MEGA MAN 8 Manual

Game Set-Up 2
Controlling Mega Man 3
Special Functions 4
Destination: Meteor Crash 6
Starting Mega Man's Quest 7
Main Menu 7
Stage Select 7
Mega Power! 8
Other Dr. Light Creations 9
Rush 10
Dr. Light's Laboratory 11
Special Items 11
Dr. Wiley and his Nefarious Robots 12
Options Mode 15
Backup Data 15


Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its Instruction Manual,
Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the MEGA MAN 8
disc and close the disc cover, Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation" game
console. Follow the onscreen instructions to start a game.

After loading MEGA MAN 8, watch the cartoon introduction sequence or press START or any Control
button to jump to the title screen. Press START or X to bring up the main menu. Refer to
page 7 for more on how to begin playing.

DL# 0001

Mega Man, the second robot created by Dr. Thomas Light, was originally intended only to perform
functions in the laboratory that Dr. Light could not. Slowly, Dr. Light began using Mega Man
for more and more advanced robotics experiments One day, Mega Man walked in on Dr. Light
listening to an intercepted transmission from the evil Dr.Wily. The transmission exposed
Dr. wily's plans for world domination. Mega Man convinced the good Dr. Light to let him chase
down and eliminate the threat of his nemesis. Mega Man's days as a gofer in the lab were over.

START Button Starts Game
Opens Mega Power Screen
Selects item in menu

SELECT Button Opens Reset Menu from Mega Power screen

DIRECTIONAL Highlights item in menu
Button Moves Mega Man Left or Right
Climbs Ladders Up or Down

Triangle Fires Mega Buster (Shot Button) Press and hold until fully charged,
then release to Fire Mega Blaster. Try jumping and sending out a Mega
Cancel item in menu.

Square Fires Mega Power (Special Weapon)
Fires Mega Buster (Shot Button)
Press and hold until fully charged, then release to fire blast.

Circle Jump

X Jump
Select item in menu

L1, R1 Changes Mega Power
Switches menu In Mega Power screen

L2, R2 Not Used

To reset game at any time, press and hold SELECT. Then press and hold START, Or pause game by
pressing START, then press SELECT to open the RESET MENU. Highlight and select QUIT. Select

SLIDE Press the DIRECTIONAL Button down and Circle or X simultaneously to
slide under narrow passages.

JUMP Press Circle or X to jump. Adjust height of the jump by holding the
button down longer. Use the DIRECTIONAL Button to deter mine the
direction of the jump.

SWIM Press Circle or X to swim. Use the DIRECTIONAL Buttons to move Mega
Man while swimming.

CLIMB LADDER Stand at base of ladder arid press the DIRECTIONAL Button Up to climb
ladder. Press Down to climb down.

USE MEGA BALL Rush delivers the first Mega Power to Mega Man on the island, but the
Mega Ball is a Mega Power and can be depleted. Equip the Mega Ball
then press Square to fire it. Yoki will see the Mega Ball on the
ground. Stand next to the Mega Ball and press Square again to make Mega
Man kick the ball and activate it.



BALL Left or Right to move the Mega Ball without activating it. Sliding
onto the Mega Ball works as well.

JUMP ONTO MEGA BALL Fire a Mega Ball but don't activate it. Press and hold or X to jump on
the Mega Ball. Mega Man will jump higher.

USE SNOW BOARDS In certain parts of the Icy stages Mega Man can use Snow Board. He can
jump and Slide by using the same motions mentioned previously. Be
prepared; inclines increase the snow board's speed.

FLOAT IN A BUBBLE Bubbles turn up occasions jump onto the bubble-maker an Mega Man will
float upward. Use the DIRECTIONAL Buttons to move tire bubble left or
right. No weapons are available while in a bubble, and spikes will pop
the bubble.


Dr. Light sped to his controls to react to the sudden alarms. Lights flashed and electronic
sounds blared. He scanned the meters and checked the print-out for any clues to what had just
happened. Then the computers centered on the disruption in the radar and brought it on-screen.

"Mega Man, come in! You must investigate the disturbance immediately. Come in, Mega Man!"

A hologram displaying the gentle face of the Titanium Titan gradually materialized, and Dr.
Light breathed a sigh of relief. Mega Man was already in the vicinity.

"Yes, Dr. Light. I have the readings. From the looks of it that comet was not an accident.
I detect a high concentration of metal alloy in that fireball. I bet Dr. Wiley is behind

"if not, he at least knows about it and is near-by. It crashed onto that deserted island. if
Wily's there, don't let him get away. And becareful Mega Man. Remember what happened the last


From the MEGA MAN 8 title screen, press START or the X Button to bring up the main menu. Here
you have 3 options: GAME START, CONTINUE or OPTION. To start a new gam highlight GAME START
and press START or the X Button. After the cartoon introduction sequence, you will begin
play. To bypass the intro, press START or the X Button.

