from the ground up. You can pick the name of the event,
select the colors of the apron curtains-even choose between a House
arena and a Pay-Per-View arena! You can also pick the type of matches
for the Pay-Per-View, select the superstars who will participate in
the Pay-Per-View and determine which superstars face which superstars-
you're the big shot now!

NOTE: Pay-Per-View requires a Memory Card. A PPV event cannot have
more than one Stable and one Royal Rumble.

When you select Pay-Per-View, you'll come to the Pay-Per-View Setup

Use your controller to give your Pay-Per-View a name.
This name will appear on the apron. How about "Ring Toss"?

- DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to select a character
- Press the (X) BUTTON to enter the character.
- Select END and press the (X) BUTTON when the name is complete.
- Press the (T) BUTTON to return to the PPV setup menu.

- Page - 18

Select Matches - There are 8 match slots available. You can use as
many or as few of the slots as you like. When a slot is selected, a
pop up menu lets you choose Exhibition or Tournament style play. At
the next screen, select how many players will compete, then scroll to
the desired match and press the (X) BUTTON. Once you select a match
type you'll go to the superstar select screen to choose the superstars
for that particular match. Press the (T) BUTTON to cancel a selection
and go back to a previous screen.

Customize the look of your PPV spectacular!

Stadium - Select where you want the action to take place.

Ring Lights - Bathe your event in beautiful lights!

Entrance Color - Select the color of the stage entrance area.

Ring Apron - Select from several different banners to hang on the ring

Side Curtains - Change the color of the curtains surrounding the ring.

Pad Color - Select from a palette of 9 colors. Martha Stewart, eat
your heart out!

Post Color - Select the color of the corner posts.

Rope Color - Hey, that matches my tights!

Stage Signs - Select different banners to hang on the stage.

Entrance Sign - Select different banners to hang inside the entry way.

Scaffold Banner - Select different banners to hang on the scaffolding.

When you've set up the stadium to perfection, press the (T) BUTTON to
return to the Pay-Per-View Setup screen.

When you're ready, select START PPV to bring up the PPV Summary screen
showing the PPV names' and a list of all the events scheduled. You
will return to this screen when each of the match types has been
completed. The winners of each event are displayed, along with some
statistics: Winner Name, Winner Picture, Player #/CPU or Human, etc.

Load PPV - Load up and play a previously saved PPV.

Save PPV - Save your current PPV progress and settings.

Clear PPV - Reset the Pay-Per-View.

- Page - 19

Start PPV - Begin your WWF SuperStar spectacular!

Create A Wrestler

"Create A Wrestler" is back and it's bigger, bolder and outright
goofier than ever! New boots and panties indeed! This is where you
can create, edit and save custom superstars. Then you can take them
in to the ring to prove their mettle in the midst of all manner of

(T) BUTTON - Select brightness meter.

(U) or (D) DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS - Highlight Option.

(L) or (R) DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS - Cycle settings/move sliders.

R1 + L1 - Turn wrestler in view window.

Create - Access the create menu, where you can alter all sorts of
custom creature settings, including which style eyes, nose,
body type and wiggy costume combo your mighty mangler will

Name - Give your perfect creature the perfect name.

Attributes - Assign the desired mix of attributes like stamina, speed,

Edit Moves - Choose which moves your wrestler can pull off.

Personality - No neurosis here, just Attitude! Use this screen to
select your theme music, run-in partner and whether
the crowd cheers or boos your wrestler

Memory Card - Access your Memory Card to use Save and Load functions.

Reset - Erase the current creation.

- Page - 20

Highlight Create and press the (X) BUTTON. A menu will appear with a
number of options: Body, Head, Upper, Lower, Text, Random and Clear
Select random to have the computer create a wrestler with random
elements. Clear will clear any unsaved current creations. The
remaining options each have several sub-categories of unwholesome
options you can set. Get in there and see what you can do! Press the
(X) BUTTON when an option is highlighted. A sub-menu will appear with
all the settings you can handle. Scroll up or down to highlight an
option, then press the (X) BUTTON to enter.

You can set the color/tone on some selected items. To do so, press
the (T) BUTTON to activate the color area, press (U) or (D) on the
DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to highlight a color option slider, then move the
slider ((L) or (R)) to get the look you want. When you're done, press
the (T) BUTTON to return to the menu area.

Different options have different color adjustment options available.
You can usually adjust:

Hue - All the colors of the rainbow, from yellowed bruise to black-eye

Saturation - Sets the amount of color

Brightness - Make the color dark or light.

From Upper Shirt and/or Lower Pants, you will be able to adjust sleeve
and pant lengths to get that all-important 3/4 length look that's so
IT this year. To access the length meter, press the (T) BUTTON twice
(the first press highlights the color settings), then press (L) or (R)
on the DIRECTIONAL BUTTON to raise or lower your hems! Ooohhh!

