Ship Select Overlay 6
Controlling a Ship Icon 7
Land-Based Structures 9
Mission Debriefing 9
At The Helm 11
In The Turret 11
From The Home Harbor 12
Strength Meter 12
Commission Points 14
Fleet Data 20

NOTE: Battlestations does not support turbo functions.

Every mission begins at the Strategic Map. Use this map of the war zone to view enemy
activity and deploy and mobilize your fleet. When two opposing ships are in close vicinity,
one can initiate Tactical Combat against the other. [See Strategic Map on p. 6.)
When Tactical Combat is initiated, an overhead view of two 3-fl ships replaces the
Strategic Map. The goal of Tactical Combat is to sink your enemy's ship before your
enemy sinks yours. (See Tactical Combat on p 10.]

NOTE: In Arcade mode you engage immediately in Tactical Combat; the Strategic
map is not available.

NOTE: For detailed information regarding the specific weapons and features of each
ship, see The Scuttlebutt on p. 20.

Ship Select overlay SELECT
Deploy ship/Initiate Tactical Combat X
Cycle through ships CIRCLE
Navigate ship D-Button
Begin auto pilot TRIANGLE + D-Button
Create/Disband task force SQUARE
Identify your ship R2
Initiate strategic feature (if available) R1

Navigate ship D-Button
Over-ride auto target and target manually CIRCLE + D-Button
Fire main guns X
Fire premium weapon TRIANGLE
Initiate secondary weapon SQUARE
Initiate special feature (if available) L1
Initiate defensive measure (if available) R1
Signal Rescue Helicopter (restore strength) R2

Every menu is operated using the same basic controls. Learn them here and use 'em
Highlight categories D-Button Up/Down
Scroll options D-Button Left/Right
Select and continue X
Return to previous screen Triangle

Whether you crave head-to-head fighting combined with strategic missions or pure head-to
head fighting, Battlestations supplies instant gratification. Select from three game modes

ARCADE Compete in multiple ship-to-ship battles against a friend or the
computer. Earn Commission points when you sink your opponent's
ship, and advance through 10 naval ranks to become Fleet Admiral.
(Go to Quick Start below for a straight path to fighting.)

CAMPAIGN Challenge a computer-animated Commander to one of 10 strategic
missions, from recovering a lost research party to liberating your
homeland from enemy occupation. Deploy and mobilize an assigned
fleet and lead your ships into one-on-one combat to secure your
goal. [See Campaign on p. 14.)

WAR GAMES Compete against a friend in War, Capture the Harbor, and Capture The
Flag. Create diverse War Games by combining the fleet of your choice
with any of the 2G coastal locales. [See War Games on p. 16.)

These instructions take you directly to ship-to-ship fighting [i.e., Tactical Combat). To lead
a mission, see Campaign on p. 14 or War Games on p. 16.

To begin Tactical Combat:
1. At the Main menu, D-Button Up/Down to highlight 1 PLAYER or 2 PLAYER, and press X.
A game mode screen appears.

2. Press X to select ARCADE. The ship select screen appears. [For more information
on Arcade mode, see Arcade on p. 13.]

3. D-Button to select a ship from the eight available, and press X. Tactical Combat
begins. (To learn the art of Tactical Combat, see Tactical Combat on p. 10.)

-- Ship Select overlay
A number of friendly ships -- Press Circle to cycle
are pre-deployed and between ship icons.
docked in your harbor -- Party time
identify and mobilize these
immediately -------------- -- Task Force

You must move the ----------- -- Home harbors
ship icon from the
starting point before
deploying another.

A global view of the hot zone, the Strategic Map is the starting point for each mission.
Select and deploy your ships from the Ship Select overlay to achieve your objective.

When you highlight
the ship abbreviation
the ship information

To deploy a ship:
1. Press SELECT to call up the Ship Select overlay.
2. Highlight your selection, and press K. The overlay disappears, and a generic ship
icon appears. Your icons are green; enemy icons are orange.
* After you deploy a ship, it has two seconds of safety before an enemy ship can attack.

