Skyrim Special Edition is the remastered re release of the Latest entry to the Elder Scrolls Series, Skyrim. And today we will be showing off how to Become a god In Skyrim using an easy video game exploit to generate infinite gold and experience by levelling pick pocketing at a incredible rate. The Spiffing Brit will be seeing if Skyrim Is A perfectly balanced game with no exploits by becoming Todd Howard and stealing important quest items to gain access to an infinite source of gold. He will also be using Item duplication and Infinite Money Glitches to become a god in Skyrim. With Elder Scrolls 6 / ESVI being announced not too long ago I have excellent plans for exploiting that games release but to keep my desire to become a god in Elder Scrolls sated I have decided to see if it is possible to try and start Becoming God With Gold. One thing is for certain this game Is Broken!!

So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if Skyrim Special Edition is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if the Becoming God Challenge is broken!! How can you even Become a god in Skyrim without doing a Quest! What strange RPG game exploit is this! Unlimited gold thanks to a gold exploit!

This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit!

Title: BECOMING GOD IN SKYRIM WITH INFINITE MONEY - Skyrim Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits

Last Time We tried Becoming a God Title: FABLE ANNIVERSARY IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Becoming God With Gold Is Broken!!


do to do oh look i'm actually still
alive guys
oh my goodness hello there ladies and
gentlemen and welcome back to the
fantastical world of skyrim special
edition and today we're going to be
going on a fantastical adventure in
creating the wealthiest character
alive as you see there are many ways of
making money in skyrim there are ways to
exploit the vendors there are ways to
find hidden chests but my personal
favorite is to create a crime
fighting detective who has the ability
to become the wealthiest
individual the elder scrolls series has
ever seen
and that's exactly what we're going to
do today ladies and gentlemen powered by
the refreshing taste of yorkshire tea
gold we're going to stumble away
into a massive pile of gold oh it's
going to be fantastic most
importantly we're going to have all of
you join us for the journey as we're
about to create a brand new character
whose one aim in life is to become the
richest sausage alive
and that's just exactly what we're going
to have him do so make sure you sat back
relaxed with a nice warm cup of tea in
hand and most importantly if you're
feeling especially fantastic you might
have even liked this video
now let's jump into the game oh it's a
brand new game
i feel like this must be my 500th time
starting a new game of skyrim and i love
every time you play skyrim you always
get something new one new bug or broken
questline to really spice up the
so it begins ladies and gentlemen skyrim
what a lovely game it's actually quite
old now
but that still doesn't stop its
replayability from being absolutely
fantastic the graphics from being very
enjoyable and the entire world design
being just exactly what you'd want from
this kind of game i'm sure as you know
this game was created by todd howard the
legendary game designer of all time well
behind all those other legendary game
designers who he keeps losing all the
awards to
uh who are you we need to make our
character fantastic this is our lovely
first start and we're going to be able
to build the fantastical todd howard
himself because that's right
today ladies and gentlemen in order to
make the richest man in skyrim we need
to start with the person who became the
richest man because of skyrim and that
would be todd howard a man with an
estimated net worth of 10 million
dollars who once famously said the game
developers should stop worrying about
what platforms they put their game on
because at the end of the day if all
developers aimed for the largest
everyone would be making board games
because there's a lot of tables
what an incredibly smart and individual
man who then went on to
port scom onto physically every single
device in existence
including a samsung smart fridge so yes
let's make the actual wealthiest man in
the skyrim universe
okay i've spent probably the last half
an hour looking at about 47 different
reference images of todd howard and i've
created this
now of course most of you might look at
this and think okay that's not todd
howard but the keen artist amongst you
will just deep down know that
emotionally and physically what we have
in front of us today
is todd howard i mean he's beautiful
