Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

Achievement How to unlock
Bearly Legal Kill 100 bears in bear mode.
Bomberman Unlock Pablo.
Bowmaster Unlock Two Feathers.
Bragging Rights Shoot a flaming bear.
Bring Out The Big Guns Unlock Duke.
Bye Bye Boon Finish story mode.
Charity Smashathon Participate in Charity Smashathon.
Cold Turkey Survive a peyote trip.
Combo Awareness Day Participate in Combo Awareness Day.
Darwin Award Headbutt a train.
Death Or Glory! Unlock The 13th.
Emancipation Act Defeat the KKKrusher.
Erotic Badger Earn the rank of Erotic Badger.
Extinctioneer Kill 500 bears in bear mode.
Fisticuffs Punch 100 bandits.
Get On Board Ride the Soul Train.
Go West! Score a Wild Wild combo.
Gold Appreciation Day Participate in Gold Appreciation Day.
Grand Bandito Cup Participate in the Grand Bandito Cup.
I Love You, Man Get quadruple drunk.
Legend Of The West Win the game in No Card Mode.
Lustful Coyote Earn the rank of Lustful Coyote.
Mercy killing Shoot a flaming dog.
Murderous Instincts Kill 100 gunslingers.
National Drinkoff Day Participate in National Drinkoff Day.
Philistine Shoot down a totem pole.
Poster Boy Unlock Billy.
Pyrotechnician Unlock Tao.
Sensual Bear Earn the rank of Sensual Bear.
Sexy Eagle Earn the rank of Sexy Eagle.
Showstopper Unlock Dutch.
Sociopath Supreme Kill 1000 gunslingers.
Unauthorized Withdrawal Rob a bank.
Uphold The Law! Unlock Virgil.
Whistle Wetter Get triple drunk.
World Murder Day Participate in World Murder Day.