Syphon Filter 2 instruction manual


Setting Up Your Console -page 1
Agent Controls -page 2
Mission Background -page 3
Starting the Game -page 4
-Main Menu
-Memory Card
Game Screen -page 5
Playing As Gabe or Lian Xing -page 6
Agent Moves -page 7
Using Weapons -page 8
-Targeting Modes
-Sniper Mode
-Reloading Weapons and Finding Ammo
-Switching Weapons/Gadgets
-Shooting While Hanging
The Weapons and Gadgets -page 9
Mission Guidlines -page 10
-Briefing and ACD Messages
-Missions and Objectives
Pause Menu and ACD Display -page 11
2 Player Mode -page 12
Dossiers -page 13
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Set up your Playstation® game console according to the instructions in its Instruction
Manual.Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert Syphon
Filter 2 disc #1 and close the disc cover. Insert one or two game controllers and turn on the
Playstation game console. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a game.
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You can adjust game controls on the Options Menu. The following are the default controls.

Note: DUALSHOCK™ analog controller only: Toggle the Vibration feature ON/OFF by using the
Option mode-> Vibration setting. The Vibration feature is not affected by the controller's
analog mode switch.

-Press Up to run or pull agent up when hanging from ledges. Also press Up to sneak
while pressing the X button.
-Press Left/Right to turn or to move while hanging from ledges hand-over-hand.
-Press Down to move backward or to drop from ledges. Also tap Down for a quick 180
degree turn.
-Use to aim weapon manually with targeting cursor activated (Press and hold the L1

-Fire currently selected weapon.
-Slash with knife.
-Throw grenade.
-Use selected inventory item.

X BUTTON - Multi-function button depending on the situation
-Crouched walk - Press and hold while moving to advance low for sneak attacks or to
avoid detection.
-Walk while in disguise.
-Climb Down - Press while close to ledges to lower the agent down.
-Press and hold while standing still to kneel. Kneel to steady the aim of a weapon or
to hide behind objects.
-Accept a selection.

TRIANGLE BUTTON - Multi-function depending on the situation
-Use items: throw switches, open doors, operate equipment.
-Jump up to ledges.
-Reload current weapon if you have ammo remaining.
-In sniper mode or when using binoculars, press to zoom in on a target.
-Respond to radio calls via the Advanced Communication Device (ACD).
-Exit menus.

CIRCLE BUTTON - Forward Roll
-Use directional buttons to control the roll.
-Press the L2 or R2 buttons during a forward roll to roll to the side.
-In sniper mode or while using binoculars, press to zoom out from a target.

SELECT BUTTON - Weapon Selection
-Tap SELECT quickly to change the selected weapon. The selected weapon is displayed at
the bottom of the screen.
-Press and hold the SELECT button to display Gabe's or Lian Xing's inventory across the
top of the screen. Press the L2 or R2 button to change the selected weapon (while
holding the SELECT button). Release the SELECT button to choose the weapon.

-Pauses the game and opens the Advanced Communication Device (ACD) for quick access to
the vital mission intelligence and weaponry status.

R1 BUTTON - Target Lock
-Target locks the closest enemy that can be fired on. Tap the R1 button to cycle through
the enemies from closest to furthest.

L1 BUTTON - Manual Aiming
-Press the directional buttons or use the Left Stick while holding the L1 button or Right
Stick to aim the cursor before firing on the target.

R2 AND L2 BUTTONS - Strafe or Peek
-Strafe buttons - Press and hold to run right or left while firing on targets.
-Use to peek around corners when in Manual Aiming Mode (L1 button).

Left Stick
-Walk by pushing lightly.
-Aim weapon when pressing the L1 button.
Right Stick
-Move Gabe or Lian Xing with locked camera.
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Seemingly unrelated and troubling events headline the international new reports. Innocent
civilians are gunned down in the Hielongjiang Provice of China. A nuclear missle is destroyed
seconds before detonating over Kazahkstan. Tensions surge between the U.S. and China when
sensitive data is leaked to a dissident Chinese group.

