Alundra Instruction Manual

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Picture of Alundra and Melzas

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We are delighted that you have chosen Alundra(tm) for play on your
PlayStation(tm) game console. We hope that you will continue to enjoy this
and all our games for the PlayStation(tm) game console. Due in part to the
numerous requests we've had for Action/RPG games, this game now rests in your
hands. Please continue to tell us what YOU want, because we are always
interested in what YOU think of our games and what games YOU would like to
see released in this country.

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when
exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain
patterns or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video games,
including games played on the PlayStation(tm) game console, may induce an
epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce
previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history
of prior seizures of epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an
epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing. If you
experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video game -
dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness,
disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY
discontinue use and consult your physician before resuming play.

Do not connect your PlayStation(tm) game console to a projection TV without
first consulting the user manual for your projection TV, unless it is of the
LCD type. Otherwise, it may permanently damage your TV screen.

- This compact disc is intended for use only with the PlayStation(tm) game
- Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids.
- Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other source of
- Be sure to take an occasional rest break during extended play.
- Keep this compact disc clean. Always hold the disc by the edges and keep
it in its protective case when not in use. Clean the disc with a lint-free
soft, dry cloth, wiping in straight lines from center to outer edge. Never
use solvents or abrasive cleaners.

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PlayStation(tm) Game Console .................... 2
PlayStation(tm) Controller ...................... 3
Alundra's World ................................. 5
Idols ........................................... 6
The Legend of Dreams ............................ 9
Background ..................................... 10
Cast of Characters ............................. 12
Know your Controller ........................... 18
Starting the Game .............................. 20
Game Screen .................................... 23
Status Screens ................................. 24
Character Skills ............................... 26
Playing the Game ............................... 32
Arms and Armor ................................. 38
Items .......................................... 42
Magic .......................................... 44
Monsters ....................................... 46
Hints and Tips ................................. 50
Closing Song Lyrics ............................ 54
Translation Notes .............................. 56

[ Page 2 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
PlayStation(tm) Game Console

Set up your PlayStation(tm) game console according to the instructions in its
Instruction Manual. Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing
a compact disc. Insert the Alundra(tm) disc and close the disc cover.
Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation(tm) game console. Follow
on-screen instructions to start a game.

Reset Button: small circular button on lower left-side of PlayStation.
Power Button: large circular button on lower left-side of PlayStation.
Power Indicator: green light on lower left-side of PlayStation.
Disc Cover: large circular surface in center of PlayStation.
Open Button: large circular button on lower right-side of PlayStation.
Memory Card Slot 1: left slot above controller port on front of PlayStation.
Controller Port 1: left controller port on front of PlayStation.
Memory Card Slot 2: right slot above controller port on front of PlayStation.
Controller Port 2: right controller port on front of PlayStation.

[ Page 3 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
PlayStation(tm) Controller


Front View
L1 Button: rectangular button on top left of controller.
R1 Button: rectangular button on top right of controller.
L2 Button: rectangular button on bottom left of controller.
R2 Button: rectangular button on bottom right of controller.

Top View
Directional buttons: 4-way joypad on left of controller.
Select Button: small rectangular button in center of controller.
Start Button: small triangular button in center of controller.
Square Button: button with pink square on it on right of controller.
Triangle Button: button with green triangle on it on right of controller.
Circle Button: button with red circle on it on right of controller.
X Button: button with blue X on it on right of controller.

[ Page 4 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra fighting Wilda

[ Page 5 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Alundra's World

Once, long ago, the peaceful people of Inoa served the gods by means of
idols. One day, Righteous King Snow abruptly declared that all idol worship
must cease, and all images used for worship must be destroyed. Those that
disobeyed the king's order suffered greatly. A few were killed for their
insurrection and a great number were cast into prison. There the king's men
subjected those guilty of sedition to unspeakable tortures. The king also
saw to it that those who openly defied him were burned alive at the stake.
Thus began the darkest chapter in the domain of mortals.

Once their idols were destroyed, the people found that they had lost all
artistic inspiration, or power to create. In this dark time, the nights were
not peaceful either, for the people found themselved haunted by disturbing
dreams. Fortunately, a tribe of people were found to possess the ability to
tread in the troubled subconscious of these ones. Unfortunately, the powers
they possessed might be misunderstood by the people, so out of fear, the
members of this mythical tribe of Elna remained hidden.

Once the terrifying dreams started, the people of Inoa wished that they still
had their idols. They found supplication to the gods to be difficult without
physical images to aid them, and they needed the aid of the gods now more
than ever. Unsure if their prayers were ever being heard by the gods, the
people began to lose faith, and their supplication gradually lost focus.
Broken, and seemingly alone, the groaning masses suffered greatly.

