Instruction Manual

Table of Contents

Getting Started............................page 1
The Controls................................page 2
The Moves...................................page 3
Main Menu...................................page 4
Options Menu...............................page 5
Season Mode...............................page 6
-New Game
Pause Menu.................................page 7
Pay-Per-View...............................page 8
Create-a-Superstar.......................page 9
Exhibition.....................................page 10
-Playing a Game
-Pre-Game Menu
-Select Belt
Game Modes................................page 11
Saving and Loading.....................page 12

Set up your Playstation game console according to the instructions in its Instruction Maual.
Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the WWF
Smackdown disc and close the Disc Cover.

Insert game controllers and turn on the Playstation game console. To bypass the opening video,
press START.After the video finishes, the Title screen appears. Press START to advance to the
Main Menu.

up to four human controlled Superstars can be in the ring at one time by using the Multi-Tap.
Make sure that the Multi-Tap is connected to Controller port 1 of the Playstation and player
one's Controller is connected to Controller port 1-A of the Multi-Tap before the power is
turned on. You can use the Multi-Tap in Tag Team, Handicap, Battle Royal, Royal Rumble�,
Survival Match, and Special Referee matches.

Note: When using the Multi-tap, at least one controller must be connected to Controller port
1-A or 2-A.

Action Control

Pause Game Start
Move Superstar Directional Button
Striking Attacks X
Irish Whip to Ropes O
Grapple Attacks D-pad + O
Reverse/Counter *
Run triangle
Climb Turnbuckle D-pad + triangle
Climb out of Ring D-pad + R1
Slide into Ring triangle
Tag Partner R1
Pin Opponent down + O

THE MOVES-page 3
As in the World Wrestling Federation�, the kind of move a Superstar performs depends on the
situation he is currently in. The moves in WWF Smackdown!� are specific to these various
circumstances, giving an in-depth experience for the millions and millions of fans

Each Superstar employs a large amount of unique moves, using similar button commands as the
other Superstars. For example, � + O might be a Body Slam for one Superstar and a DDT for
another. This grappling system helps give you complete control, making it easy to pick up,
yet harder to master.

action control

Irish Whip to Ropes O
Front Grapples up + O
right + O
down + O
left + O
Striking Attacks X
up + X
right + X
down + X
left + X

action control

Stronger Grapples up + O
right + O
down + O
left + O

action control

Irish Whip O
Rear Grapples up + O
right + O
down + O
left + O
action control

Knock Over/Through Ropes X
Dive Through Ropes D-pad + X
Jump over Ropes D-pad + X

action control

Raise Opponent-Front O
Raise Opponent-Behind O + O
Pin Opponent down + O
Ground Striking Attacks X
up + X
right + X
down + X
left + X

-Upper Body
Ground Moves up + O
right + O
left + O

-Lower Body
Ground Moves up + O
right + O
left + O

action control

-Opponent Standing
Aerial Attacks X
left or right + X
up or down + X
-Opponent on Mat
Aerial Attacks X
left or right + X
up or down + X

action control

-Facing Opponent
Irish Whip O
Turnbukle Moves left or right + O
up or down + O
-Behind Opponent
Irish Whip O
Turnbuckle Moves left or right + O
up or down + O

-Opponent Sitting in Lower Turnbuckle
Turnbuckle Moves O
left or right + O
up or down + O
Running attack triangle, X or O

action control
-Facing Opponent
Running Moves O
left or right + O
up or down + O
Running Attacks X
left or right + X
up or down + X

-Behind Opponent
Running Moves O
left or right + O
up or down + O
left or right + O
up or down + O

action control

Counter Attacks O
left or right + O
up or down + O

action control

Facing Groggy Opponent L1
Behind Groggy Opponent L1
Opponent in Turnbuckle L1
Opponent on Mat L1
On Top Rope L1

action control

Count out L2(press for every count)
Referee Taunts D-pad + L2

Note: Some finishing moves require your opponent to be standing or laying on the mat. For
others, he needs to be in the turnbuckle, or you need to climb the top rope. When the
Smackdown!� meter appeats, press the L1 button to execute you Superstar's Finisher.

