Ultimate Basketball

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Ultimate Basketball(tm)



It's the ultimate!

"Dribble Drive... In the lane... Put it up... Score!"

Ultimate Basketball captures all the thrills and energy of a real full-court
ball game. You are in command; leading the court, making the plays, and
scoring the points. Want close ups? Go for the slam or a 3-pointer and let
the full-screen animation blow you away! When your men start to drag, don't
worry - substitute! It's all here; pro-basketball at your fingertips!


Quick reference

The Quick Reference allows you to play the game without sorting through the
entire manual. However, it is recommended that you read on for a better
understanding of the game.

* Cursor must be on star

Control Pad Select Start B A

Offense Move player Player Pause Jump Pass/
Inbounding: exchange Press 2 inbound ball
Move arrow times to

Defense Move player Player Pause Jump block Block
exchange Tip off Change to closest
player to the ball

Game sel- Select Make selection
ect time
& level

Team Left/ Make selection
select right

Player Up/down Player Player in*
exchange out*

Other See
halftime show


Starting up

Mode selection

Up/down: Select
A: Choose

In Ultimate Basketball, you will have 4 modes to choose from:

1) 1 player mode
For the game player that likes to go at it alone, this is for you.

2) 2 player mode
In this mode, two plays play cooperatively for the same team! Both players
have full control over movement and passing, and both are marked so you
don't get confused.

3) Versus (Head-To-Head)
Think your good enough to compete with another player?

The Versus mode is for head-to-head competition between two players.

4) Watch
When basketball on television gets too boring, switch Ultimate Basketball
into Watch mode and enjoy the action. This is a great way to lean the in's
and out's of playing ball in the UB League.

Game selection

You can choose either the Tournament or One Game modes to play.

1) Tournament
Compete in the Ultimate Basketball League! To become the champion, you'll
have to beat 2 of the 7 teams competing for the title. In tournament play,
each period is 5 minutes long, and the difficulty setting is random.

2) One Game
In One Game mode, you can choose both your team and the computer's team
from the UB league. You can also select the amount of time you wish to
play, as well as the level of difficulty. This is an excellent mode for
just "one game" or practice against a tournament champion.

Selecting your team

After you have made mode and game selections, select the team you would like
to play. Ultimate Basketball's league consists of 7 teams, each having unique
skills and talented players (See Ultimate Basketball League chapter for more
info.). In 1 player and 2 player modes, player 1 will choose their team and
the computer's teams unless Tournament mode is played. In Versus mode, each
player will choose their own teams, and in Watch mode, player 1 will pick the
teams they want to watch.


Playing Ultimate Basketball

The court

Here is a view of the entire Ultimate Basketball court and descriptions of
what you'll see.

Player score - The score is located next to the team's banner, and is
indicated by either 1up or 2up.

Game clock - The game clock tells you how much time remains in the period.

Message window - When a player error (ie. Charging, Foul, etc.) has been made,
or the period ends, a message will appear in the Message Window.

Foul meter - This indicator shows how many fouls have been called against your

The tip off

The excitement of every period of Ultimate Basketball begins with the toss-up.
Indeed, this moment can win or lose a game.

As soon as the ball is in the air, press the B to jump and retrieve it.

Player control

Here are the controls for players 1 and 2, to be used on the basketball
player with the I (player one) or II (player two) indicator above their head.

Offensive player (the man with the ball)

Pad: Move player/Move inbounding arrow
Select: Substutute
Start: Pause (You can only pause while the ball is in play)
B: Jump
A: Pass/inbound ball

Defensive player (the man trying to get the ball)

Pad: Move player
Select: Substutute
Start: Pause (You can only pause while the ball is in play)
B: Jump/Block/Tip-off
A: Block/Change to closest player

Stealing - Your defensive man can automatically steal, but he must remain
close to the offensive player with the ball for about 2 seconds.


To make your game more exhilarating, we have included several spectacular
animation sequences that you can control.