Corrupt elements withing the Agency, a super-secret U.S. intelligence group, are the driving
force behind all of these dangerous events. Using the biotech firm Pharcom, the developed a
virus named Syphon Filter. Syphon Filter is the ultimate biological weapon and it's for sale.
The buyer will become the first terrorist superpower. Agency operatives Gabe Logan and Lian
Xing discovered the plot withing their own organization. They are now attempting to expose
the Syphon Filter conspirators and stop the sale. In response, the Agency has alerted the
military and law enforcement that Gabe Logan and Lian Xing should be eliminated.

Agency motives become clearer as Gabe Logan discovers Pharcom CEO Jonathan Phagan's private
files on the virus. Then Lian Xing, herself infected with Syphon Filter, is kidnapped for
use as an Agency guinea pig. Gabe must find the vaccine to save Lian Xing's life as she
attempts an escape from her captors.

Branded as criminals by their own government, Gabe and Lian Xing must strike with deadly
efficiency while leaving innocent personnel unharmed. Ex-agent Teresa Lipan, who operates
a clandestine spy network, will assist both Gabe and Lian Xing by coordinating missions
from her desert base. The agents make every move knowing that a traitor could turn the
knife at any moment.
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New Game
1. Select NEW GAME to begin playing Syphon Filter 2.
2. Select a 1 or 2 player game.
1 player mode - Battle the terrorist threat and attempt to stop the sale of the Syphon
Filter virus.
2 player mode - Gabe Logan, Lian Xing and others battle head-to-head.

Load Game
-Load a previously saved game. (You must be using a MEMORY CARD containing Syphon
Filter 2 game data in order to use this option).


To save or load game data, you must insert a MEMORY CARD into MEMORY CARD slot 1 before
beginning play. Three blocks of memory must be available on the MEMORY CARD in order to save
Syphon Filter 2 data. If you do not have a MEMORY CARD, all game data will be lost when you
turn off your Playstation game console.

Do not remove or insert a MEMORY CARD while saving is in progress or damage may result.

You can save during a level by choosing SAVE AND QUIT GAME from the Options screen. Your
progress up to the last level checkpoint will be saved.

To load a saved game, access the LOAD GAME option on the Main Menu.
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GAME SCREEN - page 5
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The game screen displays vital information for combat, weapon status and survivability.

Armor/Health- This meter shows the agent's armor in blue and health in red. When the agent
is under attack and taking damage, the blue color drains from the meter first as the armor
is weakened. If damage continues, the red drains from the meter. When teh red disappears, the
agent is dead and the mission fails. To protect the agent's health, pick up flak jackets from
downed enemies or find them in weapon boxes.

Danger Meter- As the red in this meter increases, the agent's chances of being shot increase.
When the meter is at the max and flashing, the agent is about to be shot. Retreat or attack
the enemy.

Target Meter- Used in Target Locking mode to show probability of hitting an enemy.

Timer- Certain missions must be accomplished within a time limit. When that is the case, the
Timer appears over the Radar and begins counting down.

Radar- The agent position is the center of the Radar screen. Green dots are enemy positions.
When a red danger cone flashes toward an enemy position, that enemy is targeting you. Retreat
or attack the enemy.

Weapon In Hand- This is the weapon or item the agent is using. To change weapons, press and
hold the SELECT button and press the L2 or R2 button. You can also cycle through weapons and
gadgets by tapping the SELECT button.

Rounds In Weapon- This is the number of shots left in the current weapon.

Total Rounds- This is the total number of rounds the agent is holding for that weapon. To
reload, press the triangle button. Always check casualties for ammo.

Status Label- Appears near an enemy to show that person's name, his or her status (wearing
flak jacket) or what baody part is targeted (head shot). Also appears on weapon boxes to
indicate contents, as well as on switches.
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Either Gabe Logan or Lian Xing will handle missions. They will also operate with Teresa Lipan
as situations dictate.
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AGENT MOVES - page 7
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Gabe and Lian Xing are highly trained both mentally and physically. They can attack with
lethal stealth or calmly fire the fatal shot in the middle of a firefight. They can climb
obstacles or move hand-over-hand while hanging hundreds of feet in the air.

