• How to put your Fave MP3 Musics to your Stereo, Radio...

(NOTE: I found this cheat before the Sims 2, but forgot to post this a long time ago) Okay, first go to C:/Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Sound Data ( i think, just find it with a name Sound or data). Go to a folder named with a word Station and go to any category (Rock, RnB, Pop, ETC.) and in the folder, put your fave MP3 there delete [category name]1 and rename your MP3 file name to [category name]1 , for example I went to the folder Rock and there are 5 MP3 files ( which are Rock1 ,Rock2, Rock3 ,Rock 4, and Rock5) I put there Ayer.MP3 and deleted Rock1.MP3 and renamed Ayer.MP3 to Rock1.MP3 (without the .MP3 of course). I will create this cheat again with more Sureness (if you know what i mean, don't what i mean? It means for more correct info)
  • Infinite Simoleans

You have to hold down ctrl, alt, and either tab or shift. First you type in "rosebud" the you press ;!;!;! until you don't see "rosebud" any more. Then, go back and make an extra ; next to another ;.
  • The REAL Cheat of having your Fave music played

Go to C:\program files\maxis\The Sims\Music\stations (default) and you will find there folder names like Beach, Classica, Country, CountryD, Disco, EZ, EZExp, Latin, Rap, Rave, Rock, Superstar, UnlCheap, and UnlSpeak. Just go to those categories and memorize first the file names inside in the folder your in, delete the file, replace it, rename your fave MP3 file. TADA!!! Your done! and when you Play The Sims Play the Category Song you put in the folder. You can here your fave music!

For Example:I went to the folder named Rock. All files are named Rock1, Rock2, Rock3, Rock4, and Rock5, I have my 5 Rock MP3s, I put them in the Rock Folder, Deleted The default 5 Rock files and renamed my 5 fave Rock Files to Rock1, Rock2, Rock3, Rock4 and Rock 5. Done all finished. Note: it can only play on extensions of .MP3 files.

It can play other The Sims Games!