The Shot Meter
As a player makes a slam dunk, or goes up for a free throw, the Shot meter is

When the ball reaches the Score Zone, press the B to slam dunk the ball,
otherwise, your player will miss the shot.

The Three-point shot is shown during game-play, but there is no interaction
with the player. Just sit back and enjoy the show!


Substituting players

If you find that your team needs an extra boost in skill, or your desperate
for an all-star, just substitute! However, you can only substitute under these

A) A Violation (5 sec Violation, Charging, Traveling, etc.) has been

B) One of your men has committed 5 violations in the game.

C) The ball has been thrown out-of-bounds.

When one of the above occurs, press the Select Button and the Player Roster
will appear.

Player Roster

SP - The quickness of the player (MAX=10).
ST - The players shooting ability (MAX=10).
DF - Shows players defensive ability.
Stamina Meter - Bars indicate the amount of stamina remaining in a player.

Remember, you must have 5 players on the court at all times. When you are
finished with your selections, press the Select Button again to return to the
game. Good Luck with your new players!



You will receive a Violation for the following:

A) Traveling, or handling the ball after you jump.
B) A "Back Pass", in which the player throws the ball behind the mid-court
C) Time violations
5 second - For not inbounding the ball in time.
10 second - For not passing the half-court line to your basket.
30 second - For not shoowing the ball while it is in your possession.

After committing a violation, the ball goes to the other team.

Personal Fouls include pushing, charging, and blocking. The ball will be
given to the other team if you are charged with a personal foul. If any one
player receives 5 personal fouls, they are thrown out of the game, and must
be replaced.

Team Fouls are committed by executing more than 8 violations in a half. In
this case, the opposing team is given two free throws.


Ultimate Basketball league

Starting line-up and team descriptions

New York Powers

Jimmy L. 6-8 215 8 6 2
Louis K. 6-2 200 8 6 2
Mikey F. 6-3 180 9 6 1
Nick R. 6-9 220 9 7 1
Hanson S. 6-5 205 7 6 6

The Powers maintain a well-rounded basketball team. Their speed and intricate
passing game always keeps them at an advantage.

LA Eagles

Andrew F. 6-4 195 6 6 7
Billy J. 6-9 230 7 4 6
Ralph I. 6-4 185 8 4 2
Peter G. 6-3 180 4 5 9
Spencer J. 6-5 210 5 5 8

Though the Eagles have a rock defense, they're not so talented at the hoop,
and often miss.

Detroit Unions

Thunder B. 6-8 230 6 6 7
Paul M. 6-9 224 4 6 9
Michael J. 6-6 226 8 6 2
Ray W. 6-4 205 8 6 2
Silver K. 6-8 205 6 6 7

Their defense is weak, but the Unions make up for it with hard drills to the

Chicago Wolves

Brian A. 6-8 220 9 9 1
Abel L. 6-6 200 7 8 6
Gill B. 6-8 230 4 8 9
Hack J. 6-9 225 7 8 6
Rian S. 6-9 215 5 8 2

The Wolves are probably the most conservative team in the league.

San Diego Dolphins

Roger T. 6-9 215 7 6 6
Edward B. 6-5 225 9 4 1
Morris C. 6-9 225 6 4 7
White P. 6-9 205 7 5 6
Sting W. 6-8 235 5 5 8

No one can complain about the Dolphins' style. They do everything well!

Dallas Fighters

Jackson M. 7-1 235 9 9 1
Heygar S. 6-9 225 7 8 6
Rudy H. 6-6 215 9 8 1
Steve W. 6-9 165 7 8 6
Rick A. 6-7 230 8 8 2

The Fighters maintain their high ranking in the league with a complex passing
game that goes right up to the hoop.

Houston Comets

Herbert J. 6-3 180 7 6 6
Alan S. 6-5 207 5 4 8
Smith P. 6-3 198 6 4 7
Albert A. 6-3 180 6 5 7
Andy T. 6-4 188 9 5 1

The Comets can destroy a team's morale with their tight defense and long-range
shooting ability.