Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock Type
A Familiar Ceiling Wake up in Hank's room after your first death. Bronze
An Unfamiliar Ceiling Wake up in Hank's room after falling from Esperanza. Bronze
Bzzz! Defeat the chapter 6 Commander, Electra. Silver
Chain and Sickle Upgrade Jenny's weapon [Sidewinder] to Lv.5. Gold
Complete all trophies Complete all trophies. Platinum
Demon Warrior Upgrade Darcy's weapon [Silence] to Lv.5. Gold
Detective Gadget Acquire all types of Gears. Silver
Do you know of the renegade who lost his name? Defeat the chapter 1 boss, Mac. Bronze
Experienced Rebel Clear Assault Level 5. Bronze
Hardened Rebel Clear Assault Level 8. Bronze
Human Capybara Increase all resistance memberís friendship levels to the maximum. Silver
Ice Cold Baby Acquire all types of Cryo Cores. Silver
It's a Machine Gun! Upgrade Kil's weapon [Evil Hunter] to Lv.5. Gold
Jack's Disciple Upgrade all passives taught by Jack to the maximum level. Silver
Man-eating Plant Defeat the chapter 4 boss, Plantos. Bronze
Nobody Expects This! Upgrade Kil's weapon [Inquisitor] to Lv.5. Gold
Panus' Identity Defeat the chapter 6 boss, Ouranos. Gold
Pervy Sage Summon [Jira] as Jenny. Bronze
Ratmotan Joe Defeat the chapter 2 boss, Ratmotan. Bronze
Resistance Recruit Clear Assault Level 3. Bronze
Resistance Veteran Clear Assault Level 10. Silver
Robot Collector Defeat the chapter 5 boss, Cyclops. Silver
Ruler of the Floating City Defeat the chapter 6 boss, Panus. Gold
Shock Therapist Acquire all types of Electric Cores. Silver
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Defeat the chapter 3 boss, Charlotte. Bronze
The Pyromaniac Acquire all types of Ignition Cores. Silver
Who's Laughing Now? Upgrade Kil's weapon [Destroyer] to Lv.5. Gold