he's got his eyes he's got his nose he's
got his chin
but they never added in his hair
otherwise this is almost perfectly
my skyrim representation of todd howard
let's finish and name our character
welcome into the world of creation todd
howard you are going to be one beautiful
and rich sausage
oh it's perfect ladies and gentlemen
i've just received an offer from todd
howard that's right he just phoned me up
personally and said oh my goodness the
first 8 000 people who like this video
will receive their very own
horse armor that's right your very own
gold piece of horse armor will be
packaged and sent to your front door
if you like this video my goodness todd
howard what an incredible offer you've
given the lovely ladies and gentlemen
finally they'll get their money's worth
for that dlc they bought all those years
forget the list he goes to the block oh
i mean this imperial captain has to die
imagine actually designating todd howard
to die
in your game everyone knows it's
physically impossible for todd howard to
die in skyrim as he
is skyrim in the same way that when you
look inside of humans you get dna when
you look inside of skyrim
everything is built by many
microorganisms all
with todd howard's face and there we go
we're going to get designated to be the
next person to die but it matters little
because we're going to get
deus ex machina out of this situation
because little did you know but todd
howe designed this opening so that when
i would play this game in about seven
years after release
and play as todd howard we'd have a way
out of this situation
if it wasn't for me playing this game
right now with this character
that dragon would never have arrived and
the main character would be dead
you see todd howard made this game to be
a wonderland for himself
like the omniscient benevolent god that
he is
all right let's get on out of here we've
done a fantastic job now it's time for
us to make our escape oh my god i just
yeeted by a dragon shout right at the
start of the game oh todd howard is not
happy by that we'll have to murder this
dragon oh my god i'm just getting heated
god todd howard's spending more time
with his face on the floor than anywhere
else what's that bad okay
oh no he is not looking okay at all what
a tragedy
right onwards let's go now who do we
side with the stormcloaks
or imperials or apparently neither
because the event hasn't triggered
oh we haven't even done the tutorial yet
the game's already buggered
oh brilliant right let me run over the
triggering point
there we go fantastic perfectly balanced
game still working
still working oh my god look at this
what a beautiful game
right naturally we're going to side with
the imperials because it just makes
perfect sense
right hadvar you're right let's keep
moving what a great idea take off my
ah now i can look around aren't i
beautiful specimen
certainly not quite as bulky as you had
though but my goodness i am an
attractive sausage
let's get some clothes on and some
weapons oh no just look at this
with all of the equipment on we look
absolutely intimidating and terrifying
onwards with our adventure let's go
hadvar we've got some money to make
right i'll see you on the other side of
this tutorial because i'm pretty sure
you know
exactly what comes next
a stab a stab a stab ah the combat
it never ceases to amaze me oh yeah you
go handva
good job i'll be back in a bit once i've
escaped this tutorial zone i do not want
to look at mods
todd howard fun fact about the mods in
this game technically as
todd howard made skyrim he also made
every single mod in skyrim now of course
those mod developers out there will be
saying to themselves no but
i made my mod for skyrim i made the mod
which adds guns to the game
no you didn't todd howard made that mod
when he incepted the idea into your mind
whilst you were sleeping
that's right todd howard has made every
single mod in skyrim
you own nothing and he owns everything
just the way he
intended it now of course as you can
guess i love meta gaming skyrim
and so in that lovely room in the
tutorial area where you see that bear
sat over there well it's not going to
ever aggro on you but it's a living
creature meaning you can sneak
past it and whilst you sneak past it the
developers thought it'd be a great idea
that you could generate experience the
only issue is that left open the
possibility that players like me would
be able just to walk themselves up to a
like this and press the auto run key of
c and just run into a wall and whilst we
do this we'll be generating experience
in the sneak category i've already
leveled up a couple of times and guess
what we're going to level up again
just by running into this wall ah there
we go sneak level 17.
