I’ve recently opined about the console wars and how the bickering that takes place between groups of fans isn’t the same thing as competition. Last night, Microsoft and Sony drove that point home by showing each other the utmost respect.
It started with a tweet from Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb.
Congratulations to @Playstation on their North American launch cc @yosp @amboyes
— Larry Hryb (@majornelson) November 15, 2013
The responses that came from Sony’s Adam Boyes and Shuhei Yoshida were fast and equally classy.
@majornelson @PlayStation @yosp thanks, Larry. Good luck next week!
— Adam Boyes (@amboyes) November 15, 2013
@majornelson @PlayStation @amboyes Thanks Larry, your turn next week! :D
— Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) November 15, 2013
This morning, Microsoft made it more official by tweeting the image at the top of the page with a congratulatory note to the competition.
Congrats @Playstation. From, #Xbox. pic.twitter.com/XnQIzXIHQ9
— Xbox (@Xbox) November 15, 2013
No matter where you stand, Xbox lover, member of the “PlayStation Nation,” dyed-in-the-wool Nintendo superfan, or PC gamer, there’s something for all of us. This is an exciting time for us, and I hope that those of us buying these systems can show as much respect to one another as the people selling them.