Just checked revelations and it seems to be the same as with Brotherhood. Tried the code out and let the first group of enemies slap me around for a while without losing health.

Infinite Health
Original Pattern
80 1F 00 58 7F C3 F3 78 90 09
Code Pattern
60 00 00 00 7F C3 F3 78 90 09

Credits go to xtatu for posting the original assassins creed 2 code

Edit: Here's my eboot. Just place it in your usrdir folder and play normally


Edit 2: Hey, Anyone want infinite cash, throwing knives, bullets, and possibly more? Again, credits to xtatu. It's just the shortened version of the AC2 code until I found a match.

Inf cash/throwing knives/bullets

Original pattern

Code Pattern

Eboot with Infinite health, cash, knives, bullets, ?


Warning: In one instance, I had to go without codes and reinstall the game data because the game wouldn't load a level. Don't know if it was my rip or what, but it hasn't happened again. No data was lost, since the game auto saves just about every loading screen.