Various Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Adept Win 3 Online Games.
Aldenfalle Acolyte Win the Aldenfalle Season Stone.
Arbor Day Create 3 obstacles in one turn.
Boss of Beltaine Win the Beltaine Season Stone.
Carpenter Build 2 Bridges in one turn.
Cartographer Win 4 Map Items.
Clear-cutter Destroyed 3 obstacles in one turn.
Cloud Hopping Change the same Wind Rider into an Eagle twice in one turn.
Dearest Deepwinter Win the Deepwinter Season Stone.
Duck and Cover Transform a Waywalker into a Turtle.
Explorer Win 1 Map Item.
Harness the Power Generate 120 Mana in one turn.
Hero of Highsommar Win the Highsommar Season Stone.
It's Raining Men Use 3 Eagles to attack in one turn.
Lemmings! Spawn 100 new units.
Like a Bear in a China Shop Attack 3 times in a row with one Bear.
Lord of the Realms Win the Midsommar Season Stone.
Mana Master Generate 20,000 Mana.
Mantel of Power Earn 50 Aura in a single Online Game.
Mark of the Bear Rise to Bear Rank in Online play.
Master Carpenter Build 4 Bridges in one turn.
Master of the Way Win 20 Online Games.
Me First Start 5 new Online Games.
Medal of Honor Earn 20 Trisks in a single Online Game.
Medal Winner Earn 10 Trisks in a single Online Game.
No Place to Go But Up Take 4th in an Online Game.
Now We're Flying Transform a Wind Rider into an Eagle.
On The Path Start a new Online Game.
One of the Gang Finish an Online Game.
Overconfident Spend 0 Mana in a turn you generated 80 or more.
Pack Animal Use 3 wolves in one turn.
Playmaker Finish 5 Online Games.
Power Hungry Capture 2 Relics in one turn.
Powermonger Capture 4 Relics in one turn.
Realm Ripper Destroy a piece of land with an Obstacle on it.
Second Winner Take 2nd in an Online Game.
Shell Shocked Kill a Turtle with a Bear.
Soaring Eagle Rise to Eagle Rank in Online play.
Talk Is Cheap Defeat Master Ninonell
Third Wheel Take 3rd in an Online Game.
Trisk Trader Earn 250 Trisks in Online Play.
Way of the Wolf Rise to Wolf Rank in Online play.
Waywalker Win 10 Online Games.
Welcome Back Login to Online Play 10 times.
Who Let The Dogs Out? Transform a Guardian into a Wolf.
Winner Takes All Take 1st place in an Online Game.
Wintermourne Warrior Win the Wintermourne Season Stone.
Wise Turtle Rise to Turtle Rank in Online play.
You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry Transform a Snarlclaw into a Bear.
You're Not the Boss of Me Defeat Master Rickett.