MAIN MENU-page 4
You can completely customize your game, including creating you own Superstars, from the Main
Menu. use the D-pad to highlight an option, then press the X button to confirm.

-Exhibition- play any style match with up to three opponents in the ring at a time!
-Option- Customize the options of WWF Samckdown!�
WWF Samckdown!�

-Ranking- View the current rankings from the Season Mode
-Belt Record- Find out who's wearing each belt in te Season Mode. Also, see how to qualify for
a shot at each belt.
-Create-a-Superstar- Build a superstar from top to bottom, changing everything from his
appearance and abilities to his moves.
-Season- the main one-player game, take a Superstar though a career to become the ultimate
World Wrestling Federation� Champion.
-Create A PPV-Create your own Pay-per-view event.

Completely customize your in-ring experience in the Options Menu. Aside from being able to
change the sounds and appearance of the game, you can also access different save/load features.

Use the Directional Buttons up/down to highlight an option, then left/right to change it.
Press the R1 button to view the next page of options, or the L1 Button to return to the
previous page.

-Difficult-Choose EASY when learning how to play, MEDIUM when you think you have a good grasp
of WWF Samckdown!�, and hard when you think you can handle it!
-Entrance Movies-Turn the movies ON or OFF.
-Moves Indicator-When ON, the name of the moves will be displayed at the bottom of the screen
during gameplay
-Camera Angle-The camera shots will change, simulating a live television experience, when ON
is selected.
-Vibration-Toggle the vibration function ON or OFF.
-Player's Indicator-Select ON to view different colored icons under each player's Superstar.
-Auto Save-Choose ON to be prompted to save your season mode matches to a MEMORY CARD.
-Sound-Select STEREO if your system includes more than two speakers. Choose MONO for a
one-speaker system.
-BGM-Select the in-ring music track, or Highlight RANDOM for alternating music selections
-Music Vol-Change the volume of the music.Choose SILENT to have low music volume in the
game, or MAX to pump out the tunes.
-SE Vol-Change the volume of the sound effects.
-System Data Save-Save your game to a Memory Card.
-System Data Load-Load saved information from a Memory Card, to continue where you left off.
-Create Superstar Copy-Move a created Superstar from one memory card to another.

-Season- Select either NEW GAME to begin at the start of the season, or CONTINUE to go back to
your previously saved game. You can only use your created Superstars in the Season Mode after
they've proven themselves in the Pre-Season Mode.
-New Game- First determine which Superstar you will control. Four players can play through the
same season together.

-Press L1 or R1 to cycle through the list of talent. Your created character will appear at the
end of the list.
-Use the D-pad to highlight the character you want to control. Select CP and press the X
-Now choose 1P,2P,3P,4P for a human controlled Superstar, or choose CP to give control to the
-You can exclude up to four superstars from competing in the Season Mode. Highlight the
Superstar to remove and press the X button.
-Select RANDOM for WWF Smackdown!� to decide which Superstars will not participate in your

Next, select DECISION and press the X button. Now you can view the current WWF Superstar
rankings, check out the current title holders, or begin a match.

-Match-Begin the next match in your quest for the title.
-Title Holder List-See who needs to be defeated for each belt.
-Ranking List-Find out who the number one contender is for the World Wrestling Federation�
Title. Select a Superstar and press the X button to view individual season statistics.
-Exit-Return to the Season Mode screen.

Multi-Player Season

by adding two or more created Superstars to a new season, you can create your own groups of
allies. After selecting DECISION from the Season Mode screen, you will continue to the
Group Menu.
-Solo- Each created Superstar wil begin the season on their own.
-A Group of Two People- Two create Superstars will be allied with each other.Any other
created characters will begin on their own.
-A group of Three People- three created Superstars will join as a group. If a fourth created
character is involved, he will the season alone.
-A Group of Four People- All four created Superstars will begin as a solid unit, to romp
through the Season Mode together.
-Two Groups of Two People- The four created Superstars can split off and go through the
season mode in pairs.

