Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock
As You Wish (Bronze) Survive Glorg.
Dame Right, It's Better Than Yours! (Silver) Beat all gold times.
Electronic Super Done! (Gold) Get every Star, beat every Gold Time, and earn 0 deaths in every level.
How Four-tuitous! (Silver) Defeat World 4 within 26 Minutes.
Mass Murder (Bronze) Murder The Pope.
One-derful! (Silver) Defeat World 1 within 10 minutes.
Rear-venge! (Bronze) Defeat The Groove Wizard.
So Long And Thanks For All The Stars (Silver) Collect every star.
So Three-ling! (Silver) Defeat World 3 within 22 minutes.
Two Awesome (Silver) Defeat World 2 within 17 minutes.