Game ID: ADME-8f7851cb

How To Tell Your Game Version

As you may know, there are three game versions for AC:WW. Some Action Replay Codes only work in some versions of the game.

To tell the version, check the back of your game:

*If your game says ADMEN1J13 at the back, your game is v1.1 .
*If it says ADMEN0J20, your game is v1.0
*If your game is from Europe, your game is EURO .

Don't try to use v1.0 codes on a v1.1 AC:WW, as they may not work.
Source: Neoseeker

Master Code

00000000 023f0000
00000000 00000001
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 023ffe88
00000000 023ff090
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000001

Fixing A Bricked Game 1.1

Use this simple code and it will fix your game.

94000130 fdbf0000
d3000000 021e36a2
c0000000 00000fff
dc000000 00000002
f2000000 00000002
92000000 00005009
10000000 000000c1
d2000000 00000000

All Dinosaurs In Museum

021ed0a0 11111111
021ed0a4 11111111
021ed0a8 11111111
021ed0ac 11111111
021ed0b0 11111111
021ed0b4 11111111
121ed0b8 00001111

All the Dinosaur Skeletons and Fossils will be in the museum. Version 1.1

All Fish In Museum

121ed0ba 00001111
021ed0bc 11111111
021ed0c0 11111111
021ed0c4 11111111
021ed0c8 11111111
021ed0cc 11111111
021ed0d0 11111111
021ed0d4 11111111

All the Fish will be in the Fish Section of the Museum.

All Golden Tools!

This code is for v1.1 version only.

94000130 000002BE
121d8e90 0000137b
121d8e92 00001379
121d8e94 00001377
121d8e96 00001375
121d8e98 00001373
121d8e9a 0000136a
D2000000 00000000

To activate, you can't be looking at your inventory, then press Up+A+R, and you have
yourself all 6 off the golden tools. Also, the golden tools appear in the last 6 spaces
of inventory, so if you don't want your items to dissapear, make sure your LAST 6 spaces
of inventory are clear.

All Insects In Museum

021ed0d8 11111111
021ed0dc 11111111
021ed0e0 11111111
021ed0e4 11111111
021ed0e8 11111111
021ed0ec 11111111
021ed0f0 11111111

The Insect Section in the Museum will have all of the bugs, complete.

All Paintings In Museum

221ed0f5 00000011
121ed0f6 00001111
021ed0f8 11111111
121ed0fc 00001111
221ed0fe 00000011

The Painting section of the museum will have all of the paintings. Version 1.1.

Always Get Resseti (1.1)

221cdcf4 00000001

If you like geting on Resseti's last nerve, you'll get him every time.

Coordinates Modifier 1.1

B21C7374 00000000
94000130 FFBE0000
D9000000 FFFFFAC0
D4000000 FFFFFF30
D6000000 FFFFFAC0
D0000000 00000000
94000130 FF7E0000
D9000000 FFFFFAC0
D4000000 000000D0
D6000000 FFFFFAC0
D0000000 00000000
94000130 FFDE0000
D9000000 FFFFFAB8
D4000000 FFFFFF30
D6000000 FFFFFAB8
D0000000 00000000
94000130 FFEE0000
D9000000 FFFFFAB8
D4000000 000000D0
D6000000 FFFFFAB8
D2000000 00000000

Hold A to walk through anything (it doesn't work for trees or stumps)

Fill Out Music

021e6e3c FFFFFFFF
021e6e40 FFFFFFFF
221e6e44 0000003F

This code should put every song in your radio for version 1.1.

Full Catalog (v1.1).