Move/Run - Press the d-pad up to run forward. Press left/right to turn. Press down to move

Walk - Lightly press the Left Stick to walk.

180 degree turn - Tap the d-pad down or left stick down to turn around.

Crouch Walking - Press the X button while moving to crouch down. Use this to keep a low
profile, sneak by enemies or move through tight areas. During levels in which Gabe or Lian
Xing is disquised, pressing the X button will make the agent walk.

Kneel - Press and hold the X button to kneel down. From this position, the agent can steady
the aim of a weapon or hide behind objects.

Forward Roll - Forward Roll by pressing the O button. Use this move to roll out of danger or
make the agent a tougher target. Press the X button when coming out of a roll to finish in a
kneeling position. Press the L2 or R2 button or the d-pad when coming out of the roll in a
kneeling postition. Press the L2 or R2 button or the d-pad when coming out of the roll to
hook to the left or right.

Climb up or pull up - Get close to an object and press the triangle button. If the obstacle
is smaller than the agent, he or she will climb onto it. If it is larger than the agent,he
or she will jump up, grab an edge and hang. To pull the agent up on top of an object, press
the d-pad up. Press the d-pad down to let go and fall back down.

Climb down - To climb down from an object, get close to the edge facing it and press X. If
the object or the distance to the ground is taller the the agent, he or she will hang from
it. Press the d-pad down to let go.

Jumping - When running toward certain ledges, the agent will automatically propel himself
or herself through the air and land on the other side.

Hand-over-hand - When hanging from something, use the hand-over-hand movement by pressing
the d-pad left/right. The agent may have to climb down or jump down to a hanging position.
The agent can fire weapons one-handed while hanging in certain areas but cannot reload or
change weapons.

Strafe - Press and hold the L2 or R2 button to run sideways while firing (square button)
at the targets in front of you. This is useful for multiple attackers or in situations
where you want to fire and dive for cover.
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To fire a weapon, slash with a knife, or throw a grenade, press the square button.


Target Locking: This mode is excellent in fights against multiple enemies. Press and hold
the R1 button to lock on to the closest target. Press it again to switch to the next closest
target. Target locking is also highly effective when assailants are attacking from behind.
By holding target lock, the agent can fire over the shoulder or backward while retreating.
If the agent is using a two a two-handed weapon such as an M-16, target lock will stay
locked on target while the agent rotates up to 180 degrees. With a single-handed weapon such
as a pistol, target lock is maintained through 360 degrees of rotation.

The Target Meter: When target locking (R1 button) is held down, the Target Meter at the top
left of the screen displays the hit probability of the selected target. As the length of the
Target Meter increases, your chances of hitting the target increase.

Manual Aiming: This mode (L1 button + d-pad) provides dead-on accuracy. Sometimes a body
shot won't be effective because the target may be wearing a flak jacket. Use manual aim to
fire at the head. When the aiming cursor is targeted on the head, the words "Head Shot"
appear above the target.

Default: Fire a weapon without aiming. This is the least accurate type of firing, but also
the fastest. Use this when you are in a real jam and need to get a shot off immediatly.
Otherwise, use teh other target modes.


When using a sniper rifle, press and hold the L1 button to enter Sniper Mode and then use
the d-pad to zero in on a target. A sniper scope offers the highest precision shot
placement possible. A display within the scope tells the shooter exactly what part of the
body the shot will hit. If the sniper rifle is equiped with a Nightvision IR scope, it
can detect body heat, making hidden enemies visible. (Use the triangle and circle buttons
the zoom the scope in and out).


When a weapon runs out of ammo, you hear the hammer click on an empty chamber and the
ammo counter at the bottom right of the screen displays zero. The agent will automtically
reload if he or she is holding additional ammo clips.
-For the quickest reloads, press the triangle button to manually kick out the empty
and reload.
-Each weapon has a limited amount of ammo. Familiarize yourself with the weapons by
studying the Weapons section.
-Always check downed enemies for ammo (or a weapon) before moving on.
-Look for weapon boxes in every location. When you find ammo, it will be identified
on screen and added to your inventory.


To switch weapons or gadgets:
1. Press and hold the SELECT button to display the weapons/gadgets across the
2. Press the L2 or R2 button to highlight a new weapon.
3. Release the SELECT button.