As if their trials were not great enough, the good people of Inoa have now
been greatly disturbed by unexplainable events happening around the village.
The priest of the Sanctuary was quick to point out that the gods were
exacting their vengeance upon mortals for their lack of faith. Alas, it was
to get far worse before it was to get better...

[ Page 6 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Idols have been used in the worship of gods since the beginning of recorded
history. It was thought that the priests had their people use images so that
they could better visualize their many gods.

The people of Inoa have used these idols to foster their relationship with
their gods. Immense monuments were placed around the village of Inoa in
honor of these gods. The people hoped they would gain the favor of the gods
by means of these images. Their requests were always simple: long life,
prosperity, good crops, and a bounteous family.

The king viewed himself as a deity, and didn't relish the prospect of sharing
his subject's devotion with idols. So, seemingly, without reason, he decreed
that the images of the gods be destroyed.

Since they complied with the king's decree and destroyed their images, the
people became fearful of divine retribution from the gods.

[ Page 7 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Nirude Castle

[ Page 8 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra entering someone's dream

[ Page 9 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
The Legend of Dreams

Since the dawn of time itself, dreams have held captive the interest of
mortals. The fact that dreams many times mimic the reality of everyday life
in often bizarre ways has never been fully explained, though there is no
shortage of those that will try. Sometimes one will dream a dream so real,
that when they awaken, it is difficult to discern if the dream was real or

This phenomenon has led some to believe that all dreams are reality, but
shifted in time. Some are past, some are present, and some are future.
Those that believe these things have taken to recording all of their dreams
in the hopes that one day they will be able to predict what will happen to

It is rumored that there is a tribe of people known as "Elna" that can
actually enter the dreams of others and "walk" in the lush gardens and dark
corners of their subconscious. Once a person has gone to sleep and has
entered into the state of dreaming, a member of the tribe of Elna can tune
into their subconscious, and actually appear in the dream of the subject.
This participation is unrestricted, and that fortunate Dreamwalker can move
around freely and can actually become an active participant in the dream;
even controlling the outcome.

There are also those that say that if one were to dream his own death, they
would perish in reality as well. In the experience of those in Inoa, this is
no mere legend. The people of Inoa will soon suffer a plague of death-
dealing dreams. Only a true Dreamwalker has a chance of snatching them from
the abyss of oblivion.

[ Page 10 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Alundra is gifted with the ability to walk between the worlds of conscious
and unconscious. Not knowing if this is a curse or a blessing, Alundra has
tried to help people tame their monsterous nightmares, but he is crippled by
a lack of knowledge of how to use his skill effectively.

However, this time the dream is more personal. Every time that Alundra
awakens in his dream, he sees the same images over and over again. In his
dreams, he sees a man shrouded in a cloak. This guardian, Lars, implores him
to journey to the village of Inoa. Lars has repeatedly told Alundra of the
evil Id that once ravaged this world so many years ago. Lars urges Alundra
to go to Inoa for the hopes and dreams of all lies in his hands alone. Lars
has forseen the very place in which this evil will awaken. It is a lake
located north of the village of Inoa.

Plagues by these visions, and haunted by the words of Lars, Alundra boldly
decides to board a ship that will soon set sail for the village of Inoa.

Thus, begins Alundra's greatest adventure...

[ Page 11 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra sitting on steps in Inoa village

[ Page 12 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Cast of Characters

Alundra: Gifted with the ability to dreamwalk, Alundra is able to enter into
people's dreams and actually change the outcome. In one of his own dreams,
Alundra was instructed to journey to the village of Inoa. Is he ready for
the nightmare that awaits him there?

Meia: Meia is also of the tribe of Elna. However, she feels that Alundra
uses his power quite carelessly, without regard for the consequences.
Trusting no one fully but herself, Meia appears headstrong and distant, but
harbors a heartbreaking secret.

[ Page 13 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Jess: Jess is the local swordsmith in Inoa. He's a very caring person who
sees a lot of his deceased son in Alundra. His fatherly nature moves him to
help Alundra by making custom weapons and items for his quest.

Septimus: Septimus has been researching dreams and nightmares for the past
three years, ever since he came to Inoa. He hopes that one day his research
can be used to save these people from their raging Id.

[ Page 14 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Sybill: Sybill has the ability to dream only when she's awake. Her dreams
seem to eerily portend future events with uncanny accuracy. Needless to say,
she creeps a lot of villagers out.

Yustel: As one of the oldest residents of Inoa, Yustel has watched the
village's descent into darkness with a sense of helplessness. For a small
fee, she uses her crystal ball to give advice to anyone wise enough to
enquire of her.

[ Page 15 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Giles: Giles became extremely religious when he lost both of his parents in
a freak gardening accident. He now works very closely with Chancellor Ronan
in the Sanctuary, and lives with his long-suffering sister, Kisha.

