All Cheats
Press Start during the game, and enter the following:

Full ammo: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
Double ammo: Circle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle
Unlimited battery: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle
Platinum gun: Circle, Square, Square, Circle, X
Improved battery: Circle, Square, Square, X, Circle
Slow motion driving: Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle
Double damage: Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Full battery: Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle
Cloak: Circle, Triangle, X , Triangle, Square
Golden gun: Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle
All weapons: Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle
Unlimited ammo: Circle, X, Square, X, Circle
Easier movement in vehicle: Circle, X, X, Square, Triangle

All Weapons
Earn 17 platinum medals.

Bond gadgets
Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the Bond gadget.

EMP Grenade: The Pontchartrain Bridge
Frag Grenade: Ground Zero
Network Tap: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Cloak: Sand Storm
Q-Spider: Sand Storm
Q-Spider Dart: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Spider Explosive: A Show of Force
Q-Spider Nano: Diavolo's Plan
Rappel: Ground Zero
RC Car: Sand Storm
Sleeper Dart: Sand Storm
Strobe Grenade: Sand Storm
Thermovision: Ground Zero

Dart Gun
When you get the Dart Gun from Q, he says it will knock out your enemies for a few hours. However, it will actually kill them in one hit, just like the Golden Gun. Note that it does not have a long range. Save the gun until you are low on health or are surrounded, it is very useful.

Double Ammo
Earn 7 platinum medals.

Double Damage
Earn 9 platinum medals.

Earning Multi Player Points
To earn multi player points used for unlocking bonus characters and arenas, you'll need to complete optional objectives in the co-op campaign. To view these objectives, select the mission you want to tackle and hit CIRCLE. You'll then be
shown what the bonus objectives are. Completing these objectives will earn you 10 multi player points. You can also view these challenges on the pause menu of a co-op game.

Eliminating enemies quickly
While you are facing a lot of enemies, press L to aim and shoot with R. Continue to press L and you will go from enemy to enemy, weakening each without eliminating one by one. You can also do that and dodge shots if they get a chance to shoot you by pressing B.

Full Ammo
Earn 11 platinum medals.

Full Battery
Earn 15 platinum medals.

Golden Gun
At the pause screen enter Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle.

Golden Gun
Get 1 platinum medal.

Crouching raises the chance of you not getting hit significantly.

Always look for available cover at all times.

The Q Spider can unlock secret areas and items by crawling through open spaces and scouting.

Never charge into a open space without an automatic gun and a lot of ammo.

Missiles are very easy to waste and can't be replenished so use them very sparingly.

Don't rely on hand-to-hand combat.

Always keep your P99 in reserve in case of emergencies.

You are a spy which means you need to be silent, crouch, walk, and silently disable men.

How to earn multiplayer points
Complete objectives in co-op mode.

How to earn platinum medals
Complete objectives in single player mode.

Improved Battery
Earn 5 platinum medals.

Improved Traction
Get 3 platinum medals.

Interview with the cast
Watch the credits and wait for the end (which takes awhile). At the end it seems like the Everything or Nothing introduction with the Mya song starts. Actually when the glass breaks, John Cleese's face appears and that is the interview. If you do not want to watch all of the credits, just press X when it starts to skip through it.

Platinum Gun
Earn 27 platinum medals.

Regain Health
Crouch, by pressing L2, to slowly refill your health.

Secret Room
On the last level, right at the start kill the bad guys that come then use a Q- spider. Go behind from where you started and there should be a gap between the boxes, go through the gap and there will be a fence, go right and there is a gap in the fence go through here and go forward until you can turn right. then go right and make your way through the boxes (it's easy)then go right again and go up the stairs at the end of the stairs is a gap go trough there and climb along the boxes then go trough a window and trough the door use your Q-spiders sleeper darts (you can get these by going into bond sense). then use them to kill the bad guy then go to the small door not the big red open one a detonate your Q-spider, you have now unlocked a door. Then when james enters the next room look left and you will see the door then go into the room, turn right and there will be a room with 4 armors 4 battery's and lots of guns.

Slow Motion Driving
Earn 25 platinum medals.

Train Chase Dirt Bike
At the beginning of the "Train Chase" mission, instead of taking a left to Bond's Porsche, turn right into a small room. Inside, you'll find a dirtbike and a slightly different path through the level.

Unlimited Ammo
Earn 23 platinum medals.

Unlimited Battery
Earn 19 platinum medals.

Unlock Agent 003
Get 290 multiplayer points.

Unlock arena mode
Complete the first level of the co-op mode.

Unlock Arena Mode and Cistern Arena
Earn 30 multiplayer points.

Unlock Baron Samedi
Earn 50 multiplayer points.

Unlock Burn Chamber arena
Earn 370 multiplayer points.

Unlock cloak
Earn 13 platinum medals.

Unlock Diayato Moscow
Earn 400 multiplayer points.

Unlock Egypt Commander
Earn 90 multiplayer points.

Unlock Egypt Guard
Earn 180 multiplayer points.

Unlock Hezmet Guard
Earn 110 multiplayer points.

Unlock Katya Jumpsuit
Earn 320 multiplayer points.

Unlock Le Rogue
Earn 260 multiplayer points.

Unlock Miss Nagai
Earn 450 multiplayer points.

Unlock Moscow Guard
Earn 230 multiplayer points.

Unlock Mya
Earn 130 multiplayer points.

Unlock Odd Job
Earn 70 multiplayer points.

Unlock Serena
Earn 430 multiplayer points.

Unlock South Commander
Earn 210 multiplayer points.

Unlock Test Lab arena
Earn 160 multiplayer points.

Various Cheat Codes
On pause screen press : Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle(for golden gun)

Better Traction For Car
Circle, X(x2), Square, Triangle

Improved Battery Life for Q-Spider, Q-Cloak
Circle, Square(x2), X, Circle

Note: Activating cheats, disables you from receiving a medal at end of mission.