When Text is highlighted on the CREATE MENU, press the (X) BUTTON to
bring up the text editing screen. Select an area you wish text to
appear on and press the (X) BUTTON. You'll come to the text input
screen. Press the (X) BUTTON on a selected line to access the text
input window, then use the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to highlight desired
characters and the (X) BUTTON to input a character. When text is
complete, highlight NEXT LINE and press the (X) BUTTON.

- Page - 21

Text Options - You can choose a large or small font and vertical or
horizontal text alignment under Options. Press the (T) BUTTON to
access the options area, then use the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to highlight
your choice. Press the (X) BUTTON to confirm. You can set text color
by moving the slider. Press the (T) BUTTON to return to the body area
menu. You can also change the text color and which layer of clothing
the text appears on.


You assign your creation varying degrees of five attributes (from 1 to
10), with the total equal to 36. Common sense suggests you create a
superstar with balanced attributes, heavier in some areas, lighter in
others, but have fun experimenting by creating creatures with, say,
plenty of strength but no endurance, or lots of recovery but no speed.
You're sure to find their resulting performance entertaining!

The attributes are:

Strength - Affects damage you deliver.

Toughness - Makes you less vulnerable to low-damage attacks like
punches and kicks.

Speed - Impacts walks, blocks, dodges, climbing the Turnbuckle and

Recovery - Initial recovery value is lower, plus it lowers your chance
of getting stunned.

Charisma - Increases the chances of getting the crowd on your side. A
happy crowd pumps you up so you do more damage.

Mat Skills - Improve your ability to reverse moves and do more damage
during holds.

- Page - 22

You can choose which moves you want your custom superstar to have for
particular situations, and there are plenty to choose from! To edit a
move set, move the highlight to Finisher, Trademark or one of many,
many Damage moves (arranged by the level of damage they do). Press
the (X) BUTTON to highlight the moves window at the lower left of the
screen. Press (L) or (R) DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS to toggle through the
different situations, and (U) or (D) to scroll the moves available for
each situation. Notice that button combinations for each move appear
in the window at the lower right. When you've selected your move for
one category (say, your Finisher), press the (T) BUTTON to get back to
the move set selection menu and continue until you've got an arsenal
of moves that will make your opponent cry "Uncle!"

Names - Enter your own, or choose a selectable Name - You can select
from a heaping helping of ring-tested names. When a player
uses this superstar in the game" the announcers will refer
to the superstar by the name he selected in the custom room.


Utilities offers a host of gaming options, plus a separate Controller
Configuration screen. The main utilities screen offers you these

Control Config - See next page for details.

Save Options - Access your Memory Card to save option settings.

Difficulty - Select among Easy, Medium and Hard skill settings.

Intros - Choose to play with or without the WWF SuperStar intros.

Recovery - Superstars will regain health during a match (ON) or not

Stereo - Play with Stereo or Mono sound.

FX Volume - Turn sound effects OFF, or choose among Low, Medium and
High settings.

Music Volume - Turn the music OFF, or choose among Low, Medium and
High settings.

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Blood - Play with festive blood (ON) or don't (OFF).

Language - Choose ON or OFF. When ON, the censor hides some of the
game's ATTITUDE.

Name Meter - Select among ON, OFF and HEALTH COLOR. I for one don't
get it.

Damage Meter - Turn this meter ON or OFF

Tie-Up Meter - Turn this meter ON or OFF.

Health Meter - Turn this meter ON or OFF.

Take a look at the default settings, or change them to suit your
style. All of the players can change their configuration at the same
time. Player 1 has control over entering and exiting the screen.
Each player just needs to highlight a control and then press the
button he/she wants to use to do that action. When each player is
done, he/she presses the Done button and presto! - the changes are

At the end of each match the game will compile statistics about the
match that was just fought, including the winner, match length, a
moves chart that tells how much you're using specific moves from each
category. A second screen details pin attempts, total damage and
plenty more!

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Superstar Biographies

The talent in the WWF is staggering. Here are the mighty men and
women that make WWFATTITUDE the most complete and compelling wrestling
game ever. If you're good enough to master the mat using this huge
roster, you may find some special secret wrestlers, too! How well do
you know these top talents? Can you match the wrestler to his or her

__ Al Snow __ Droz
__ BA Billy Gunn __ Edge
__ Big Boss Man __ Faarooq
__ Bradshaw __ Gangrel
__ Christian __ Godfather
__ D'Lo Brown __ Goldust
__ Dr. Death __ Triple-H
__ Jeff Jarrett
__ Kane

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__ Mankind __ The Rock
__ Mark Henry __ Thrasher
__ Mosh __ Too Sexy
__ Owen Hart __ Brian Christopher
__ Road Dogg __ Undertaker
__ Shamrock __ Val Venis
__ Steve Blackman __ X-Pac
__ Stone Cold
__ Steve Austin