To cycle through the available weapons, tap the SELECT button.


The agents can hang from some ledges and fire (square button) with their free hand. All the
targeting modes are available while firing from this position.
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Combat Knife:

This U.S. Marine weapon is designed for hand-to-hand combat. Use the knife when you want to
eliminate an enemy quietly.

9mm Silenced Handgun:

This standard military sidearm is an excellent short-range weapon. It's a lethal weapon in
the hands of a trained professional.
Fire Rate: 3
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 15
Max Rounds: 90

.45 Handgun:

Developed in the days of trench warfare, this 1911 vintage design is a double-action
semi-auto weapon with a strong recoil and tremendous stopping power.
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 60

M-16 Assault Rifle:

Standard issue for U.S. Military personnel, this combat proven light-weight weapon is
accurate and easy to control. M-16s fire a specially designed small caliber, high
velocity round.
Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 30
Max Rounds: 180

G-18 Machine Pistol:

A furious 60 round per second fire rate makes this machine pistol the most lethal ever
made. Note that the 33 round clip will be spent in 1/2 second of continuous fire.
Don't get caught with an empty weapon.
Fire Rate: 5
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 33
Max Rounds: 198

BIZ-2 Machine Pistol

This Machine Pistol is designed to maintain law and order in tight situations. The
horizontal clip design keeps the weapon compact and easy to fire while holding enough
ammo to pin down a platoon.
Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 66
Max Rounds: 396

HK-5 Machine Pistol

Favored by special forces and terrorists alike for its compactness, the HK-5 is fast
becoming the most popular machine pistol around. There are more than 23 recognized
variants and other cutomized versions, some filtered with silencers.
Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 32
Max Rounds: 192

12 Guage Shotgun

This fully choked version maximizes accuracy and minimizes collateral damage out to
25 yards. It is commonly issued to law enforcement, DEA and Secret Service agents.
At close range, nothing you could carry hits harder.
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 4
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 25

UAS-12 Rapid Fire Shotgun

Delivers a pounding in close range combat against multiple targets. Collateral
damage was not considered when developing this weapon.
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 4
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 12

PK-102 Assualt Rifle

This weapon is a variant of the popular Kalashnikov system (one of the most widely
used and modified designs in the world). This is a full-featured assualt rifle,
but is easy to conceal which makes it popular with terrorists.
Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 30
Max Rounds: 180

K3G4 Assault Rifle

High fire rate and Teflon coated bullets designed to punch through most flak
jackets make this a weapon to fear and respect.
Fire Rate: 4
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 20
Max Rounds: 120

H11 Sniper Rifle

The H11 is a full auto-fire sniper rifle with a large clip and a non-zooming
scope. It combines excellent accuracy with a punishing rate of fire.
Fire Rate: 5
Damage: 1
Clip Size: 50
Max Rounds: 300

Sniper Rifle

This silenced rifle comes equipped with a classified digital scope using basic
optical character recognition. It is capable of classifying humn targets and
identifying human impact points prior to firing.
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 2
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 30

Nightvision Rifle

This rifle is capable of extreme accuracy. It is designed to strike moving,
stationary or camoflaged targets from great distances without comprimising the
shooter's position. This model uses the SVDN2 night scope and silencer.
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 3
Clip Size: 10
Max Rounds: 30


Quiter than a silenced firearm, this is the weapon of choice for stealth
operations. It fires a narcotics-laced bolt that can kill if fired at the head.
In Manual targeting mode, a laser provides excellent accuracy.
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 5

Hand Taser

This non-lethal weapon delivers 80,000 volts of neural chaos and will drop a man
instantly. Use the hand taser on people you want to incapacitate without harming.
You must get very close to the target with this weapon and the element of suprise
is crucial. It is best to blind-side the target.
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: Infinite

Air Taser

Fire the CO2 powered air taser to lodge a probe into the target's body.A wire from
the weapon to the probe delivers a 500,000 volt shock. Press and hold the Square
button after implantation and the victim will burst into flames.
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: Infinite

Incendiary Grenade

Upon detonation, this incendiary weapon spreads ammonium perchlorate three meters
outward from the blast point. It is instantly ignited by the explosion and quickly
burns out, torching anyone within the blast area, but leaving minimum collateral
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 10

-To throw a grenade:
1. Press and hold the Square button to increase the arc and distance
of travel.
2. Release the Square button to throw
3. Use Manual Aim mode to place a cross over the target you want to hit and press
the Square button. The agent's throwing arm limits the range of the grenade
4. You can also use Target Locking mode to throw the grenade.