Ronan: As the only priest in the village, Ronan tries to impart his teachings
to the local villagers. Since the King has ordered the destruction of their
idols, Ronan is concerned that the villagers will abandon the gods.

[ Page 16 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Zazan: This leader of the rare white monkeys lives in the woods just north-
west of the village of Inoa. He is currently trying to put the villagers on
the list of endangered species.

Nava: This wise man lives south of Inoa village in a little hut on the coast.
He is very stubborn and despises intrusions on his privacy. The townspeople
seem to think he knows more than what he's telling them.

Lars: He is the wise man in Alundra's dream who commands him to go to Inoa
village. He is one of the guardians that confined Melzas so many years ago.

[ Page 17 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Zorgia: Melzas' right-hand thug is ready to do anything that his master
commands. This philosophical agent of darkness hopes that one day Melzas
will reward him by allowing him to rule this world.

Melzas: Legend tells of an alien that came from beyond the stars in order to
feed off of the people's spiritual energy. However, seven guardians confined
him and sealed him away in the lake north of Inoa. Many have come to believe
this one to be Melzas.

[ Page 18 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Know your controller

In order to make it to the final confrontation with Melzas, take the time to
become familiar with the controller. Your success depends on it.

L1 Button
- Used to change between status screens.

L2 Button
- Opens and closes the status screens.

Directional Buttons
- Moves character on the screen.
- Moves cursor on menu items and in boxes that require a response.

Select Button
- Not used during game.

Start Button
- Start the game, skip opening animation.
- Opens and closes the status screens.

R1 Button
- Used to change between status screens.

R2 Button
- Opens and closes the status screens.

Triangle Button
- Use this button with the directional buttons to make the character run.
- Cancels status screen.

Circle Button
- Use selected items.

X Button
- Makes character jump.
- Confirm or cancel menu commands.
- Selects inventory items.

Square Button
- Initiates conversations with townspeople.
- Search for hidden items.
- Use character's weapon.

[ Page 19 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra dodging a giant spiked ball

[ Page 20 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Starting the Game

After the beginning animation (which can be skipped by pressing the START
or X button) the title screen will be displayed.

The title screen displays two options, "START" begins a new game, "CONTINUE"
resumes playing a previously saved game. Before choosing "CONTINUE", make
sure that the memory card is firmly inserted into memory card slot 1. Please
do not remove the memory card or press reset during a save or load.

If "CONTINUE" is chosen, the previously saved games will be shown as diary
books on the tables. Move Alundra to the table containing the diary you wish
to open. When a book is opened, it will show the save location, maximum
health points, and game time. To confirm the decision to continue from the
selected point, select "YES", then push the X button. The game will load
from the location selected. Cancellation of the operation is accomplished by
selecting "NO", then pressing the X button.

[ Page 21 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Alundra's life guage will decrease when he receives damage during a fight.
When Alundra's life guage reaches zero (0), that's it - GAME OVER.

When the game is over, a screen will appear with the options of "QUICK

QUICK RESTART will continue from the last save point used. If the game
hasn't been saved in a long while, you may be starting back quite some
distance, so save the game frequently.

TITLE will return the game to the title screen and attract mode.

[ Page 22 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra casting a spell

[ Page 23 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Game Screen

The main screen contains useful information regarding the game and Alundra's
status in six main areas: Equipment Window, Item Window, Life Gauge, Magic
Gauge, Gilder, and the Dialogue Window. Take the time to become familiar
with each area.

Equipment Window (first box on top left of screen)
Displays the weapon that is equipped. To use the weapon, press the Square

Item Window (second box on top left of screen)
Displays the item that is currently equipped. To use this item, press the
Circle button.

Life Gauge (red diamonds at top center of screen)
Character's current life gauge. When the character gets damaged, the life
gauge will be decreased. Use healing items to recover power.

Magic Gauge (white crystals at top center of screen)
Character's current magic power. When the character uses magic, his magic
gauge will decrease. To refill the gauge, use magic recovery items.

Gilder (top right of screen)
The amount of money being carried.

Dialogue Window (bottom of screen)
Shows the conversation between characters, character names, and other useful

[ Page 24 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Status Screens

The Status Screen displays the following: Weapon WIndow, Item Window,
Weapon's Name, Item's Name, Message Window, Keys, Gilded Falcons, and Gilder.
To view the status screen, press either the START, L2, or R2 button.

Weapon Window (top left of screen)
Weapon arsenal. To select a weapon, move the cursor to that weapon, then
press the X button. The weapon will then be equipped.

Item Window (left center of screen)
Item inventory. An item can be selected by moving the cursor to that item,
then pressing the X button. The item will then be available for use.

Weapon's Name (top right of screen)
Name of the currently equipped weapon.