Note: you will have to battle your allies in certain matches, like the Royal Rumble� where
it's every man for himself.


Return to a previously saved Season. By selecting continue, your saved season will
automatically load for you to resume where you left off.


In the Pre-Season mode, you can take your created Superstar through a full year of matches
in the World Wrestling Federation�. Being victorious here has it's advantages-you will be
awarded points to add to your Superstar's abilities. Having more abilities will unlock more
moves to use in the ring. Try to win as many matches as you can-you can only enter this
mode once per Created Superstar.

While laying the Smackdown!� , press START at any time to Pause the action.While paused,
you can access the following options.

-Return to Game- Press the X button and get back to the action!
-Exit Game- End the current match and return to the main menu.
-Entrance Movies- Choose between ON or OFF.
-Moves Name- Toggle the display ON or OFF.
-Camera Angle- Select ON to view the television style camera angles.
-Player's Indicator- Select ON to view different colored icons beneath each Superstar. The
icon will have a different colored arrow pointing towards the opponent you are focused on.

Create the ultimate Pay-Per-View event, builing each card before playing through all six matches.

Audience Ranking

The crowd ultimately decides who the most popular Superstar in the ring is, and the fate of
those less fortunate. Check out which matches have tallied the loudest crowds in the
Pay-Per-View events, and which matches have been the loudest, overall. Use the D-pad to
highlight an option, then press the X button to confirm.

Create a PPV

Build each card of the Pay-Per-View event by selecting CREATE A PPV from the Pay-Per-View menu.

The Card

The Card is made up of a group of matches for a single event and shows the style of match,
the combatants, and which title (if any) is on the line. Smackdown!� gives you a complete
control to customize each match on a Pay-Per-View card.
-Toggle Matches- Press L1 or R1 to select a different match in your event.
-Mode- Press the X button to change the type of match.
-Select Superstar- Highlight a Superstar to change and press the X button to select a
-Player Control- From the Select Superstar area, press RIGHT on the D-pad to highlight the
Player/CPU controlled characters. Press the X button to change control from Player to CPU.
-Title- Select a belt to put on the line for the title shot.
-Completion- Press the X button and choose either MATCH or Skip. By selecting SKIP, the
match will be simulated, with the outcome of the match shown on the screen. Select MATCH
to begin the PAy-Per-View event.
-Title Holder List- View the current champions for each title.

Biographies- view the status of your created Superstar.
Delete- Remove any created character from your MEMORY CARD.
Create-a-Superstar- Use every feature to your advantage to build a talented, up-and-coming

-Completion- Exit to the main menu Create-a-Superstar menu.
-Profile- Begin the process by giving your new Superstar some character. Assign such
attributes as his or her Name, Sex, Age, and Entrance Movie.
-Name- every good athlete needs a name. Select SP for a space, BS for a back space, or END
when finished.
-Nickname- You won't go far without a good Nickname. Use L1 and L2 to use other letters and
-Age- Determine how old your future Superstar is. Press the X button to highlight then press
up/down to change the age. Press X again when finished.
-Gender- Decide whether your character is Male or Female.
-Hometown- Give the created Superstar a hometown. Everyone comes from somewhere, even if it is
the Boiler Room!
-Favorite Star- Choose which Superstar your character will align with.
-Entrance Movie- Select a Titantron� video for your ring entrance.
-Completion- Exit to the main Create-a-Superstar menu.