i'm actually gonna go afk make myself a
couple of cups of tea and come back and
hopefully we'll have a nice little bit
of upgraded sneak
ah it really is that easy ladies and
gentlemen uh welcome back ladies and
gentlemen progress has been fantastic
we've now become
level seven we now have 47 points into
sneak just from running against that
i've made a nice few cups of tea whilst
we've been doing that so it's actually
been a lovely time for me now last time
here i'm also going to boost up my
lovely one-handed damage just a little
bit more and now i think it's time for
us to go fight this bear that we've been
trying to hide from for so long a whoosh
whoosh whoosh and a oh
nice animation oh todd very good high
quality now todd loves money so of
course we'll be taking the bear pelt off
of the bear that's 50 gold right there
hadvar that's a huge amount of money
we love money don't we had far don't you
just feel the burn of loving money
ah it's perfect all right how'd we go
hadvar we've completed the tutorial what
a glorious adventure it's been
freedom awaits most importantly we did
the tutorial without experiencing
any major bugs well excluding all of the
major bugs we actually did run into but
remember they're not actually bugs
they're just gameplay features
now of course todd what do we say to all
of those people that say the bugs
aren't just features and that your
game's actually broken
well spiff we tell them that the game
just works
oh why did i decide that to be the voice
of todd howard oh god my throat is going
to murder me all right todd let's go
make some money
yes beef i love money oh
todd you never cease to amaze me all
right now in terms of actually where we
need to go on our adventure it's
relatively simple we're going to run our
way all the way over to riverwood and
then we'll want to run our wave to
whiterun and then immediately hop on
a horse and cart because we don't
actually want to stay here nope there's
no need for us to do that
and there it is the lovely little
village of riverwood a place of truly
incredible game design
and choices that's right todd howard
invented choice and morality inside of
video games todd decided to make such a
game breaking system
where you could choose to be a good
person or literally the devil himself
that's right because in almost every
interaction you have a choice do you
choose to help people and do the right
or do you choose to steal a fork and
then get chased across the entirety of
the map
by a larger military than the entirety
of the stormcloak rebellion the choice
is yours ladies and gentlemen for this
is a truly
advanced and in-depth morality simulator
as much i'd love to join alvaro
and hadvar and their lovely journey
together to talk about dragons and so on
and the dangers to skyrim we're going to
do none of that instead we're going to
run all the way to whiterun because we
have an important mission
that mission is money ah there it is the
white run stables the place where we're
aiming for all we have to do is cross
the map and watch a giant get murdered
and then we can hop in a wagon
and finally be free to start our own
right here we are perfect we've made it
to the lovely stables yolum
i'd love to hire your carriage where do
i want to go well i'd love to go
to the wonderful you guessed it ladies
and gentlemen it's windhelm
that's right we're going to windham oh
what a lovely adventure it's going to be
and welcome to the city of windhelm now
you might notice it's cold
it's desolate and honestly why enough
would anyone like to live here and it
might be very easy to mistake this place
for scotland but actually no
this is an entirely new creation
inspired by scotland
handcrafted by todd howard himself now
what we're going to do is enter windhelm
now luckily
windhelm is currently in the process of
having a major tragedy happen
and that tragedy is that there's a mass
murderer running around and know before
you start thinking about it it's not
actually me
and so what that means is we need to
work out who's doing these murders so
that we can stop them and then murder
them now in order to
start off this mission we're going to
speak to captain lonely girl and ask him
about the murders
and he's going to tell us that there's a
killer on the loose in windhelm who's
killed three people so far
my goodness that's a whole bunch and
he's only attacking young ladies oh now
is very interesting sounds like we have
a mission welcome back ladies and
gentlemen we find ourselves in windhelm
now i had to
run back and forth multiple times and
reload and fast travel a whole bunch
just to get this quest to work because
this is one of the
buggiest quests to initiate ever but yes
welcome this is of course the quest line
which is called
blood on the ice a quest where there's
been a terrible murder and the windhelm
guards want to hire
us to find out who did it all right
there we go we've started the quest
blood on thin ice all we have to do is
question the witnesses it's brilliant
we're basically a detective
oh and interesting we get to pickpocket
her body and take everything
lovely stuff i'll be taking all of these
gems i mean it's just money and it's
hardly like you're going to be using it
oh look i'm actually still alive guys oh
my goodness
right that's fine let's talk to the
guard now we need to go convince someone
that we're a smart pick to go and
actually solve this murder i mean
just look at us doesn't this look like
the eyes of someone who is a murderer
and so consequently could easily find a
murderer all right now let's go examine