Item's Name (right center of screen)
Name of the currently equipped item.

Message Window (bottom of screen)
The message window displays important information about the Status Screen.

Keys (right center of screen)
The number of keys that have been collected.

Gilded Falcons (right center of screen)
The number of Gilded Falcons in Alundra's inventory.

Gilder (right center of screen)
The amount of gilder being carried.

[ Page 25 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Status Screens

The Sub-Status Screen displays the following: Crests, Special Items,
Protectors, Armor Name, Footwear Name, and Message Window. These items
cannot be equipped. To view the Sub-Status Screen, press the L1 or R1

Crests (top left of screen)
Displays the crests that have been collected during the game. Their use will
become obvious later in the game.

Special Items (left-center of screen)
Displays any special items received during the game. These items cannot be
used directly by Alundra.

Protectors (top center of screen)
Displays the armor and boots currently equipped. Protectors will be equipped

Armor Name (top right of screen)
Displays the name of the armor that is currently equipped.

Footwear Name (right center of screen)
Displays the name of the boots that are currently equipped.

Message Window (bottom of screen)
The message window displays important information about the Sub-status

[ Page 26 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Character Skills

In order to make it through all of the immense, action-packed dungeons, it's
extremely important that special character skills be mastered. Without
mastering these basic skills, it will be impossible to get anywhere
worthwhile. Take the time to master each of the skills listed on the
following pages before trying to become a hero, or you may end up a corpse
instead. Start with the basic skills, such as walking (if you can't master
this skill, it's time to seek professional help), then advance to the more
advanced skills of running or tackling. Don't worry, once these skills are
mastered, the rest of the game will be a piece of your dreams!
In reality, it's going to take a bit more than these skills to get through
this little nightmare. But, they're a nice place to start.

[ Page 27 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Command List

Walk: Directional buttons
Jump: X button
Run: Triangle button + directional buttons
Tackle: Circle, Square, or X button while running
Attack: Square button
Charge Attack: Hold down the Square button
Pick up items: Square button + directional buttons
Throw: Square button
Conversation: Square button
Investigate: Square button
Use equipped item: Circle button

Walk: To move Alundra on the screen, use the directional buttons. Alundra
can move up, down, left, right, as well as diagonal. If this skill is too
difficult to master, don't bother thinking about playing this game!

Jump: By pressing the X button, Alundra will jump. To have Alundra jump to a
different location, use the directional buttons and the X button together,
and Alundra will jump to the desired location. For help in making sure
Alundra jumps to a specific location, watch his shadow. His shadow is the
best indication as to where he will land.

[ Page 28 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Run: By pressing the directional buttons with the Triangle button, Alundra
will run in the direction that is being pressed. If another direction is
chosen while running, Alundra will be able to continue running. However, it
takes a lot of practice in order to master this skill.

Tackle: If the Circle, Square, or X button is pressed while Alundra is
running, he will elbow the enemy. By tackling the enemy, Alundra will cause
them damage. However, the damage will not be as powerful as using a weapon,
so this maneuver is best left to the realm of impressing your weak-minded

Attack: To attack the enemy, press the Square button. Alundra will attack
the enemy with the weapon that is currently equipped. The amount of damage
done to the enemy will vary, depending on which weapon is being used. Take
the time to experiment with weapons, by using the right weapon on a monster,
the time required to defeat it is reduced, sometimes dramatically.

[ Page 29 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Charge Attack: Alundra can be equipped with swords, flails, bows, and wands.
Certain weapons will allow Alundra to do a more powerful charge attack in
addition to the regular one. To do a charge attack, hold down the Square
button until Alundra begins to flash. When Alundra is flashing, move toward
the enemy and release the Square button. The charge attack will then be
carried out in the direction Alundra is facing, causing severe damage to the

Pick up objects: Alundra can pick up objects to use in solving puzzles. To
pick up an object, position Alundra so that he is next to the object. Next,
push the Square button while pressing the directional button toward the
object. Alundra will then pick up the object.

Throw: Once an object has been picked up, simply press the Square button
again to throw that object. If the Square button is pressed while pressing a
directional button, the object can be thrown farther than normal. Also,
jumping will sometimes allow objects to be thrown further. Be careful not to
throw all of the objects, some of them are extremely fragile and will easily
break if they are mishandled.

[ Page 30 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Conversation: To begin a conversation with one of the villagers, make sure
that Alundra is standing next to them, and press the Square button. After
the Square button is pressed, Alundra can then converse with the villager.
Pay close attention to what the people say. Many times their messages will
tell Alundra what to do next. They will also help him solve some of the many
puzzles he'll be faced with in the game.

Investigate: If anything looks strange or unusual, press the Square button to
examine it. It is important to investigate everything. Doing so just might
help Alundra solve the many puzzles in the game.

