Unlockable How to Unlock
Cao Cao Clear 3 Wei Musou Modes
Cao Ren Complete target 2 Fan Castle - Lu Bu side
Chaos Difficulty Complete 1 Wei, Shu, Wu, Other Musou Mode
Character Costumes Raise a character to level 50
Diao Chan Complete 1 Wei, Shu, Wu Musou Mode
Dong Zhuo Complete target 1 Hu Lao Gate - Lu Bu side
Gan Ning Complete 1 Wu Musou Mode
Guan Ping Complete target 2 Fan Castle - Shu side
Huang Gai Complete target 3 Chi Bi - Wu side
Huang Zhong Complete target 1 Ding Jun - Wei side
Liu Bei Complete 3 Shu Musou Mode
Lu Bu Complete Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Diao Chan usou mode
Sun Jian Complete 3 Wu Musou Mode
Sun Quan Succeed in Battle Objective 1 on the Lu Bu side of The Battle of Chi Bi
Very Hard Difficulty Clear Musou Mode with any character
Voice Gallery Raise a character to level 50
Wei Yan Succeed in 2 battle objectives on the Shu side of WuZhang Plains and finish battle with Wei Yan alive
Zhang Liao Complete 1 Wei Musou Mode
Zhuge Liang Complete 1 Shu Musou Mode