To continue a previous game, highlight CONTINUE. For more on how to save or load a game, see
page 15.

Adjust the configuration of your game by selecting OPTION. This brings you to the OPTION MODE.
See page 15 for more on options.

After Mega Man investigates the deserted island, he is presented with the Stage Select Screen.
The square markers show the stages on the map where Mega Man can go to find clues. Highlight a
marker and press START or the X Button to begin Mega Man on his quest.

At first you can only go to 4 stages and Dr. Light's laboratory. For more on the functions of
Dr. Light's lab, see page 11,


As Mega Man battles Wily's Nefarious Robots he will gather power-ups, weapons and Items. If Mega
Man is skilled enough to face and defeat the Wily Robot introduced at the beginning of the stage
he is rewarded with that Robot's ' weapon. The weapon and any other special power-up he
acquires will be stored on the Mega Power screen.

Press START during gameplay to pause the game and bring up the Mega Power screen. This first
screen shows all the weapons Mega Man has acquired from defeated Wily Robots. The second
screen, the Item Select, shows all the special items Mega Man has collected. Use Ll or R1 to
shift back and forth between Mega Power screens.

To equip an item or weapon, use the DIRECTIONAL Button to highlight the item or weapon and
press START. This will return you to game play with the weapon or item You chose to use.

You can switch weapons during game play by pressing L1 or R1. You must have energy remaining
in the weapon in order to use it.


Mega Man is not alone on this adventure. Dr. Light has been busy creating other robots to help
Mega Man find Dr. Wilv. Here are those that Mega Man can count on when he needs help:

DL #002
Mega Man's younger sister Roll works in the laboratory and assists Dr. Light in turning the
bolts Mega Man collects into those nifty items he can obtain at the lab. For more of this,
see the next section.

DL #000
Dr. Light's first creation seems to be at the right place at the right time. Good ol' Proto
Man. You know good things are usually when he shows up.

Normally a technical assistant in the lab, the beefy Auto steps out of the lab and into the
hunt with his custom weapon. Mega Ma can definitely count on Auto to lend a hand.

Dr. Light made Eddy to transport things from the lab to his robots in the field. Now Eddy has
been equipped with the ability to fly. So, along with Eddy, Mega Man has some real fire power.

The famous crime-fighting bird named Beat is always out for world peace. Beat was built by
Dr. Cossack, a longtime friend and colleague of Dr. Light. Cossack and Light worked together
so well that k gave Beat to in to support him in battle. While flying, Beat will dash out to
attack if fully charged.

Where would any person be without a trusty canine at their side? The same goes for the Blue
Bomber and Rush the Robo Dog. Rush ran transform himself into many different vehicles so Mega
Man cannot do without him, All Rush powers have limited energy, and once you call on him You
must use all the energy from that power. Rush has 6 forms, but Mega Man can only call on 4 by

Special Rush allows Dr. Light to send a holographic image to communicate with Mega Man, while
Rush jet gives Mega Man the power to fly. Use the DIRECTIONAL Button to move the Rush let.
Mega Man can only fire to the right while on Rush jet, but can use any Robot Weapons at his

Rush Bike - Call up the Rush Bike and zoom through enemies with no problems. Mega Man will not
take any damage while on the bike, but Rush's energy takes a pummeling if you ram enemies. To
leave the bike, press the DIRECTIONAL Button A and the JUMP button to jump off the bike.

Rush Bomber - Rush will drop bombs to help you.

Rush Charger Mega Man will receive life energy or weapon energy. rush will drop these clown for
Mega Man to collect.

From the Stage Select screen, highlight Dr. Light and press START or the X Button to select the
tab. Roll will appear and talk you through the features at the lab. There are a number of
items that can be built and given to Mega Man depending on how many bolts are required to make
the item. The number of bolts you have collected will appear in the lower right corner of the

Use the DIRECTIONAL Button to highlight a menu item then press START or the X Button to select
it. You can choose from ASK FOR A PART, SAVE, OPTION MODE or EXIT. Select ASK FOR A PART to
have Roll create a special item. After selecting this from the menu, you will see icons
representing the items you can make. Use the DIRECTIONAL Button to highlight an item.
Information about the item will appear at the top of the screen. If you have enough bolts
press START or the X Button to select it. If you do not have enough bolts Roll will tell you.
When you have finished, select Exit and you will return to the Stage Select screen.