Use equipped item: To use an item, first make sure that the item is displayed
in the Item Window. Then to use that item, press the Square button. Alundra
will use the currently equipped item. If only one of the items remained when
Square was pressed, the item will disappear from the equipped item box at the
top of the screen.

[ Page 31 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra fighting some lizard men

[ Page 32 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Playing the Game

1. Saving the Game
The following pages deal with basic game mechanics and strategies, such as:
saving games, buying goods, fighting, recovering health and magic points, how
to get past traps, and how to solve some of the mysteries in the game.

In Alundra, the save data will be written to a diary book. There is a diary
book located on the second floor of Jess' house, and in some cases, they can
be found inside a few of the dungeons. To save a game, stand in front of a
diary book, and press the Square button. The Save Screen will then be

Alundra can use a maximum of four diary books. Once the Save Screen is
displayed, use the up or down directional buttons to select a book in which
to record the game's save data. After selecting a book, press the Square
button. To confirm the decision to save the game, select "YES", press the
X button. The game will then be saved. To cancel and return to the Save
Screen, select "NO", press the X button. Please do not remove the memory
card or press reset during a save or load operation.

[ Page 33 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
2. Shops
Throughout the game, there will be shops in which items can be purchased. In
order to buy an item, Alundra must first have enough gilder to purchase the
item. Gilder can be acquired by destroying enemies, searching treasure
boxes, and clearing the different plants found around the village.

To purchase an item, first pick up the item (use the Square button + the
directional buttons). Next, take the item and throw it on the counter next
to the cashier. Once the item has been placed on the counter, the cashier
will then tell Alundra the price for that item. To purchase the item, select
"YES" and then press X. The item will be purchased and added to Alundra's
inventory. To cancel the purchase, select "NO", then press X.

[ Page 34 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
3. Fighting
Once outside of the village, and sometimes inside the village, Alundra will
be vulnerable to attack from the many different monsters. Before blindly
attacking the enemy, watch the enemy attack first. The enemies usually
attack in the same manner. Once their attack pattern has been determined,
slay the beast. If you rush in unprepared, defeat will not be far off.

If Alundra receives damage during an attack, his body will flash for a brief
period of time. During this time, Alundra will be invincible to other
attacks. Also, when the enemies receive damage, they will flash for a brief
period of time. During this time they will be invincible as well, so be
careful. With more powerful monsters, it is wise to attack, then back off
until the enemy stops flashing before attacking again.

[ Page 35 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
4. Recovering Power
Alundra can recover his power through the use of items. There are a number
of ways to refill Alundra's life gauge: use items purchased in shops, items
found in treasure chests, items found after killing monsters, or use the
recovery areas found near save points in certain dungeons. Before entering a
dungeon, make sure that Alundra's inventory is full of healing items. They
become a necessity when Alundra is stuck at the bottom of one of the
dungeons, and his health points are decreasing rapidly.

Take advantage of the recovery areas that are located in many of the dungeons
in the game. Here, both Alundra's health and magic can be recovered. To
recover health or magic, simply stand on one of the triangles, and it will
replenish either Alundra's health or magic. The game can also be saved by
accessing the diary.

[ Page 36 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
5. Traps
There are two kinds of traps found in the game, ones that cause damage, and
ones that prevent Alundra from proceeding in the dungeon. There are a number
of items that will cause damage to Alundra, such as suspicious looking rocks,
iron balls, spiked balls, and other similarly sinister objects.

Certain traps that prevent Alundra from proceeding will require a lot of
thought in order to make it past them. For instance, if Alundra becomes
locked in a room, look for switches to hit, or try killing all of the
monsters in the room. If an object is blocking the way, try to move it by
pushing or lifting. If the object can't be moved, try destroying it with
weapons or magic. If that doesn't seem to work, it just might be a dead end.
In which case, look for another way.

[ Page 37 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
6. Puzzles
Not only is this an intense action game, but it is also a thinking man's
puzzler. Many of the puzzles require certain things to happen in just the
right order so that the puzzle can be solved. For instance, if there are
multiple switches in a room, Alundra must hit the switches in just the right
order so that he can proceed. Generally there is at least a cryptic sign
nearby to help in solving the puzzle, so be very observant.

The solution to many of the puzzles can also come in the form of a riddle.
Think about what's being said, and react appropriately.

[ Page 38 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Arms and Armor

Descriptions of Alundra's weapons and armor are found on the following pages.
Take the time to become familiar with them. As always, success depends on

Swords: Swords are one of the most effective weapons in the game. Not only
are they one of the easiest weapons to use, but they have high attack power.
The only drawback to this weapon is that Alundra has to get an arm's length
away from the enemy in order to kill them.