In order to secure your position on the Strategic Map, keep in mind the objective of
your selected mission, then deploy your fleet accordingly. You can place single ships
on Auto-pilot, send them on their way, and form Task Forces to strong-arm the enemy.

To pilot a ship:
1. Press Circle to cycle through ships. A target box surrounds the selected ship.
2. D-Button in the direction you want the ship to head.
> To identify the ship you control, press R2. An abbreviation of the ship's class appears.
(To view a list of ships and their abbreviations, see The Scuttlebutt on p. 20.)

A group of up to four ships that travel together-perfect for an aggressive attack.

To create a Task Force:
1. Draw near a friendly ship and press Square. The friendly ship joins the lead ship.
2. To add a third or fourth ship, select a ship, draw near the task force, then press Square
> To exit a Task Force, press Square. The ships disband,

- NOTE: Tactical Combat is always one-on-one. If you attack a Task Force, the first
battle is against the ship nearest yours. If you win, the next battles are
against the middle ship, then finally the outermost ship.

Auto-pilot is essential for mobilizing a great number of ships.
> To assign Auto-pilot to a single ship or Task Force, press Triangle + D-Button. The ship
continues in the assigned direction until it is obstructed.
> To end Auto-pilot, D-Button when the ship is selected.

At the Strategic Map, the Submarine and Mine Layer each have a strategic feature you
initiate by pressing R1.
* Submerge the Submarine and send it on a stealth mission to enemy lines. If an
enemy ship is in the same vicinity, the enemy's icon turns red.
* Build up to two undetected mine fields with the Mine Layer. Enemy ships suffer
damage and carry it over into Tactical Combat.

When two opposing ships are in the same vicinity, their icons become red. At this point
either ship can initiate Tactical Combat.

- NOTE: When Tactical Combat is initiated, all ship icons freeze. They resume course
when you return to the Strategic Map.

To initiate Tactical Combat, press K. (See Tactical Combat on p. 10.)

Three land-based structures appear in Campaign mode only:

MISSILE SILO Launches missiles at passing ships. Initiate Tactical Combat with the
Silo, using a Troop Transport and your marines.
SHORE BATTERY Initiates Tactical Combat with a passing ship. Any ship can engage
in combat with a Battery, but not every ship can destroy it.
POWER PLANT Provides power to nearby Batteries and Silos. Send in your marines
and destroy a Power Plant to disable allied structures.


Your stats Enemy Stats

Ships sunk during play

At the end of a mission, all important stats are displayed on screen.

Strength Meter When a ship survives in Campaign or War
Games mode, it moves to the next battle
Rescue Helicopter with damage suffered.

Stern Port
Drowning Crew Member

To abort the fly-around view, press X.

Once a player initiates Tactical Combat from the Strategic Map, there is no turning back.
This is a ship-to-ship fight to the death.

- NOTE: In Arcade mode you engage immediately in Tactical Combat; the Strategic
Map is not available.

- NOTE: Before heading into battle, study your ship of choice and learn what
distinguishes it from others. You may discover special weapons to use
against specific ships. (See The Scuttlebutt on p. 20.)

Stay clear of the enemy's cross-hair by utilizing ship mobility, features, and the defensive
> To steer, D-Button relative to the bow of your ship. [e.g., D-Button Up moves the
ship forward.)
> To initiate your defensive measure, press R1. On most ships this activates the
sonar ping or anti-aircraft weapons.
> To initiate your special feature, press L1. [Few ships have a special feature.
To learn special features, see The Scuttlebutt on p. 20.]

While working hard to avoid enemy fire, you need to work twice as hard to get your own
shots off. Success in Tactical Combat depends on keen marksmanship.

- NOTE: A shot travels to the position of the cross-hair at the end of the shot's path

> To override Auto target and target manually, press Circle + D-Button. The cross-hair
moves relative to your bow and turns red when locked-on, leg., Circle + D-Button Right
moves the cross-hair starboard of the ship.]