-Appearance- A character's appearance can be fun and amusing, or can instantly create fear in
any opponent's heart. Try to use the Appearance Edit to your advantage.
-Head- Choose between different faces or masks for you character's look.
-Upper- A large amount of options, including female torsos, gives you complete control.
-Lower- Determine which pants, trunks, or skirts look good on the character.
-Figure- Using the sliding scales, Press left or right to easily change your character's Height
and Weight. Also, choose from the four different skin colors.
-Completion- By selecting SAVE and Exit your character's appearance will be saved to a MEMORY
CARD and you will return to the previous menu. Selecting EXIT will return to the previous menu
without saving.

-Personality- Determine all of the character traits that define who a person is while in the
-Previous- Return to the previous Create-a-Superstar menu.
-Fighting Syle- Choose a style that fits your created character's personality. You can either
be Average, Powerful, Speedy, Technical, or a Rough Neck.
-Ability- Tweak your Superstar for maximum damage in the ability section. This will also
determine what kind of moves your Superstar will be able to use.
-Character- Choose a character trait that will help define your role as a Superstar.
-Logic- Choose two attack styles that give your created Superstar an edge in six different
-Moves- Assign every move that you will be able to perform in and out of the ring. The kinds
of moves you will be able to choose from are determined in the ABILITY section. If you are
not given your up-and-coming Superstar any Ability Traits, there will not be any moves to
choose from.
-First select a category of moves by pressing either R1 or L1.
-Next, select a move to change. Use the D-pad to highlight a move and press the X button
to select it.
-You will be given a list of possible moves to choose from. Use the L1 and R1 buttons to
choose between the Abilities SPEEDY, TECHNICAL, ROUGH-NECK, AND POWERFUL. Moves will
only be available in the Abilities your Superstar contains.
-Finally, use the D-pad to highlight a move and press the X button to select it.
The quickest way to jump into the ring, EXHIBITION allows you to play any kind of match you
want with any of the selectable Superstars, or your own created grappler.

Playing a Game

When starting a match, you will be given a lot of options to fully customize your game before
heading to the ring.
-After choosing a game mode, use the D-pad left/right to decide which character will be human
controlled (1P and 2P), or controlled by the computer (COM)/ Press the X button to confirm.
-Now choose your Superstar to control. Press up/down on the D-pad to highlight Talent you want
to use, then press the X button to confirm.
-You can adjust the strength of your Superstar at the START of the match, or his MAX strength
overall. Highlight a meter, then press left/right to adjust the strength accordingly.
-Press the X button when complete, then repeat the process for the computer-controlled

Note: You can only fight backstage in an ANYWHERE FALLS match or a HARDCORE match. To go
backstage and into each room, you must send your opponent there with Irish Whip.

Pre-Game Menu

Once all of the opponents have been chosen, you will be able to change the following options:
-Match Length- Choose a time limit from No Limit(NL) to a 60-minute match.
-Interruption- Decide if interference will be allowed in the match. Select RANDOM to let the
CPU decide for you.
-KO and Give Up- Select ON to be able to win by KO or submission.
-Rope Break- Turn ON to escape submission holds by reaching the ropes.
-Out of the Ring- When OFF, you will not be allowed outside the ring.
-Count Out- Choose between a 10 or 20 count, or NC for No Count.
-Area- use the D-pad left/right to select an arena. Choose between the Smackdown!� set, a
Titantron� style arena, or a house show.
-Ring- Now select the mat that will be used inside the arena.
-Decision- When you are done customizing the game, select DECISION, press the X button, and
head to the squared circle.

Select Belt

Some game modes allow you to put a belt on the line. Use the D-pad up/down to highlight a
title, then press left/right to determine if the belt will be up for grabs. By selecting
TITLE, the winner will take the title. By choosing NON TITLE, the outcome will have no
effect on the title holders.
GAME MODES-page 11
Single Match

Go head to head against a CPU opponent or a friend in a single match. Select NO MANAGER to
brawl without the aid of a valet, or WITH MANAGER to have an ally enter teh ring with you.

Tag Match

Whether by yourself or with up to three friends, you can pit four opponents against each
other in a No-Holds Barred Tag Team Match.