Dagger: This is the first weapon that Alundra receives during the game. It
is an effective lightweight weapon; however, Alundra cannot do a charge
attack with this sword.

Legend Sword: This is a heavy and extremely powerful sword that effortlessly
slices through flesh and bone with ease. With this kind of power, a charge
attack isn't necessary.

[ Page 39 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Ball and Chain: This high performance weapon not only dashes enemies to
pieces, but also bricks. If the flail is capable of a charge attack, Alundra
will spin the flail about his head, destroying all the enemies that are
surrounding him.

Iron Flail: This will easily become one of Alundra's favorite weapons. It is
an extremely powerful weapon that is easily capable of destroying certain
walls and blocks.

Bow: The bow is extremely useful for killing enemies from a distance. If the
bow is capable of doing a charge attack, the arrows will shoot through a
number of enemies.

Hunter's Bow: This bow is very useful when trying to keep some distance
between Alundra and the enemy. However, it cannot do a charge attack and is

[ Page 40 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Fire Wand: The fire wand isn't as powerful as the swords or flails; however,
a charge attack is possible. This wand can be used to burn down thorny
bushes, as well as melt ice barriers. Don't worry about its power, it can
still fry monsters - it just takes longer.

Ice Wand: The ice wand, like the fire wand, isn't as powerful as the other
weapons, but a charge attack is possible. Use this rod to freeze bosses,
enemies, and fire barriers.

[ Page 41 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Armor is one of the most essential items in any adventurer's bag of tricks.
The more effective the armor is, the less damage Alundra will receive from
enemies and traps. Note: Armor will be automatically equipped.

Cloth Armor: The cloth armor will help keep Alundra safe from the elements;
however, its defensive ability is very low. Get rid of this armor as soon as

Leather Armor: The leather armor is more effective than the cloth armor.
Fashionable and very functional, this armor is a must-have!

Boots not only keep Alundra's feet warm, but they are also one of the most
important items in the game. By upgrading his boots, Alundra will be able to
jump higher, jump in sandy areas, swim, and last but not least, be able to
walk on fire. Note: Boots will be automatically equipped.

Normal Boots: These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll
do. But these crappy boots won't do much else for you.

Long Boots: These boots will help to increase Alundra's ability to jump.
They will also make it possible for him to walk and jump in sandy areas. He
will still not be able to swim or walk on fire.

[ Page 42 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

During the game, many items can be found in treasure boxes, or bought at
local shops. Many are located in secret areas of the game. Here is a brief
overview of some of the many items that can be found.

Herbs: This bunch of medicinal herbs will recover approximately one-quarter
of Alundra's health. Alundra is only able to carry nine (9) herbs in his

Strength Tonic: This tonic is able to recover half of Alundra's health.
Unfortunately, Alundra is only able to carry one (1) in his inventory.

Strength Elixyr: This health potion will recover all of Alundra's health.
Since Alundra is only able to carry one (1) of these large potions in his
inventory, make sure that he has one before going into a dungeon.

Magic Elixyr: Restores Alundra's magic power to maximum. Upon learning
magic, make sure that Alundra is always stocked with one (1) of these items
in his inventory.

Wonder Essence: If this resurrect potion is located in Alundra's inventory,
Alundra will recover all of his health and magic power when he dies. Alundra
can only carry one of these resurrection potions in his inventory.

Bomb: Blows things up. Yes, the only purpose for this item is to cause mass
destruction. The bomb will explode in five seconds, so make sure to get out
of its way. But, Alundra has a bottomless supply, so blast away!

[ Page 43 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
The items described below will give Alundra an immediate boost of health or
magic power. If Alundra's health or magic is at full power, then these items
will have no effect.

Small Life Drop: This small drop will increase Alundra's life gauge by two
(2). These can be found by killing monsters, or by destroying the

Life Drop: This life drop will recover one quarter of Alundra's health.

Large Life Drop: This large life drop is extremely valuable since it will
recover half of Alundra's health.

Magic Drop: This will allow Alundra to recover magic power one drop at a

These items will increase the maximum number of health and magic points.
They are described below.

Life Vessel: A life vessel will increase Alundra's life gauge by one. Life
vessels can be found in treasure chests hidden in dungeons, or throughout the
world. Take the time to find as many as possible. They just may help
prolong Alundra's life.

Nagic Seeds: Alundra's magic gauge will be increased by one every time one of
these items are found. Magic seeds can be found in treasure chests hidden in
dungeons, or throughout the world.

[ Page 44 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Upon receiving a magic scroll, Alundra will be able to use magic. The scroll
can later be upgraded to a book. Every time Alundra uses magic, his magic
power will be decreased by one. Here is a brief overview of the magics.

Earth: By using the power of the earth, Alundra will be able to send
elements of the land to decimate enemies.