121d8ea4 0000ffff
121d8ea6 0000ffff
121d8ea8 0000ffff
121d8eaa 0000ffff
121d8eac 0000ffff
121d8eae 0000ffff
121d8eb0 0000ffff
121d8eb2 0000ffff
121d8eb4 0000ffff
121d8eb6 0000ffff
121d8eb8 0000ffff
121d8eba 0000ffff
121d8ebc 0000ffff
121d8ebe 0000ffff
121d8ec0 0000ffff
121d8ec2 0000ffff
121d8ec4 0000ffff
121d8ec6 0000ffff
121d8ec8 0000ffff
121d8eca 0000ffff
121d8ecc 0000ffff
121d8ece 0000ffff
121d8ed0 0000ffff
121d8ed2 0000ffff
121d8ed4 0000ffff
121d8ed6 0000ffff
121d8ed8 0000ffff
121d8eda 0000ffff
121d8edc 0000ffff
121d8ede 0000ffff
121d8ee0 0000ffff
121d8ee2 0000ffff
121d8ee4 0000ffff
121d8ee6 0000ffff
121d8ee8 0000ffff
121d8eea 000001ff
121d8ef0 0000fffe
121d8ef2 0000ffff
121d8ef4 0000ffff
121d8ef6 0000ffff
121d8ef8 0000ffff
121d8efa 0000ffff
121d8efc 0000ffff
121d8efe 0000ffff
121d8f00 0000ffff
121d8f02 0000ffff
121d8f04 0000ffff
121d8f06 0000ffff
121d8f08 0000ffff
121d8f0a 0000ffff
121d8f0c 0000ffff
121d8f0e 0000ffff
121d8f10 00000001
121d8f14 0000fe00
121d8f16 0000ffff
121d8f18 000001ff
121d8f20 0000fe00
121d8f22 0000ffff
121d8f24 0000ffff
121d8f26 0000ffff
121d8f28 0000ffff
121d8f2a 0000ffff
121d8f2c 0000ffff
121d8f2e 0000ffff
121d8f30 00007fff
121d8f38 0000fe00
121d8f3a 0000ffff
121d8f3c 0000ffff
121d8f3e 0000ffff
121d8f40 0000ffff
121d8f42 0000ffff
121d8f44 0000ffff
121d8f46 000001ff
121d8f4c 0000fff8
121d8f4e 0000ffff
121d8f50 0000ffff
121d8f52 0000ffff
121d8f54 0000ffff
121d8f56 0000ffff
121d8f58 0000ffff
121d8f5a 0000ffff
121d8f5c 0000ffff
121d8f5e 0000ffff
121d8f60 0000ffff
121d8f62 0000003f
121d8fa4 0000ffff
121d8fa6 0000ffff
121d8fa8 0000ffff
121d8faa 00007fff
121d8fac 0000ff00
121d8fae 0000ffff
121d8fb0 0000ffff
121d8fb2 0000ffff
121d8fb4 0000007f
121d8fbe 0000ff00
121d8fc0 0000ffff
121d8fc2 0000ffff
121d8fc4 0000ffff
121d8fc6 000000ff

This code will complete your catalog if your game is v1.1 . If you use it on other
versions, your game may freeze.

Funny Things In Trees.

All your fruit will be transformed into hilarious things, like fishing rods and gifts:

520dcda8 020dcb00
020dcda8 020dcb50
020dcdc8 020dccd4
020dcdc0 020dcc38
d0000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Weather Modifiers

This code will allow you to keep permanent weather settings:

121f0eec 00000004
121f0efc 00000001

121f0eec 00000004
121f0efc 00000002

121f0eec 00000000
121f0efc 00000000

Run Speed Modifiers


921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 000008e2
d0000000 00000000


921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00000ae2
d0000000 00000000

Super Fast:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00000ce2
d0000000 00000000

Speeding Bullet:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00000fe2
d0000000 00000000

Warp Speed:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00002000
d0000000 00000000

Lighting Speed:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000ffff
d0000000 00000000

100 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000a000
d0000000 00000000

150 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000b000
d0000000 00000000

200 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000c000
d0000000 00000000

600 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000ffff
d0000000 00000000

Please keep in mind the following points:

1. This codes may freeze your game if you pick something from the ground.
2. This codes will just work in your world map, using them in your house may cause
your character to dissapear and freeze your game.

Run Speed Modifiers (Wi-Fi)

Please not that this codes may lag the game on Wi-Fi if you pick something from the ground.

