* How Do You Steer These Hogs?

Accelerate - X
Reverse/Brake - Square/Triangle
Directional Controls - Move car left & right
Start Button - Pause game
L1 & R1 - So you'v just been 360'd you're moving the wrong way
and you want to know how to geat back on track? Simple.
Press L1 or R1 to spin the car round while pressing
brake or accelerate to get you in the right direction.

Destruction Tip: The Rookie vehicle will be automatically
spun around. All you need to do is brake or accelerate.

R1 & R2 - Toggles through four game views.

* End Of Race Options Menu

View League - Shows divisional placings. Use left & right keypad controls to
move between divisions.

Pit Compound - See how much damage you've done to other cars in your last
race in this all expenses spared visit to the pits. Use left
& right D-pad controls to move between cars.

Next Race - Give me more!

Save - Save your current position and go get something to eat. Click
on the Save Option to display several memory slots. Some will
contain previously saved games while others will be empty. To
save a game use the D-pad controls to highlight your chosen
slot and press button X to select it. You will them be able to
save a game to that slot.

Quit - Guess what?

View Replay - Choose this and you will be able to create your own very own
customized replay. Use the left & right D-pad controls to move
throught the on screen icons which can be uses as follows

[Easy to figure this part out. No need to type in this stuff.]

* The Destruction Derby Code (hints)

1. When being closely folled by an annoning car simply apply your brakes firmly.
This will stop the offender promptly in their tracks while causing considerable
front end damage to their vehicle.

2. If you find your vehicle being overtaken turn sideways into the rear corner
of the overtaking vehicle. Ofter results in an impressive spin as the driver
loses control.

3. Accelerate sharply into the back of a car as it bracks to take a bend. This
maneuver will almost certainly finish with the rammed vehicle taking a nose dive
into a wall.

4. Squeezing and ramming other cars into oncoming walls and stationary wreckage
is also highly recommended.

5. As you approach another vehicle wait until you can see the wites of the other
driver's eyes then turn sharply so that your vehicle takes side damage while
your opponent's sustains crippling front end damage.