- NOTE: You have 15% more range when targeting manually.
> To fire Main guns, press X.
> To launch a premium weapon, such as a missile or torpedo, press Triangle. The cross-hair
returns to your ship after the shot is complete.
> To fire the secondary weapon, press Square. This activates a depth charge on many ship

When attacked by a Troop Transport in Capture the Harbor, the home harbor strikes
back Sink the Transport before it unloads its marines on your shore-if just one marine
slips by, the harbor is destroyed
> To fire Main guns at the Troop Transport press X.
> To fire Machine guns at advancing marines, press Triangle.

During Tactical Combat two meters appear at the top of the screen, displaying hull
strength. Your ships meter is green; the opponent's meter is orange. As a ship takes
hits, the meter decreases. Call in the Rescue Helicopter to restore strength. A ship sinks
when hull strength is depleted.

After receiving the signal, the helicopter arrives to rescue a member of your crew from
the water. If the crew member is retrieved, one unit of strength is restored.
> To signal the Rescue Helicopter, press R2.

D-Button to select a ship to take into battle

Begin as an Ensign at 0
Rank points, and move up in
Total Points seniority with points earned.
Become Fleet Admiral at
Commission Points 300 points.
gained if you sink the enemy

Highlighted Ship Press X to begin Tactical Combat
with the ships highlighted.

Select ARCADE from 1 Player or 2 Player to compete in multiple one-on-one battles.
Race through ten official ranks: from Ensign to Fleet Admiral, earn your stripes in the
form of Commission points.

- NOTE: To get the lowdown on one-on-one fighting, see Tactical Combat on p. 1G.

To exit an Arcade game:
1. Press Triangle at the Arcade screen. A confirmation appears: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO
2. Highlight YES and press X. You return to the first menu screen.

Survive a battle and earn a specified number of Commission points. The more difficult
a ship is to sink, the more points you receive For example, while an Aircraft Carrier [AC
has a complete stock of weaponry and can sustain plenty of damage, a Troop Transport
(TV] has minimal firepower and can take little damage. Therefore, if the AC sinks the TT,
the captain of the AC receives 3 points; if the TV sinks the AC, the captain of the TV
receives 27 points. As you scroll through ships on the Arcade screen, specified
Commission points appear beneath PTS TO GAIN.

Campaign Title

D-Button Right to
scroll Briefings and Campaign Map
Enemy Commander

Help Text appears in green text at the bottom
of a menu screen. Arrows indicate D-Button directions.

Select CAMPAIGN, and embark on a mission of your choice. From locating and eliminating
enemy supply convoys to protecting the whale migration from illegal poachers, the difficulty
of a mission depends on the Commander you challenge.

To begin a Campaign:
1. Select CAMPAIGN from the 1 Player menu, and the Mission Select screen appears
2. Scroll through Briefings and Commanders, and press x to select your mission-
the pairing of Commander and Briefing gives you up to 50 possible missions.
The Fleet screen appears, displaying your assigned fleet.
3. Press X to advance to the Strategic Map.
MISSION BRIEFING View the ten campaigns broken down into briefings and maps.
From here, learn specific goals.
COMMANDER View dossiers on all five opposing Commanders. Some Commands
are tougher opponents than others.

The easiest of your opponents, Delaney's best days may be behind him
However, do not underestimate this high-seas veteran.

What Ballast lacks in expertise, he makes up for in patience.
He discovers your weaknesses and sets his trap.

Kennedy is average in this crowd only. She is your most ruthless

Second only to Vasiliev in skill, Schreck is utterly cunning-never turn
your back

Your toughest opponent, Vasiliev's precision under fire is unequaled.

Scroll through 25 War Game Mission Title

Compete against a friend in WAR,

Press X to accept your selections and got to the
Fleet Select screen.

Compete against a human opponent in multiple missions, using various combinations
of objectives, maps, and fleets.