Water: This magic will create a water shield around Alundra, protecting him
from enemies. At the same time, Alundra will be able to recover some of his

Fire: By controlling the element of fire, Alundra can dish out fiery
damnation on his enemies. The intense heat should toast any foe that strays
too close.

Wind: This magic scroll harnesses nature's fury to completely obliterate any
foe. If Alundra is in a really sticky situation, it just might be time to
break wind.

[ Page 45 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Picture of Alundra and Septimus searching the Sanctuary

[ Page 46 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Slime: This slime moves slowly towards its prey. Once it's close by, it'll
stand up. It likes to swipe and leave acidic slime on its victim, causing

Murgg: These simians are a real pain-in-the-butt. They attack fast and
furious, but seemingly at random. The only good thing about them is that
they have low defensive power.

[ Page 47 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Gragg: These powerful graggs like to attack using a wide range of weapons.
Some will attack with axes, flails, and maces. Watch out, they're very

Turtle: Good timing is needed to defeat this fire-breathing turtle. They
can't be damaged when they're in their shell. So wait until they've come out
before attacking.

Pukus: This disgusting little gel likes to vomit on its victim. With its
slow movement, it's easy prey. However, be careful! Puke is still
disgusting, and this one has it in spades!

[ Page 48 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Zombie: As in every horror movie, these little undead freaks like to hang out
at the local cemetery. They attack very quickly; however, their shrieking
cry always warns of the impending attack.

Reaper: These evil reapers lie in wait at the underground cemeteries to
claim yet another soul. They like to turn invisible, but watch for their
tell-tale reaping hook. It'll show Alundra where they're hiding.

Sludge: These weak-looking swamp creatures have the ability to form mud into
projectiles and launch them out of their dripping orifaces with great

[ Page 49 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Ancient Guardian: This massive rock mummy lives deep in the catacombs. It
has the ability to shake the ground with tremendous force. This mummy also
likes to throw huge boulders at Alundra.

Lizard: This is one of the most experienced fighting creatures in the game.
It has a rather large sword with which it can inflict severe damage. What's
worse, it can block attacks with its shield.

Killer: These fishlike creatures live in nearly every body of water in the
known world. It likes to wait until its prey is very close before it'll
jump out of the water to attack. In order to kill it, pay attention to how
it jumps out of the water.

[ Page 50 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Hints and Tips

The following pages contain hints and tips that should help anyone who is
stuck in the game. Before picking up that phone, take the time to check out
these tips.

Where do I go next? This is easily answered by going and posing this very
question to the old lady, Yustel. Yustel's house is conveniently located in
the center of the village. For a small fee, she will use her crystal ball to
show Alundra where he needs to journey next.

In every Action/RPG, make certain to pay close attention to what the
villagers say. Many times they will tell Alundra how to solve a puzzle or
who he needs to talk to in order to receive help. At times it may be
necessary to speak to the villagers more than once. Keep talking to them
They may just tell Alundra what he needs to hear.

For additional hints and tips, check out the official Alundra Strategy Guide.
Inside its many pages, you'll find a complete walk through of the game, and a
bonus of Alundra Memory Card stickers. Be sure to look for this book
wherever Alundra is sold.

[ Page 51 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Imagine being stuck at the bottom of a dungeon, it's been hours since the
last time the game has been saved, and Alundra dies. Doesn't it seem like a
nightmare to have to start from the last save so long ago?

Make sure to save the game frequently to avoid this scenario. In fact, it's
usually a good idea to save the game before and after key events, or before
going into a dungeon. Remember, save is your very best, and only true

When the game first begins, Alundra is only allowed to travel to certain
areas. As the game proceeds, other areas will gradually become accessible.
Nevertheless, it may be necessary to obtain certain items in order to make it
through. Once these items are received, Alundra can use them to get past
whatever obstacle is preventing him from entering a new area. Therefore, be
sure to try all of the items in Alundra's inventory, one of them may be the
key to unlocking a new area.

Take the time to explore when traveling to a new area. Hidden throughout the
land are treasure boxes that have valuable items. By finding these items,
Alundra will be able to save his gilder for something more useful.

[ Page 52 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Many times switches can be activated by using the sword. Of course, there
are switches which can't be changed by using the sword. In those cases, it
may be necessary to find something that will activate the switch. The item
may be in the room, or found in Alundra's inventory. There are numerous
locked doors that require keys in order for them to be opened. If you have
a careful eye, there are virtually no limits to your exploration.

Life vessels and magic seeds are priceless. When a life vessel, or magic
crystal is received, the life or magic gauge will be filled to maximum power.
To find these items, search the countryside and inside the dungeons. Try to
find as many life vessels and magic crystals as possible, they'll make the
game a whole lot easier.