Nerve Gas Grenade

Releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent. After exposed targets are rendered
unconsious, fatality follows in 15 minutes unless an andidote is administered. The gas
dissapates swiftly for fast entry into the area. This will stun the agent for a brief
moment if walked into.
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 10

M-79 Grenade Launcher

This deadly single-shot, break-barreled weapon was used in the Vietnam War and nicknamed
the "Blopper."
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 15

C-4 Explosive

Called plastic explosive, C-4 can be molded and stuck to objects. It is then wired to a
fuse and friction igniter for detonation from a remote or protected position.
Fire Rate: N/A
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: N/A

Tear Gas Launcher

Fires cartridges containing tactical CS riot agent. Use this weapon to create confusion in
situations where the opposition cannot be attacked with lethal force.
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 5
Clip Size: N/A
Max Rounds: 5

Camera Scrambler

A device that attaches to security cameras giving them a false picture.

Transponder Locator

Use this device to pinpoint the position of a transmitting military aircraft transponder.

Cellular Modem

Uploads data covertly at extremely fast speeds.


These binoculars use image stabilitation technology to eliminate shaking and the lenses zoom
to 14x. The true compass heading and magnification are viewed in the lens. Press the L1
button to use. Press the triangle button to zoom in and the circle button to zoom out.

Nightvision Goggles

Capable of illuminating all nearby bodies, these nightvision goggles are use-only (not
available in inventory). They are automatically donned when an area becomes too dark for an
agent to make out objects.

Flak Jacket

Flak jackets supply body protection against most firearms. You are still vulnerable to head
shots. Flak jackets found in weapon boxes offer full protection, while ones taken off
casualties give 1/4 protection. If you kill an enemy with a body shot or explosives, his
jacket is useless to you.
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A mission briefing precedes each operation. It will outline key objectives, set parameters
including use of lethal force, and provide whatever threat assessment information is

Advanced Communication Device (ACD)

The Advanced Communication Device links you to your operation partners. If there is a change
in objectives or enemy position updates, you will be signed via a text point prompt. Press
the Triangle Button to recieve the message.


Each mission has up to 10 objectives.

-The present mission must be completed in order to progress to the next mission.
-When Gabe or Lian Xing completes an objective, he or she passes a checkpoint. If the
mission fails, they restart the mission at the last checkpoint.
-Failure to accomplish objectives results in a failed mission. Mission failures include
getting killed.

To restart a mission or restart from the last checkpoint:
1. Press the START button.
2. Select OPTIONS.
3. Select the option you want and press the X button.
4. Select YES at the prompt and press the X button.


Parameters set the conditions you must adhere to for a successful mission. Failure to meet
the parameters results in mission failure.

Examples of failed parameters include:
-Harming non-combatants.
-Discovery by enemy personnel during stealth missions.
-Allowing the death of a person under your protection.
-Not completing a mission within time limits (if any).

You can review the Briefing, Objectives and Parameters anytime during a mission by pressing
the START button and making a selection on the Pause/ACD display.
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Press the START button to pause the game and open the ACD display. To open a selection,
highlight it and press the X button.


Use the map to navigate through mission locations. Press the D-pad Up/Down to highlight
objective positions. Check your position regularly to update your progress or check the
position of new objectives.

The map shows:
-Your current location.
-Geographical landmarks of the mission area.
-Possible routes between objectives.


Get detailed information on the weapons you are carrying or select one for use. in some
cases, you will have no weapons.

To view a weapon:
1. Highlight WEAPONS and press the X button.
2. Press the D-pad Up/Down to highlight the weapon you want to view.
3. If you want to re-enter the game equipped with the weapon, press the X


Review the mission objective(s). When a new objective is assigned it will be noted here.


