• Death Decree

Somewhere near Dunroot Burrow upon a hilltop are a couple slabs of stone. On those slabs of stone is a dead person, with a Potion of Nighteye nearby, some skeletons, and a note. The note is called "Death Decree". Pick it up and read it. It says that a man named "Robert Wisnewski" was sentenced to death by Sheogorath. Robert Wisnewski is on the Bethesda staff list. The reason for his death sentence was for trying to grow a beard (in which you cannot have a beard except for Sheogorath in Elder Scrolls).
  • Evidence chest

At the southern most point of the Shivering Isles, south of Madgod's Beet, is a cave called Corpserot Prison. Inside at the very beginning of the cave, you will find the evidence chest. It is in both Mania and Dementia. Note: On your map, Corpserot Prison is called Corpserot Passage.
  • Free deadric at any level

First, get all bound armor spells and use the duplication glitch. Then, summon the bound armor all on your body. Get attacked by an animal and finish it off. When done so, repair the bound deadric and you can then drop it. Wait for the spells to wear off and then collect the armor. You should now have deadric armor that weighs nothing.
  • Missing dialogue

Have a Golden Saint Soldier (a male Golden Saint) follow you back to Cyrodiil after completing the quest where you help the Golden Saints retake their stronghold from the Forces of Order. He speaks to you as usual in Shivering Isles when you talk to him, but when you try talking to the Golden Saint Soldier in Cyrodiil, he will say nothing and the subtitle will display "I HAVE NO GREETING". This is probably the placeholder for the greeting that characters give you when you engage them in conversation, which is put in before the greeting is programmed. Note: This only works if you follow the path where you become Duke of Dementia as this quest where you meet the Golden Saint Soldier will not be part of your questline otherwise.
  • The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind reference

In Bliss, there is an Argonian named Big Head. Big Head's quest is to find The Fork of Horripilation. In The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, there is an Argonian that lives on the island farthest to the northwest of the Sheograth Region. In Morrowind, sitting on Big Head's table is The Fork of Horripilation.