Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit(TM)

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You've seen the movie. You know the story.

A heartbroken, Hollywood "Toon" star is accused of murdering one
of the most popular men in town. The same man who was, just 24
hours earlier, seen playing "pattycake" with our star's lovely and
mysterious wife. It's an open and shut case, right? WRONG!

This is where your job begins. You must search high and low through
downtown Los Angeles, the City Park, the Warehouse District and
even ToonTown looking for clues to help Eddie prove that Roger is
innocent. You have to unearth all four pages of Marvin's missing
Will that will guarantee ToonTown's future forever. At the same
time, you must also keep the Weasels from getting Roger, protect
Jessica from the dreaded Dipmobile and help Eddie stay out of jail.
As if that's not enough, you must collect the right weapons, accessories
and facts that will enable you to defeat Judge Doom in the final confrontation.

You'll have to call up all of your game playing and super-sleuth
detective abilities to get you through this one... And there's still
no guarantee. In the end, the joke could be on you.


Game guide

"Who framed Roger Rabbit?" is an action/adventure/detective game
which will lead you on a merry chase thru the four sections of 1940's
Greater Los Angeles. Each of these sections will require the player
to explore many different rooms, buildings and outdoor locations for
hidden clues to the case. The overall object is simple. All you have
to do is put an end to Judge Doom's evil plan before he can "dip"
Roger and Jessica. Sounds easy enough. The catch is that before you
can even challenge Doom, you must first locate all four pieces of the
Will, as well as collect the weapons needed to beat him and his bad
buddies. All the while you are doing this, you must also be careful
not to let Roger get captured or Eddie get arrested.

The game has two different points of view; the Overhead Map
Screen and the Close-up Side View. The Overhead Map Screen
lets you move thru the four different sections of Los Angeles; The
City, The Park, ToonTown and the Warehouse District. The Close-up
Side View contains a number of different shots, from the exteriors
of buildings to interior hallways and individual rooms. In both
the Overhead Map Screen and the Close-up Side View you will
find clues that will lead you to objects and sometimes the
objects themselves. Some of the areas in both types of screens
will be off limits until you have a certain object in your possession
and you figure out how to use it.

There are lots of objects to collect, hundreds of clues to help
you find them, and a whole new world to explore.


How to play


After the legal screen switches to the opening title, you can
press any key to jump to the selection screen. On this screen
you can choose to start the game or enter a password by using
Select and the Start key. If this is your first time, do not pick
the "password" option, just start the game. If you have played
the game before and recorded the code that was displayed at
the end of that session, you can start each new game with the
objects you collected earlier. After selecting "enter password",
you can scroll back and forth through the possible choices
for each character using the left and right arrows on the Control
Pad. The "A" or "B" Button will lock in each character and the
Start key will enter the entire code to begin the game.

The first thing you will see is the Close-up Side View of the
inside of Eddie's office. Roger will come into the room from the
bottom of the screen and you are ready to play.

Close-up Side View

You can now use the crosskey to move Eddie around the room or
exit by heading off the bottom of the screen. In the room, you
can search thru drawers, cabinets or anything that might hold an
object by pushing against them with the Up arrow and hitting
the "A" Button. When you step outside the room, you will find
Eddie and Roger in the Close-up Side View of the exterior of the
building. Again you have the choice of moving around this screen,
walking back into the building thru the front door or exiting to
the Overhead Map Screen via the bottom of the screen. If Eddie
is facing sideways, the "A" Button is used to say "Can you help
me?" and ask a question of anyone else who happens to pass by.
Note: you can always leave a room or move from the sidewalk to
the Overhead Map Screen by walking off the bottom of the screen.

When entering some of the larger buildings, you find the first
area Eddie encounters will be a hallway which leads to several
doors. Each door will take you to a separate room. You have to
stay alert because that silly Roger has a tendency to wander off
in these larger areas and you may soon find him in trouble.

In the Close-up Side View you will be able to use the various
objects that you have collected. Just hold Select and use the
Left and Right arrows to switch between the different objects in
your possession. If you haven't found any weapons or tools yet,
don't worry, because when you first start the game, pushing the
"B" Button will allow Eddie to use his fist as a weapon. Unfortunately
it won't stop the Weasels for long. However, if you press the "B"
Button very rapidly, Eddie will windup to throw a more powerful
punch. Careful though, because Eddie doesn't maneuver very well
in his windup position and he is quite vulnerable at this time.

How to use the controller

Control Pad
Go right
Go left
Go up or go thru door
Go down or go out of door

Select among objects Eddie has found (with Right and Left arrows)


"B" Button
Use object or weapon in hand

"A" Button
Ask question or search area (with Up arrow)


Overhead Map Screen

If you are in front of the building, after leaving Eddie's office
and you move toward the bottom of the screen you will find
Roger and Eddie on the Overhead Map Screen. Now you are able
to walk down the road, explore other buildings or search the
wooded area. The problem is that those pesky Weasels are
going to be chasing you everywhere you go.