Think you can take on more than one opponent at a time? Select HANDICAP to find out! Or, if
you need a little help taking on the opposition, wrestle with one or two partners against a
top-ranked opponent.
-One on Two- Just you against two not-so-friendly opponents.
-One on Three- An all-out bash as three Superstars try to take you to the mat!

Battle Royal

Participate in an all-out brawl against three other opponents, all trying to be the last man
standing. Eliminate all the other opponents to win!

Royal Rumble�

One of the greatest spectacles ever created, the Royal Rumble� consists of up to 32
Superstars competing for the right to be called the best in sports-entertainment. The event
begins with four in the ring. As an opponent is eliminated, a new Superstar enters the fray!
The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope! After selecting the first
four Superstars, you will be able to dicide who the other 28 opponents will be.
-Highlight a Superstar and press the X button to add him to the Royal Rumble�.
-Select ALL at the bottom of the screen to include all of the Superstars.
-Select RANDOM to let the computer decide who will participate.
-Choose DECISION when all of the combatants have been chosen.

Note: When you have been defeated and a new Superstar enters the ring, press SELECT to play
as the new character.

King of the Ring�

Make your way through a braket-style tournament to become the King of the Ring! When you begin,
all eight opponents are listed and will be conrolled by the computer.
-Highlight a Superstar and press the X button to change him.
-Use the D-pad up/down to find a new Superstar then press X to put him into the King of
the Ring braket.
-When the lineup is complete, highlight COM next to the Superstar you would like to
control. Press X, then choose between 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P Or COM to determine who will control
the Superstar.
-Highlight COMPLETION at the bottom of the screen to begin the tournament. You can watch
any of the computer-controlled matches by selecting MATCH, or you can choose to bypass a
match by selecting SKIP.

Hardcore Match

Think you can handle the punishment? Each Hardcore Match is a free-for-all with no-rules and
plenty of weapons. You can even take the fight backstage by throwing your opponent up the ramp!
Begin the fight backstage by choosing a new area on the Pre-Game Menu!

Anywhere Fall

Similar to the Hardcore Match. Anywhere Fall allows you to fight backstage by sending your
opponent up the ramp. Perform a finishing move on the concrete for a KO, or try to pin your
opponent after throwing a trash can at him!

Cage Match

There's no escape from punishment in the Cage! The only way to win is to survive. The only way
to survive is to climb out of the ring. If your opponent is climbing over the top, chake the
cage and send him falling back to the mat! Make sure he's too tired to fight back, then start
climbing for the top yourself.

Survival Match

Anything goes in a Survival Match! A combination of the Handicap and Hardcore Matches, the
Survival Match puts up to 4 opponents in the ring in a no-rules fight to the finish.

Special Referee

The most unique game mode to make its way to the Palystation. Special Referee allows you to
assign a Superstar as a referee in your match. What make it interesting is that the Referee
will count fast or slow depending on who he likes and dislikes in the match. If you don't
like the way the Ref is calling your match, bodyslam him to the mat! Up to three people can
play in this mode, with the third person controlling the Ref. you will need a Multi Tap to
control the Special Referee when three people are playing.

I Quit

Try your luck in a contest of skill where the only way to win is to make your opponent give
up! Take the fight up the ramp, or anywhere else, and pummel your opponent until you are
able to put the finishing submission move on him.

Before turning on WWF Smackdown!�, make sure a MEMORY CARD is plugged into MEMORY CARD
slot 1.

-Select OPTION from the Main Menu.
-Select SYSTEM DATA LOAD and press X to load all of you previously saved information from a


You can save your game at any time.
-Select OPTION from the Main Menu.
-Select SYSTEM DATA SAVE to save any updated innformation to your MEMORY CARD.

With AUTO SAVE turned ON in the Otions Menu, you will be automatically prompted to save your
season to your MEMORY CARD.

While creating a Superstar, you will be able to save after making any changes. Be sure to
select SAVE AND EXIT in order to save the changes to the MEMORY CARD.