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Thread Title: Alien on the Run

All kinds of cheats & codes for the Nintendo 3DS

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    Default Alien on the Run

    New Zones and Features

    Escape zones and areas to unlock new zones and features.

    Zone How to unlock
    Anti-Tractor Beam Escape Danger Zone.
    Aqua Delude Escape Monster Beam Zone.
    Beige Delude Escape Speedwalk Zone.
    Big Surprise! Zone Escape Surprise! Zone.
    Black Delude Escape Surprise! Zone.
    Blue Delude Escape Punch Zone.
    Brown Delude Escape Launch Zone.
    Danger Zone Escape 40 areas with rank of A or higher.
    Escape Boost Escape all zones.
    Extreme Beam Zone Escape Beam Zone.
    Extreme Icy Zone Escape Icy Zone.
    Extreme Shock Zone Escape Shock Zone.
    Green Delude Escape Rookie Zone.
    Grey Delude Escape Labyrinth Zone.
    Last Danger Zone Escape Danger Zone.
    Lime Green Delude Escape Extreme Icy Zone.
    Magenta Delude Escape Extreme Shock Zone.
    Orange Delude Escape Merry-Go-Round Zone.
    Pink Delude Escape Icy Zone.
    Purple Delude Escape Shock Zone.
    Red Delude Escape Danger Zone.
    Sky Blue Delude Escape Last Danger Zone.
    Violet Delude Escape Big Surprise! Zone.
    White Delude Escape Extreme Beam Zone.

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    Default Alien on the Run

    may i get proper link for watching complete movie?

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Thread Title: Alien on the Run

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