To begin a War Game:
1. Select WAR GAMES from the 2 Player menu, and the Mission Select screen appears,
2. Scroll through Maps and Objectives and select your mission. The Fleet Select screen
appears. [To select a fleet, see Fleet Select on p. l8.]
3. Each player must press X to accept fleet selection and advance to the Strategic Map.
MAP Cycle through 26 topographical maps. Select the locale of your
upcoming War Game.
OBJECTIVE Select a War Game from the three available.
WAR: destroy your opponent's fleet.
* Offensive Strategy: Be aggressive in your attack; your best
battle is the one on your terms.
* Defensive Strategy; Create balanced task forces with various
specialty ships [e.g., AC, ML, PT). If one ship can't sink the
enemy, your next one probably can.
CAPTURE THE FLAG: Sink your opponent's flagship to steal the flag,
then return it to your home harbor.
- NOTE: Sink the ship that stole your flag before it reaches the
home harbor, and reclaim possession.
* Offensive Strategy: Capture the flag with a fast ship [i.e., PT, CR,
SN, or DD), so you can shuttle it quickly to your home harbor.
* Defensive Strategy: Your flagship is the first ship you deploy.
Select a fast ship to carry your flag and surround it with
powerful ships [i.e., BB, AC, CR, and DD],

CAPTURE THE HARBOR: Transport troops to the enemy harbor and unleash
your marines.
* Offensive Strategy: Get your Troop Transport safely to the enemy
harbor, and unload marines immediately.
* Defensive Strategy: Sink the enemy's Troop Transports at any cost.

D-Button Left/Right to scroll Fleet Title
through fleets

The total number of
each class of ship.
Press Square to view
in-game ship data.

Press X to advance to the Strategic Map with your fleet selection.

Lead the fleet of your choice in a 2 Player War Game. Build a Custom fleet or select from
the three fleet types provided:

- NOTE: Default selections appear in bold in this manual.
BALANCED Two of every ship in your inventory.

FLEETS OF These fleets represent naval units from around the globe.

CUSTOM FLEET Build a Custom Fleet, using up to 16 ships of your choice.

To build a Custom Fleet:
1. Highlight an available ship, then D-Button Right to add that ship to your fleet. You can
add up to 9 of one class.
> D-Button Left to remove a ship.
2. Press X to accept your customized fleet. After both players have selected fleets,
the Strategic Map appears.
- NOTE: You must have at least one Troop Transport to capture an enemy harbor.
SPECIAL PURPOSE Battlestations formed the following fleets to perform specific tasks:
PACIFIC: Best overall fleet composition; good for general
purpose battles.
JUTLAND: Numerous Battleships and Cruisers; best in heavy-
weight battles.
WOLFPACK: Loaded with Submarines; excellent for stealth fights.
CAPITAL: Multiple Battleships; great for big-gun fun.
FAST: Packed with destroyers; great in quick and furious
McHALE: Mostly Patrol Boats; perfect for numerous fly-weight
MIDWAY: A fair amount of Aircraft Carriers and escorts; good
when faced with a battle for air superiority.
CONVOY: Multiple Troop Transports; best for land based attacks.

derived from the daily gossip session around the ship's scuttlebutt [drinking fountain],
the term "scuttlebutt" came to mean "inside information" to a ship's crew. Following
is the scuttlebutt on every ship in your fleet, compliments of the Battlestations team.

Ship Class

Ship Stats Features are rated, and stats are displayed in bars
-the longer the bar the better the rating.

Help Text

Press Square train the Fleet Select screen to access this in-game Scuttlebutt.

> To get a good look at any ship, D-Button Up to zoom in for a close-up, then
D-Button Right to rotate it 360 degrees.
> To view the next ship, press Square.
> To return to the Fleet Select screen, press X.