One way to outrun them is to catch a ride with Benny. What's
that, you don't see Benny around? Well if you're holding the
whistle, push the "B" Button and you can call him. But it only
works when Eddie is standing on the road. If you haven't found
the whistle yet, you'll just have to walk around and look for
him. Once Benny is found, run over to him and push the Select
button. This will place Eddie and Roger in the front seat. The
Control Pad will turn Benny left and right, while the "A" Button
is the gas pedal and the "B" Button is the brake. Benny can't
leave the road, so exploring the woods and caves in the Park
must be done on foot. However driving Benny is the only way
to go thru the tunnels leading into another section.

How to use the controller (when on foot)

Control Pad
Go right
Go left
Go up or go thru door
Go down

Climbs into Benny


"B" Button
Calls Benny when holding whistle

"A" button
Does nothing on this screen

How to use the controller (when in Benny)

Control Pad
Turns right
Turns left
Up does nothing
Down does nothing

Climbs out of Benny


"B" Button
Brake pedal

"A" Button
Gas pedal


Uh oh, the Weasels caught Roger!

In the Overhead Map Screen you weren't quick enough in
outmaneuvering the Weasels, they grabbed Roger and you
find yourself back in the Close-up Side View. The big dumb
weasel named "Stupid" is about to smash your buddy with a
baseball bat. Just before he swings, Roger asks a question
which is the opening to a joke. If you can come up with the
correct punchline in nine "Toon" seconds, the Weasels will laugh
hard enough which causes them to release Roger, giving him
time to escape.

At the top of the screen you will see a row of small squares.
These are the punchlines that you have to choose from. Hold
the Select key while pressing the Left and Right arrows to page
thru the list. When you think you have the right answer, press
the "A" or "B" Button. If you guess wrong or run out of time,
Roger gets hit and you lose one of your "clap boards". Lose them
all and the game is over. It's not too hard when you only have a
few punchlines, but it gets a lot tougher when the whole row is
full. By the way, Eddie can accidentally get a new punchline
when he searches the wrong place. So be careful.


What to visit on your stay in L.A.

There are caves to be found in the Park area, which is above
the city of L.A. What is inside these caves and where do they
lead? We're not telling. So I guess you had better just check them out.

As in all big cities, you need to keep your eye out for certain
dangers. Falling flower pots and bottles are a problem if you
start on the sidewalks and there are speeding cars to avoid in
the streets, and every time you turn around, here come those
pesky Weasels again. Sure, you can out run them in Benny, but
what will you do when they jump in their paddywagon? Ahh, life
in the big city, ain't it great?


Weapons and power items [some, but not all]

Spring shoes
Portable hole
Six shooter
Exploding cigar

When holding any objects that are found in the game, the "B"
Button causes some of them to be used, some to be throw, and
some to be just placed on the ground. To choose another object,
hold Select and move back and forth with the Left and Right
arrows. Each object has a different purpose and some can be
used repeatedly while others only once. For example, the crowbar
can be thrown at a locked door in order to break the lock. The
whistle is used to call Benny to come pick up Eddie and Roger.
On the other hand the cigar is placed on the ground where a
toon or human can pick it up and have it explode on them. What
about all the other objects in the game? How many different
ones are there? How do you make use of them? Where are they
located? Well, you're the detective, you figure it out.



In an adventure game such as this, it always helps to draw
a map and list the location of the various objects that you
pick up. Be sure and write down the clues that you find. It might
take a while to figure out what they mean, but be persistent.
Some areas may not be accessible when you first start the
game. Don't worry, you just haven't found the right way to
enter that section. For instance, some doors have locks on
them. There is a way to get in and all you have to do is figure it out.

Clue: As time goes on, you will find that Judge Doom is buying
up more and more of the L.A. area. And the Judge likes to keep
his buildings locked. Breaking and entering may set off an
alarm and force Eddie to hurry his investigation to avoid being
captured by the crooked cops on Doom's payroll. You've been warned.

Another hint for a budding young detective is to explore
everywhere and everything. And then explore some more.
Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it is the only thing
that will get you through this crazy city.

Okay, let's say that you found all the objects (maybe), solved all
the clues, (you think) and you know your way around ToonTown,
like the back of your hand. Just as you get to the Toon Warehouse,
Roger is grabbed by the Weasels and they disappear inside. This
time the standard ways you discovered to use your weapons just
don't seem to cut it. Okay, now what do you do?

Clue: It's time to experiment. Remember how Eddie got by the Judge's
henchmen in the movie? Some of your objects just might have a dual
function in this scene. Guess which ones and how to use them, and
you'll find yourself facing the big bossman himself.