the crime scene now that we've been told
we're 100
allowed to go and try and find this
murderer right now let's examine the
crime scene looks like we got ourselves
a whole bunch of blood
right now i'm a smart person and i know
that a trail of blood
is often a sign that a murder has taken
place so it's blood this direction
and it continues up these steps okay
very interesting there's a trail of
blood going all the way over here oh wow
this is just nice and easy
you made it really difficult todd didn't
you and the blood leads into
this house here who could have guessed
that's a master lock so we have no
chance of opening this bad boy so we're
going to have to find another way to
gain access
first let's go dissect this body god i
love this character have you noticed
anything strange about the body well
she's dead
god how good you're the best joking
person around
right so now that we've discovered there
is nothing interesting about the body
it's time for us to try and gain access
to this house
how do i get into it and we've been told
to talk to toby to get the key but of
course tovary sat
inside of this house so we can't gain
access to it so i'll try and ask jordan
for some assistance oh perfect here's
the mother she has the key
hello topher i have some questions about
your daughter i think i've discovered
some murdering
and there we go we've got ourselves the
key lovely oh it really is easy solving
well done todd howard all right ladies
and gentlemen let's look for clues in
this funky looking house we can
investigate the pots and pans
you can investigate a bloody chest we
can see uh
two lovely little journals we can
discover for clues and we can discover
that this wardrobe is actually nailed to
a wall and we can open up a false back
oh my lord it's a bucket of nuggets
lots of tasty giblets and stuff wow in a
creepy altar
brilliant looks like someone's trying to
use these body parts for a gruesome end
let's read the journal
oh and there we go underneath these
letters here in the corner
we have ourselves a strange amulet oh or
would you just
look at this now this is what we've been
searching for hello there strange amulet
we're gonna take you
now this strange amulet is actually very
unique item
because not only is it worth a decent
amount of money because it has a value
of a thousand there's also a little bit
more to it
it's an infinitely duplicating item
which makes it very very fancy and we're
going to report on all of the lovely
and we've got this really awesome
strange amulet so why wouldn't we report
it actually can we put this amulet on
oh yes we can look at how cool todd
howard looks i mean it doesn't actually
fit through the clothing but it doesn't
matter oh yes and of course duoliff
refers me to calixto at the house of
curiosities as he'll probably give me a
bit of gold for the amulet that's
awesome and incredible lovely basically
we're going to be able to sell this item
to the owner of the curiosity shop
mostly because the owner is absolutely
bloody insane i imagine
welcome back ladies and gentlemen where
on earth am i well i'm back in windhelm
now i was going to sell that amulet
for 500 gold but it actually doesn't
make sense for me to do it yet
no instead we need to level up todd
howard you see todd howard needs to have
two very important skills
one is sneak because as we all know todd
is very good at sneaking his game onto
every single platform in existence
and the other skill we need to level
todd howard up in is pickpocketing
that's right you see todd is actually an
expert in pickpocketing i mean i think
he started getting into it when he added
the horse armor dlc to oblivion yes that
was probably his first and greatest
attempt at pickpocketing so now we're
going to need to train him a bit but
luckily we can actually use a few
exploits to train pickpocketing rather
easily now we're going to speak to cylda
we'll basically pay 200 gold to upgrade
our pickpocketing ability so we're going
to be trained twice
and actually get ourselves up to level
17 in pickpocketing and we've just
handed over 410 gold so what we're then
going to do is just crouch on down try
and get around behind her
and actually go into the level up
section and we're going to upgrade our
first level of pickpocketing
to light fingers and then we're going to
upgrade our stealth as many times as we
just to make ourselves additionally hard
to detect and now when we crouch down
beyond that skyrim guard we are now
hidden perfect
there we go and now that we're hidden we
can actually go up to her and we have a
chance to steal back our gold
a 31 chance to get back all of the gold
we had which is probably quite a good
so what i'm going to do is drop down
myself a quick save and attempt to
pickpocket this gold oh and beans it
didn't work so what we do is we reload
the quick save
open up the pocket and try and steal it
and that didn't work so we go again now
this effectively allows us to double
level up our pickpocketing the
pickboxing is actually terrifyingly easy
skill to level up for several key
the difficulty of pickpocketing is based
mostly from the weight of an object
which means that it's easy to steal
things like gems and gems have high
value and the value of the item you
is what determines the experience you
get from it stealing 411 gold coins at a
weight of zero basically means that
we're stealing a value of 411 which is a
decent amount to level up our sneak on
anyway we're gonna try and steal it and
let's go again
and one day we'll get our little dice
roll and there we go fantastic we've
