Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock Type
Badge Master Acquire all other badges. Platinum
Bear Rouser Awaken Jötunbjørn. Gold
Bell Ringer Create a new path in the church. Bronze
Big Hill Complete Chapter 1. Bronze
Building Bridges Say everything that needs to be said. Silver
Connected Open all of the Rootways. Silver
Crafts Person Successfully combine two items. Bronze
Eye for detail Examine fifty unique backpack items. Silver
Eyes Open See beyond the veil. Bronze
Fine Dining Solve the dining hall puzzle. Bronze
Follow the Flow Receive a helping hand. Gold
Forlorn Hope Find all the explorer notes in the castle. Silver
Good Listener Get to know the castle's inhabitants. Silver
Grave Thoughts Read every gravestone. Silver
Growing Pains Insult Shroomi. Silver
Honour Bound Return Trollhilde's gold. Silver
Other Sider Complete Chapter 2. Gold
Raven Botherer Rescue the Great Mother Tree. Bronze
Redemption Complete the game. Gold
Run Away! Escape from the waterlogged caves. Bronze
Scenic Route Explore off the beaten track. Silver
Secret Sundial Solve the sundial puzzle. Bronze
Such a Charmer Have Fossegrim charm an instrument. Bronze
Taking Care of Business Escort Lars to the outhouse. Bronze
Team Player Open the gate to the tower. Silver
Testrollsterstone Find all of the petrified Trollbrothers. Silver
Textile Detective Find all the Guardian banners in the castle. Silver
Tomte Summoner Summon a Tomte. Bronze
Tomte Talk Get to know the mill Tomte. Silver
Top Spinner Spin the top five times. Silver
Troll friend Help a troll. Bronze
Wolf Waker Awaken Jötunúlfur. Gold