Gilded falcons can be found in treasure chests. Since there isn't a lot of
information about these mysterious items, be sure to collect as many as
possible. If you're especially vigilant, Alundra will be rewarded for doing

[ Page 53 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
When a large number of enemies come after Alundra at the same time, try to
get into a corner or secure area of the screen. By doing this, the enemies
will not be able to surround Alundra. Then try to kill them one by one as
they attack from the front. Also, if Alundra can jump onto another level, so
that he is higher than the enemies, it may be possible to throw bombs down on
the enemies until they're destroyed.

Unfortunately for Alundra, there are some monsters who can defend themselves
from Alundra's attack. When fighting these enemies, take the time to watch
first, in order to figure out when they let their guard down briefly. This
is also one time when back-stabbing is heartily encouraged.

There are a number of ancient monuments scattered around the land that are
rumored to be mystic portals built by the Droopids. They now stand as a
silent witness to the demise of this once-intelligent race. It has been
foretold, however, that they shall not remain silent forever.

[ Page 54 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Closing Song Lyrics


I will never shed sorrowful tears anymore
That would flow even when I looked at the sky
For I know that two of us will surely meet again

It might not be very hard if we were only friends
I wish we could depart lightheartedly
With a quick smile and a simple "bye"
Or holding hands casually

Where are you going
Seeking after the dream
Is it the place I shouldn't go?
Is it far, near, happy, or sad?
Is it the end of the dream?

As one story begins
Another must close
The path we walk together
May divide and split us from each other
However, there is no doubt
We will meet again someday

Watching a beautiful sunset
Fills me with melancholy thoughts
Even in the midst of our happiness
I felt like a fretful mother toward a child

Once at a busy crossroad
I hid myself in the crowd
I still remember the look on your face
When you were looking for me
I remember that time so dearly
I truly loved you

You don't have to tell me anything
You don't even have to be nice to me

Because I'm not going to cry anymore
By the time we meet again
I will have become much stronger
But the whole world looks grey now

I will never shed sorrowful tears anymore
That would flow even when I looked at the sky
For I know that two of us will surely meet again

[ Page 55 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Now tears of pain are gone
Though once they flowed free
Fear imprisoned hearts and trapped destiny
Yet the hopeful prayed on
And hope came to be...

Where are the dreams once shared between us?
What happened to that innocent place?

Can we get it back?
Or has it passed?
If we get it back, can we start again?

Sentimental thoughts...
Sentimental dreams...
Cascade within me

There is a destiny that's waiting just for me
With a power that I've only come to know

What does the future of our feelings truly hold?
Whether good
Whether bad
It's ahead
Take my hand
And let's go

You can't resist...fate!

Now tears of pain are gone
And the hardship is through
Now there is no "why?" or "how?", only "do"

All thoughts of me and you
And the yearning we share
can be destiny
It's a heartbeat away
For the dreamers we are
There's but only love true

Repeat Chrous

Now tears of pain are gone
And the nightmare has passed
Now the time has come for love at long last

All thoughts of me and you
And the yearning we share
Can be destiny
It's a heartbeat away
For the dreamers we are
There's but only love true

[ Page 56 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Translation Notes

We first saw this great game in action at the Tokyo Game Show back in
April of 1997. From the first ten seconds of playing with it, we knew we had
to release this title in America. The obvious influence of Landstalker-style
play mechanics and art told us that at least a few of the Landstalker team
had to be involved. It turns out that we were right. The original main
programmer and main scenario writer for Landstalker were responsible for what
had become Alundra. Being big fans of Landstalker on the SEGA Genesis, we
were in heaven.
After licensing the game, we began translation of text and compiled
our usual "wish list" of changes. The biggest change we made was to copy a
portion of the great animation from the end of the game to a completely new
opening at the front of the gane. The original opening was simply a long
string of gameplay footage that didn't get us too excited about the game.
The new opening features an all-new CG-Rendered Alundra logo and exciting new
music. We hope it pumps you up about what to expect in the game.
There were a host of other minor changes made to the game to improve
playability and limit user frustration. The status menu was made accessible
from the L2 and R2 buttons, instead of just START. We also adjusted the
timing of the buttons that appear and disappear in Elene's dream to give the
player more time to make the jumps required. Monster difficulties were also
rebalanced, generally to make a few of the bosses easier to kill. However,
bosses were also made more dangerous in that if they managed to hit Alundra,
their blows were much more lethal. This lessened some of the boredom of the
later bosses, where they really weren't much challenge to fight, but took
forever to kill. We also rewrote the closing song with all-new lyrics that
we felt more closely reflected the tone of the game.
Hopefully you love the game as much as we do. Be sure to drop us a
line (snail mail or via with any ideas you
have for RPG or Strategy games you'd like to see us bring over to the US.
Without you, the fans, we're nothing. Stay in touch, okay?

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