grabbed the gold and our pickpocketing
is increased to 20. and now that it's
increased to 20 we can speak to silda we
can actually pay to have our
pickpocketing skills increased again
now it's actually smart to not give her
too much gold because the less gold you
give her the easier it is to steal back
off of her so i've given her 210 gold
and now if i was to pickpocket i have a
chance of doing so even whilst detected
so i'm going to drop down a quick save
hide here pick pocketer now and we have
a 71
chance of getting all our gold back
perfect and that's leveled up our
pickpocketing to 23. we then stand up
talk to her get her to train us in
pickpocketing then hand over another 280
gold which of course we're then going to
just steal straight back from her thank
you very much zilda and then once again
we're just going to steal it back
glorious there's another level up then
we can speak to silda and we can hand
over our gold once again to level up
lovely stuff
now we've managed to basically level
ourselves up a few times but leveling up
off of silde is actually a bit of a
challenge it's easier to just simply
steal off of other random people
these garnets are perfect they're valued
at hundreds and they're definitely worth
69 chance to steal let's give it a go
and we're bam that's massively leveled
me up
perfect i mean we started on level 15
and we're ready just under 30. is
genuinely how easy it is to level up
pickpocketing it's ridiculously easy now
we can just run around this man
drop down a crouch walk up behind him
and pickpocket something of value oh an
amethyst that will do lovely
well bam thank you very much that's an
immediate level up and i'll even take
his gold as well
and a gold necklace with 120 all beans
he discovered that one now the thing is
when you're not detected it's
exceedingly easy to steal these items so
look at this value hundred and twenty
ninety percent chance to steal were bad
how on earth did i get detected ten
percent chug captain lonely gail my
please all right let's go again steal
that amethyst there we go we level up
then still
this ring of resist magic it doesn't
have much weight but it has immense
so of course we're going to try and
steal it and that's another immediate
level up right on the spot in fact i'm
pretty sure we went up two levels and
then there's a golden necklace here so
we'll steal that as well
and look at that we're now level 33 in
pickpocketing and we have all of these
items to sell oh and here's
nils lovely we'll drop ourselves down
another quick save steal this amethyst
out from his pocket along with this
silver garnet ring oh don't mind if i do
that's a level up oh my goodness just
running around windhelm is enough to
just steal a million items which have
great value this is perfect
let's level ourselves up a little bit
more for soda here we go now we've hit
level nine
now i want to get my money back sorry
silda there we go we're bam we're now up
level 14 pickpocketing which is exactly
where i want to be because that means i
can invest yet another point into light
fingers meaning i can pickpocket things
a little bit easier now the fun thing
about pickpocketing is
that there are a few ways to really
really really
boosts your stats in pickpocketing very
quickly and what we're about to do is
actually one of the best ways to
aggressively speed your way up the
pickpocketing tree my other favorite way
to choose the pickpocketing system is to
start the dark brotherhood quest
and they'll put you in basically a room
where you have three people and you have
to kill one of them but you can place
items on their body from your inventory
and then go back into their inventory
and pickpocket it off of them but
because they're blindfolded and on the
ground you have 100 chance of succeeding
and they can't fight back so you can
just gain infinite pickpocketing levels
now what we're going to do with our
lovely strange amulet is go to kalixto
over here because he's going to be
willing to buy it off of us
so we're going to sell it to him he
tells us a whole bunch of rubbish about
how it's probably from the court mage
although we know that it's
actually not and we're going to sell it
to catalyst for 500 gold he's gonna
absolutely love it and it's a splendid
addition to his collection there we go
so we'd lose the strange amulet we get
500 gold and the amulet goes inside his
then what we're going to do is we're
going to drop down ourselves a save file
now that we've traded it to him and
we're going to pickpocket things off of
him now we want to try and pickpocket
the strange amulet although we only have
a 36
chance to steal it so in order to
improve our chances we're going to steal
this ring of stamina which will boost up
our chance to 37 then this gold ring
which will boost it
up to 38 and then this garnet and this
uh this gold
and oh no we can't boost any further
very well let's run our chances
38 chance to steal let's go and it
worked and that's boosted our
pickpocketing right the way up to 45
lovely anyway now that we've
pickpocketed it off of him what we can
is do something quite creative we can go
to him and say hey
about that amulet and he says hey have
you decided to sell it yet and i say hey
yeah you have yourself a deal
and so he once again takes the amulet
out of my inventory and gives us 500
anyway we've dropped down ourselves a
quick save and we're going to try and
steal this amulet now with a 41
chance to succeed because we've leveled
up from stealing this amulet so we try
it again
and we're banned we'd level up to 48.
