Game ID:
Source: Codejunkies

Max Adventure Coins
120d14e4 0000270f

Max Adventure Balloons
220d14df 00000063

Max Points: Trophy Race
220d0cbc 00000063

Unlock Extra Characters and Features
020d19c4 ffffffff


Lots of Game Time
020d14fc 0004f1a0

Lots of Time Racing
020d1500 0004f1a0

Lots of Time Exploring
020d1504 0004f1a0

Lots of Time in Car
020d1508 0004f1a0

Lots of Time in Hovercraft
020d150c 0004f1a0

Lots of time in Plane
020d1510 0004f1a0

Max Race Wins
120d1522 0000270f

No Race Losses
120d1524 00000000


Play as TipTup
220d12a0 00000001

Play as Pipsy
220d12a0 00000002

Play as Diddy Kong
220d12a0 00000003

Play as Tiny Kong
220d12a0 00000004

Play as Bumper
220d12a0 00000005

Play as Timber
220d12a0 00000006

Play as Dixie Kong
220d12a0 00000007

Play as Krunch
220d12a0 00000008

Play as Drumstick
220d12a0 00000009

Play as T.T.
220d12a0 0000000a

Play as WizPig
220d12a0 0000000b

Play as Taj
220d12a0 0000000c