You can also save your game in the lab. Make sure you have a memory card loaded in Memory Card
Slot 1, then highlight SAVE and press START or the X Button. You will then be asked which
block you want to save the game to, For more on saving and loading games, see page 15.

Select OPTION MODE to adjust your options in the same way as you can from the game's main menu.

Each item has information about its purpose when you highlight it in the lab (or highlight it
in the Item Select screen) but here is a short list of some things you can purchase:

Energy Balancer - When you collect Weapon Energy, the balancer will fill your weapons from
least to greatest.

Exit Part - Allows you to exit a stage you have already completed.

Laser Shot - A piercing laser weapon.

These items appear when you defeat enemies, or are just there if you can find them:

Bolts - Use these to create items at the lab

Companion Panel - Appears only in flying stage; pick up when the companion you want appears.

Rush Panel - Allows you to call up the corresponding Rush power.

1 Up - increases the number of chances you have to battle, up to a maximum of 9 extra lives.



The evil scientist never gives up. Try and try as he might, Thomas Light is always there to
get the upper hand Even back in their days at the Robot Institute of Technology Dr. Light got
all the attention and accolades. Wily has vowed to become the greatest robot maker the world
has ever seen but Dr. Light's Mega Man has consistently foiled Wily's schemes to control the


An interesting pair. Who would have ever thought to pair a robot with a trusty canine
sidekick? Wily figured if you can't beat 'em, copy 'em so now Rush and Mega Man have Bass and
Treble to deal with. Bass is convinced he can defeat Mega Man by himself yet welcomes the
fierce Treble.

DW #057
Weapon: Tornado Hold
Wily created Tengu Man to take advantage of the power of the storm. An experimental robot with
many weaknesses if you can-find them, Tenqu Man exudes confidence and frequently looks down on
them. So look out for the his tornadoes.

DW #058
Weapon: Astro Crash
An abandoned planetarium held lots of parts for Wily to convert into the menacing Astro Man.
At first Astro Man was designed to control the minds of those who viewed the planetarium show,
but the greedy Wily prepared him for battle. Never one to shy away from a fight, Astro Man
still feels more comfortable in space.

DW #059
Weapon: Flame Sword
One of Wily's most prized thefts was an ancient sword he lifted out of a museum. But the sword
was so huge he could not find a use for it. Finally he built Sword Man but could not balance
the weight, Wily decided he must float Sword Man's upper body above the rest so he will not be
clumsy. The devastating sword can be charged up and shoots fire.

DW #060
Weapon: Thunder Claw
Dr. Wily rescued Clown Man from a cancelled sci fiction TV show. Made from sets and props, he
displays charisma of show business. The truth is Dr. Wily can't stop laughing at Clown Man�s
arms. This makes Clown Man especially proud of his arm spanm, which can extend over great
distances, because he never got a laugh while on the show.

DW #061
Weapon: Homing Sniper
Built from extra parts and an out-of-service security robot, Search Man has jeckyl-and-Hyde
written all over him. Wily decided that two heads would be better than one but then again Wily
never does anything for the better. Search Man's heads should cooperate but in reality they
are constantly bumping heads over every decision.

DW #062
Weapon: Ice Wave
When Wily bought parts to enhance Clown Man, he over did it, To use up those parts, he worked
day and night to come up with Frost Man. He had so many more parts than he expected. So Wily
built an ice machine right inside Frost Man. His most dangerous weapon is the Ice Wave, a
quick blast of razor-sharp icicles that freezes and cuts through anything it touches.

DW #063
Weapon: Flash Bomb
The best description that fits Grenade Man is a crazy drill sargeant whose favorite pastime is
to blow up everything in sight. Grenade Man's bold and reckless personality was just the
remedy for Dr, Wily. While he loves to hurt his enemies, strangely Grenade Man longs for the
pain of an explosion or two.

DW #064
Weapon: Water Balloon
Aqua Man emerged when Wily's first shot at Frost Man's ice machine failed miserably. So he gave
Aqua huge water tank in his chassis. Wily sent him to a water utility plant to train, and now
he has emerged as one of Wily's best weapons.

Roll assists you in adjusting the configuration of your controls and the sound mode for your
game. Highlight OPTION from the main menu and press START or the X Button to select it, Then
highlight the function you want to change and press the button you want to use for that

Choose between STEREO and MONO for the sound on your game depending on the capability of your

There are 3 ways to save your game. Each time you clear a stage you will be asked if you want
to save your game. When you run out of lives you will be given the chance to save your game.
You can also save while in Dr. Light's Laboratory. Your game progress, items and option
settings will be saved.

You can save up to 3 different games. MEGA MAN 8 consumes 1 Block of Memory. Make sure you
have room available on your Memory Card, and have it loaded in Memory Card Slot 1.