Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

Achievement How to unlock
Arges Adventurer Complete the game.
But You Still Can't Revive Aeris Obtain a Phoenix Down.
Cherry Topper Fill out all three facts for every character in the Character Memo.
Covers Your Ho-Ho-Whole Body Equip a full set of Santa armor.
Crayon Level: Six-Year-Old Completely fill out Pokkle and Pipiro's picture diary.
Dungeon Strutter Conquer the Fantasyscapes.
Fourteen, Buyin' Up Fifteen Buy out the full stock of any one item in any shop.
Ironically, a Gold Star Story Collect all character bromides.
Lost and Fauna'd Completely fill out the Bestiary.
Naga'nna Lie, This is Impressive Equip a full set of Naga armor.
Now You've Done It Awaken the Fairy of the Spring.
Phat Kids Level Pokkle and Pipiro up to 30.
Phonography Collect all music CDs.
Rifling Through Alleyways Find three hidden items just lying around in Puck Village.
Shepherd of the Weak Relocate three animals in Puck Village to their new home across the bridge.
Somebunny Worked Hard For This Complete "Oh Mona, My Mona" on Hard mode.
Spring Cleaning Cause the Fairy of the Spring to run out of 'garbage.'
The Futility of Time Collect and activate both the clock and calendar widgets at the same time.
True Treasure Hunter Obtain every other achievement except "You Deserve Something For This."
Well, Shoot! Complete "Zwei Shooting" on Hard mode.
You CAN Do It Equip a full set of Aluminum armor.
Ys-y Games Are Just My Type Complete "The Typing of Ys" on Hard mode.