Review the mission parameter(s).


Review the mission briefing.


Make gameplay decisions or adjustments here.
1. Press the X button to enter the Options fields.
2. Press the D-pad Up/Down to select an option and press the X button.
3. Press the Directional Buttons to make adjustments and press the X button to
confirm a choice or the Triangle button to cancel it.

-Restart Mission: Start over at the beginning of the mission.
-Restart at Last Checkpoint: Start over from last completed objective.
-Select Mission: Replay any completed mission.
-Save and Quit game: Save the game up to the last checkpoint. At the prompt,
select YES and press the X button.
-Sound FX: Adjust the game sound effects by moving the slider Left/Right.
-Music: Adjust the music volume by moving the slider Left/Right.
-Voice-over: Select STEREO or MONO.
-Screen Centering: Adjust the picture by pressing the D-pad Up/Down/Left/Right.


-Vibration: Turn the DUALSHOCK™ analog controller vibration function ON/OFF.
-Invert Aim: Reverse the Up and Down controls on the D-pad during Manual Aiming or
Sniper mode
-Remeber Zoom: When ON, the game remebers the magnification level of scoped weapons
after each use. The default setting is OFF.
-Preset Config: Create an alternate controller configuration (STANDARD is default).
To set an alternate configuration:
1. Highlight PRESET CONFIG and press the D-pad Right.
2. Press the D-pad Down to highlight the button action you want to change.
3. Press the new buton you want as the alternate.
4. Highlight ACCEPT at the bottom of the list and press the X button.

Select CANCEL to revert to the last settings or RESET to revert to the default STANDARD.
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2 PLAYER MODE - page 12
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Select 2 Player mode to battle another is a death match. Choose to fight as either Gabe Logan,
Lian Xing or several other combatants. Select any of the 10 available arenas to conduct the
contest and set score limit (number of kills to win). 10 additional arenas are also available,
but must be unlocked by finding secrets in the single player game.

To begin a Death match:
1. Select NEW GAME on the main menu.
2. Select 2 PLAYER.
3. After you enter 2 Player mode, three boxes will appear on screen. The left and right
boxes contain the following selectables:
-Character Select: Press left or right on D-pad to change the character with which
you will enter battle.
-Armor Strength%: A handicap allowing you to select armor strength.
-Invert Aim: Same as its counterpart in the 1 Player mode Options menu.
-Vibration On/Off
-Controller Configuration

In the top section, both players will have access (the first player to change them has
control). The selectables in this box include:
-Arena: 10 arenas are initially available.
-Points: Amount of kills necessary to win and end the match.
-Head Shots On/Off - Default is ON
-Split Screen - Horizontal or Vertical
-Sound Effects Volume
-Music volume
-Voice-over Volume
-Mono/Stereo Sound
-Save Settings to Memory Card

When both players select DONE, review the briefing and begin the battle.


-Each player starts the match with at least a combat kife. Additional weapons are
provided at the start of selected levels.
-Pick up other weapons in weapon boxes and off of dead combatants.
-Change weapons by tapping the SELECT button.
-Check the Tally screen at the end of each match for results.
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DOSSIERS - page 13
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-Operative (Covert)

Sex: Male Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Age: 36 Weight: 185 lbs.
Birthplace: Camden, NJ Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: American Hair Color: Black

The top Agency operative, now hunted by members of his own organization. Averted a disaster
by destoying an ICBM targeted on Kazahkstan while pursuing those responsible for producing
the Syphon Filter virus.

1993-Present, Agency operative. 1987-1992, U.S. Army Special Operations. 1991, Gulf War.
1991, Presidential Citation. 1989, Awarded Silver Star. 1987, Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant,
United States Army.

-Intelligence Communications Expert

Sex: Female Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Age: 30 Weight: 120 lbs.
Birthplace: Kashi, China Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Chinese Hair Color: Black

Agency Operative (Communuications). Partnered with Gabriel logan. Originally an agent for
the Chinese MSS, she was recruited in 1996 by the Agency and given a new identity as an
American citizen including fake biographical information, recently exposed to the Syphon
Filter virus. Presently kidnapped by Agency for testing. Branded terrorist by Agency as
cover story.

