Long Tom Artillery
During gameplay hit ENTER and press the plus sign (+)and type in SNIPER. You should get a phrase confirming correct input.
Cheat List
During gameplay, press Enter to bring up the console. Then type any of the following phrases to utilize the cheats. Put a + in front of the code to turn it on, put a - in front to turn it off: zool: Invincible
chunky: Always Chunky
superchunky: Chunk Factor
version: Show Game Version
drdeath: all levels maxed to 150
shootall: Clicks Not Required
sixdemonbag: six high level summon spells
loefervision: No Fog
xrayvision: No Textures
minjooky: Very Small Character
maxjooky: Very Big Character
checksinthemail: 9999999 Gold
movie: Record a Movie
mouse: Enable Mouse
rings: Enable Selection Rings
potionaholic: Gives 3 super health and mana potions
faetehbadgar: Gives full set of newbie gear
sixdemonbag: Gives 6 high level summon spells

jona the whale
Hack: Remove HUD
Press ENTER, input -gui and press ENTER. To reverce the process, input +gui instead.
Hack: Forced High Res
Create a shortcut to the dungeonsiege executable and add height=#### width=####, where #### is your desired resolution (1200 x 1600 or 768 x 1024 is fairly common). If your #### is three digits, enter them as is (768 instead of 0768).
Hack: Force Game Into Window
Create a shortcut to the dungeonsiege executable and add fullscreen=false.
Shorty McNasty
Hack: Skip Intro FMV
The intro is cool, but after while you just want to skip it. If you create a shortcut to the dungeonsiege executable, add nointro=true to the command line.