621c6dec 00000000
921c5d1c 00000002
b21c6dec 00000000
1000022c 000008e2
d2000000 00000000

621c6dec 00000000
921c5d1c 00000002
b21c6dec 00000000
1000022c 00000ae2
d2000000 00000000

Super Fast:
621c6dec 00000000
921c5d1c 00000002
b21c6dec 00000000
1000022c 00000fe2
d2000000 00000000

Speeding Bullet:
621c6dec 00000000
921c5d1c 00000002
b21c6dec 00000000
1000022c 00000fe2
d2000000 00000000

Warp Speed:
621c6dec 00000000
921c5d1c 00000002
b21c6dec 00000000
1000022c 00002000
d2000000 00000000

Lighting Speed:
621c6dec 00000000
921c5d1c 00000002
b21c6dec 00000000
1000022c 0000ffff
d2000000 00000000

Owl Invasion

This code will tranform EVERYBODY (except your characters) into owls:

520d8780 2f63706e
020d8780 5f63706e
020d8784 6d2f7073
020d8788 6c65646f
020d878c 6c776f2f
020d8790 62736e2e
020d8794 0000646d
020d8798 5f63706e
020d879c 6d2f7073
020d87a0 6c65646f
020d87a4 6c776f2f
020d87a8 7865745f
020d87ac 62736e2e
020d87b0 00007874
d0000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Mortgages cost 1 bell (v1.1)

This code enables all those high loans to be made just for you to pay 1 little bell!!!;D

Ex. 598,000 bells=1 bell (with code)

421e6e38 00000001
021e6e38 00000001
d0000000 00000000


121D88FE 0000???? Inventory Slot 1
121D8900 0000???? Inventory Slot 2
121D8902 0000???? Inventory Slot 3
121D8904 0000???? Inventory Slot 4
121D8906 0000???? Inventory Slot 5

Replace "????" with the item you desire:

500A Sign
500B Town Gate
500C Able's
500D Nook's Cranny
500E Nook'n Go
500F Nookway
5010 Nookingtons
5011 Museum
5012 Redd's tent
5013 Katrina Tent
5014 House Size 0
5015 House Size 1
5016 House Size 2
5017 House Size 3
5018 House Size 4
5019 House Size 5
501A Mansion

501C Bulletin board
501E New year sign
5020 Gullivers UFO
5021 Gracie's Car

Mario Set (v1.1)

121d8e80 00004b6c
121d8e82 00004b70
121d8e84 00004b74
121d8e86 00004b78
121d8e88 00004b7c
121d8e8a 00004b80
121d8e8c 00004b84
121d8e8e 00004b88
121d8e90 00004b8c
121d8e92 00004b90
121d8e94 00004b94
121d8e96 00004b9c
121d8e98 00001183
121d8e9a 0000113f

Inventory Items Clear

94000130 000001ee
121d88fe 0000fff1
121d8900 0000fff1
121d8902 0000fff1
121d8904 0000fff1
121d8906 0000fff1
121d8908 0000fff1
121d890a 0000fff1
121d890c 0000fff1
121d890e 0000fff1
121d8910 0000fff1
121d8912 0000fff1
121d8914 0000fff1
121d8916 0000fff1
121d8918 0000fff1
121d891a 0000fff1
D2000000 00000000

Press "RIGHT+A+L" to activate.

You can use this code to clear ALL your items in your inventory. For example, if you got
some of the famous Building Seeds in your inventory accidentally and can't throw them away,
use this code to clear your inventory.

Hybrid Roses

Because they are the only hybrids that are NOT on Codejunkies.

121D88FE 0000???? Inventory Slot 1
121D8900 0000???? Inventory Slot 2

Change the ???? to the four digit Hex codes.

0015 pink Roses
0016 orange Roses
0017 purple Roses
0018 black Roses
0019 blue Roses
001C gold roses

009F wilted pink tulips
00A0 wilted orange roses
00A1 wilted purple roses
00A2 wilted black roses
00A3 wilted blue roses
00A5 wilted gold roses