1995-Present, Agency operative. 1989-1995, Chinese MSS agent.

-Ex-Agency Special Operative

Sex: Female Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Age: 25 Weight: 118 lbs.
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ Eye Color: Green
Nationality: American Hair Color: Brown

Former Agency operative who now operates a low profile freelance spy operation from a
trailer deep in the Arizona desert. functions primarily as an underground intelligence
assistant for Gabe Logan and Lian Xing.

1997-Present, Freelance intelligence operative. 1994-1997, Agency operative. 1992-1994,
ATF agent.

-U.S. Army, Chemical and Biological
-Defense Command

Sex: Male Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Age: 25 Weight: 214 lbs.
Birthplace: Reno, NV Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: American Hair Color: Brown

A top flight West Point grad with distinguished combat service in the Gulf War. Presently
attached to CBDC. His attack and manuever skills are top-notch. Headed up the CBDC response
to Washington D.C. terrorist attack.

1996-Present, CBDC. 1995, Commissioned 2nd lieutenant, United States Army after graduating
in top 5% of class. 1991, Gulf War: awarded Bronze Star. Gained appointment to West Point
same year.

-Career Agency Man, Deputy Director

Sex: Male Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Age: 49 Weight: 221 lbs.
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA Eye Color: Green
Nationality: American Hair Color: Grey

Progressed to the top echelon through ruthless execution of his superiors' orders.
Politically savvy, brutal and expert at damage control. Presently overseeing the
neutralization of Gabe Logan and Lian Xing.

1981-Present, Agency Deputy Director/Operative. 1980, Master of Arts, International Policy
Studies, Princeton University. 1971-1975, U.S. Navy (Seal Team).

-Agency Commander, Special Assistant to Lyle Stevens

Sex: Male Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Age: 40 Weight: 192 lbs.
Birthplace: Alexandria, VA Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: American Hair Color: White

Trained by Israeli Army Intelligence and used for cross-boarder counter-terrorism operations.
Specializes in the use of high explosives.

1990-Present, Agency Operative. 1987-1990, Israeli Army.

-Elite Assassin, Dillon Morgan Lieutenant

Sex: Male Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Age: 31 Weight: 178 lbs.
Birthplace: Topeka, KS Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: American Hair Color: Black

An Agency operative reporting directly to Dillon Morgan. Functions as an elite assassin and
is responsible for killing at least 10 foreign agents or other Agency liabilities. Keeps and
extremely low profile. Information about his activities prior to joining the Agency is minimal.

-German Scientist

Sex: Female Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Age: 32 Weight: 134 lbs.
Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: German Hair Color: Blonde

A former researcher for Pharcom, she was instrumental in the creation of the Syphon Filter
virus. Following Pharcom's dissolution, she was recruited into the Agency to continue her work
on the virus. Doesn't get along with the Agency administration.

1999-Present, Agency scientist. 1990-1999, Pharcom researcher.

-Russian Nationalist

Sex: Male Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Age: 55 Weight: 216 lbs.
Birthplace: Stalingrad, Soviet Union Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Russian Hair Color: Grey

Russian Army officer and top ranking post-Soviet intelligence official. Head of SVR - Russian
foreign intelligence service. Member of the Russian U.N. delegation and a contract for Gabe.
Holds information vital to stopping Syphon Filter.

1996-Present, Director of SVR. 1981-1996, KGB officer. 1970-1981, Russian Army officer.

-Professional Assassin

Sex: Female Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Age: 33 Weight: 137 lbs.
Birthplace: Novgorod, Russia Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: Russian Hair Color: Auburn

Cunning and ruthless assassin who is linked to Russian organized crime. Highly skilled in all
types of weaponry.

1989-Present, Freelance killer rumored to have assassinated 17 people. 1986-1989, KGB operative.
1984-1986, Member of Black Baton terrorist organization.

-Freelance Bio-Chemical Expert

Sex: Male Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Age: 38 Weight: 207 lbs.
Birthplace: Queenstown, South Africa Eye Color: Black
Nationality: South African Hair Color: Black