Default settings:

D-Pad - move forwards, backwards, rotate left, & rotate right
/\ - fire missiles
() - fire special weapons
[] - select next gun
>< - fire selected gun
L1 - look up
L2 - shunt left
R1 - look down
R2 - shunt right
Start - pause the game
Select - bypass video


Your score appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

On the top right of the screen is the timer. - time before the appearance of
the Black Knight. Destroying a boss will reset the timer.

A display showing the number of prisoners you have rescue appears on the
upper center portion of the screen. Right below it is the total number of
humans in the area.

You sighting reticle appears on the center of the screen. To the right and
slightly above is the computer tracking system. (this will read FIRE when the
computer has locked into a target).

The weapons display is directly beneath the computer tracking system showing
the currently selected gun, the currently selected missile, the currently
selected special weapon, and the amount of ammunition remaining for each

A name & boss damage meter will appear beneath the sighting circle when you
encounter a boss. (the number above the name is the range of the locked boss
in meters)

The radar screen is on the bottom right.

On the bottom left is the damage status screen (green = maximum, flashing
red = critical)

There are 5 zones in the game. In each zone there is an energy field which you
must locate and destroy. Each zone is protected by drones & sentients. Drones
are mindless robots programed to defend the zones. Sentients are robots
capable of feeling & independent thought whose prime directive is identical to
the drones.

When destroyed, drones & setients will release human prisoners. Rescue as many
prisoners as possible, in addition to releasing prisoners drones & setients
will also release powerups.

Energy cores will partially replenish your damage meter.
Energia will make you invincible & increase speed for a brief time.
Schizo will make you invincible & cause you controls to reverse for a brief
Zombie will make you invincible & slow down for a brief time.

You have a limited amount of time to find and defeat each setient, (boss) in a
zone, (each time you defeat a boss the time will reset) if you fail to kill a
boss in the time the Black Knight will appear. (an indestructible robot)

When you clear a zone by destroying the shield generator you will have the
opportunity to upgrade your weapons.