• Cheat mode

At the title screen, hold L1 + Select and press Triangle. This will enable a cheat menu with invincibility and level select.
  • Cheat mode doesn't work unless you have this

First, go down to the options menu, but don't press anything! Just highlight it. Then press: triangle, circle, R1, L2, left, right, square, circle. THEN, and only THEN, can you press L1, select, Triangle. THAT will unlock the cheat mode for invincibility, level select, and debug mode. | [Sent by Goku657]
  • Easy kill Destroyer Droids

To easily kill a Destroyer Droid, run up to it while it is rolling and jump in front of it. It should stop rolling. When it stops, jump before it raises it's shields. When you land, do the spin attack. Do this a few times and it will be destroyed without you losing much health! | [Sent by AshArbon]
  • Health Pack in the Swamps of Naboo

On the second level The Swamps of Naboo when you get to the little place with all the Gungan frogs go to the left of the grass and you'll find a trail that ledds to a big health pack.

  • Underwater Lightsaber

It is possible to take out your lightsaber while in the water. Press start, highlight "Weapons" and select the lightsaber.