Though slow and tough to control, the AC delivers
payoffs for the more advanced player.
> To launch up to 3 user controlled F14 attacks,
press L1. Use the Action Buttons to control the
F14, then press L2 to drop the bombs.
To recall the aircraft, press L1 a second time.
> The most versatile weapon against any ship
is the AC's F14 Bomber.
> You are unable to fire until your planes return
from an attack.
> Launch Fl4 Air Patrol and shoot down incoming

L1: User Controlled F14
R1: F14 Air Patrol
L2: Drop Bombs
R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: 3 F14 Fighters [lock on]
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Depth Charge
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship

Triangle, Square, Circle, X: Action Buttons to control F14
Circle + D-Button: Target Manually

Size makes the BB an easy target, but this is a
minor handicap for the toughest ship in your fleet.
> To fire all three Main guns, press X three
* From broadside, you can fire all three Main
guns; from the bow, you fire two Main guns;
from the stern, you fire one Main gun only.

* Main guns have the longest
range when fired broadside.

* Fire Anti-aircraft guns to shoot down your
opponent's Fl4s.

R1: Anti-aircraft guns
R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Cruise missile (lock-on)
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Anti-sub helicopter
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

A good match against any ship, the CR has
everything a Commander could ask for in terms
of speed and arms.
> To launch three missiles simultaneously,
press Triangle three times.
* Utilize Radar Jam and free your ship from
opponent's lock-on.
* Fire Anti-aircraft guns to shoot down your
opponents Fl4s.

L1: Radar Jam
R1: Anti-aircraft guns
R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Missile [lock on]
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Depth Charge
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

Tough and fairly quick, the DD works well as an
* Utilize sonar ping to identify slippery Subs. Torpedoes
* The sonar ping and depth charge are effective
against the Submarine only.

R1: Sonar ping
R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Torpedoes
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Depth Charge
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

The ML is slow and difficult to control. Your best
bet is to build a wall of mines and take cover
behind it.
> At the Strategic Map, press R1 to build up
to two undetected mine fields with the Mine
Layer. Enemy ships suffer damage and carry .
it over into Tactical Combat.

R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Lay mines
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Depth Charge
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

Utilize speed and control to steer clear of incoming
fire The PT was not designed to take hits.
* Sonar ping and depth charge make the PT
an excellent contender against the Sub.
* For an 8 second speed boost, press
L1 + D-Button Up to activate hydrofoil.
* flue to its speed and high ship count, the
PT is great for scouting enemy territory.

L1: Hydrofoil
R1: Sonar ping
R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Torpedoes
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Depth Charge
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

The SN performs well against any ship-stealth
mode [submerged) is key.
> At the Strategic Map, press Alto submerge
a SN and send it on a stealth mission towards
enemy lines.

R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Torpedoes
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Submerged Surface
X: Main guns (surfaced)
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

Protect the vulnerable TV by aligning it with powerful
Cruisers and Battleships on the Strategic Map.
* If there is a shore-based goal, a Troop
Transport is necessary.
> The depth charge is effective against the
Submarine only.
* You are limited to 16 marines per Transport.
Dispatch them wisely.

R2: Rescue Helicopter
Triangle: Deploy marines
Circle: Over-ride auto target
Square: Depth Charge
X: Main guns
Directions: Navigate ship
Circle + D-Button: Target manually

Adjust the Battlestations setup to suit your style of gameplay:
LANGUAGE Set onscreen text to ENGLISH, FRENCH, or GERMAN.
SOUND Adjust the sound effects volume.
STEREO-MONO Select between STEREO and MONO sound.
MUSIC Adjust the music volume.
CONTROLLER Select from three controller configurations

You can pause or exit a game anytime during gameplay.

To pause or exit a game:
1. Press START to pause a game from the Strategic Map or Tactical Combat screen.
Game Paused appears across the screen.
> To resume play, press START a second time. The action proceeds.
2. Press SELECT while a game is paused, and the Quit overlay appears.
3. Highlight QUIT and press X. A confirmation appears on screen: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT
4. Highlight YES and press X. You return to the first menu screen.