would you look at that that's just
perfect there we go we've even gone up a
level then what we're going to do once
again come around the corner and sell
the amulet back to him
every time we do this we get 500 gold
now there are lots of ways to get lots
of money from the ai but this is by far
the easiest and also one of the most
because it also trains up your levels
things like say the khajiit trading
exploits where you can steal the gold
from traders inventories are brilliant
but traders don't have an infinite
source of gold you have to reset them to
get gold back into their inventory and
even then they don't have much gold
over here however probably has never
bought a single dlc in his life and so
consequently has
infinite gold to spend and he will spend
it on this strange amulet there is no
limit to the amount of gold he has and
there's also no limit to the amount of
levels we can gain from stealing his
amulek back off of him and there we go
we'll sell it yet again and there we go
another 500 gold
if we check our inventory up to 2600
gold and now we have a 47
chance to steal this amulet every time
we do it oh no he saw us that time
so what you say is i'd rather die than
go to prison and then just reload your
quick save
it's a 50 50 chance so it's not that bad
and we're bam there we go
pickpocketing increased to level 54 and
we're actually up to level 12
now goodness oh my goodness our
pickpocketing's level 54.
this is okay quite high indeed now go
once again strange amulet removed
dropped it down we're hidden in this
corner and we can steal it with a 50
chance of success lovely well bam and
then we level up to 56
so we got basically two levels every
time we steal this amulet and we get
five gold
this is just quite simply unfair i feel
like maybe he has
i don't know some kind of short-term
memory issue considering
we keep selling him this amulet he keeps
giving us 500 gold then we just take it
out of his pocket
stand up from behind him and go hey um i
found this amulet would you like to buy
it off me he's like this will make a
splendid addition to my collection yes
500 gold oh
goodness okay let's get that strange
amulet off of him and there we go we've
hit level 60 perfect
now he has asked us to leave so that's
exactly what we're going to do but
most importantly we've left with the
amulet still in our inventory so we can
go back whenever we like
in order to get infinite gold there we
go he's even going to invite us and the
thing is we can give it back to him at
any time when he's out and about we can
sell him the amulets which is absolutely
we're going to level up our
pickpocketing just a little bit more and
now our abilities to pickpocket are just
going to be insane
welcome back ladies and gentlemen uh
todd howard
is looking brilliant he might not look
you know necessarily in the tip top form
of peak human
appearances but actually no this is what
peak performance looks like and if you
can't comprehend it then well that's
your problem anyway some time has passed
several days in fact where i've been
grinding up money making and lo and
behold ladies and gentlemen we now have
how much money well we now have just
under 30 000
gold because it's actually not that
difficult to trade the item back and
forth and at the same time our
pickpocketing it's almost at 92.
it's insane we're level 18 now just from
doing all the pickpocketing stuff which
is brilliant it basically means we can
pickpocket just about anything
but you might consider putting on
something anything come on todd howard
doesn't need to wear clothes
i'm beautiful aren't i yes todd you're
very beautiful majestic in fact the most
attractive person alive
good yes you can have early access to
skyrim too
and you know what ladies and gentlemen
i'm afraid that's technically all we
have in store for today we've generated
an infinite quantity of wealth and made
todd howard the richest person in the
world and so
good at making money he can just pick
the pockets of anyone
what's that your grandmother gave you 30
pounds for your birthday well
congratulations todd howard has a brand
new dlc experience for you
and trust me you're going to love it yes
you will love it it's everything you
love about skyrim but more
we've added in 40 new dungeons which
look identical and branching dialogue
options you
love branching dialogue options don't
you yes todd i'm sure
timmy's going to love the branching
dialogue options i'm afraid that's where
we end today's journey into skyrim
although i wouldn't actually like to say
goodbye to todd howard i feel like
there's more to him there's
more adventures which need to be had and
more things that need to be discovered
and so i'd like to ask you the lovely
ladies and gentlemen at home what you'd
like to see next from todd howard i mean
of course he has to be going into games
of generating infinite money but it's
which of todd howard's games you'd like
to see him generate infinite money in do
you a want to see him generate infinite
money in morrowind what about b
do you want to see him do it in oblivion
or c maybe even fallout 4
what even about d fallout 4 new vegas oh
my goodness the list goes on it's almost
like these games are slightly broken and
full of exploits todd no
no they're deliberate it's so that i can
make infinite money
of course it is todd of course that
makes perfect sense anyway i hope that
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anyway i've been the spiffing brit
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lovely day and good bye for now the
adventures of todd howard have sadly
come to a temporary end