Tiny Toon Adventures

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How to play

Tiny Toon Adventures



There's trouble brewing in Acme Acres

The residents of Acme Acres sat on the steps of Acme Looniversity singing the
blues. They've been carrying on this way ever since that menace to merriment,
Montana Max, kidnapped Babs Bunny. What they wouldn't do to hear just one of
her knock-knock jokes again.

You see, it all started during the Animation Festival at Acme Loo. The
festival has always been a grand celebration in Acme Acres, highlighted by the
acreenings of student films. Every year Montana Max tries to bribe the judges
to vote for his film befcause he is accustomed to having his way. He's a rich
dude with an attitude. Monty has always been jealous of Buster Bonny and it
only made matters worse when Buster won "Best Student Film".

That's when mean-hearted Monty reached maximum boil. He was going to get even
if it was the last thing he did. While Babs was on her way to Buster's house
to congratulate him on his win, Monty and his thugs lured her away to his
mansion with the promise of making her a star. To parade his prize catch,
Monty brought a TV station and broadcast a live "na-na-you-can't-catch-me"
speech for all of the stunned citizens of Acme Acres to see.

Well Buster was one bummed out bunny. He was even about ready to give up
jumping. But here comes his pals Plucky Duck, Dizzy Devil and Furrball to
pledge their help in rescuing everyone's favorite female bunny. With a little
help from you, Buster and his buddies can now set out on their adventure-
packed mission to the outer fringes of Acme Acres to rescue Babs. Can they
possible survive the slew of snares that Monty had laid out for them? You
better get jumping or it'll be "curtains" for our playful pals!


Getting in toon

The object of this adventure is to rescue Babs from Monty's Mansion before
time runs out. You assume the role of the hero, Buster bunny. Press the START
BUTTON to get things hopping. First you will visit Shirley The Loon the
fortune-telling Toon who will have some valuable advice to offer. In her
chambers, you will also select one of your three faithful friends to take
along on the next leg of your journey. Since you've got to move fast, you can
only take one at a time. Press the CONTROL PAD Left or Right to select Plucky
Duck, Dizzy Devil or Furrball. Then press the A BUTTON to lock in your
selection and move to the Map screen. You can re-select a partner at the start
of each new stage. You'll notice that if you leave any of your players
standing still for too long, each will display his impatience in his own
style. Remember, each of your pals also has unique talents which may come in
especially handy at different times. To switch to the character you've brought
along, you must pop a balloon and grab the prize Toon-A-Round inside.


Stay tooned

A Map Screen will appear next to pinpoint your location on the Toony trail.
You've got 6 stages to tackle, each of which has several levels. Watch out for
Elmyra who is hiding in rooms throughout the game and just waiting for a
cuddly toon to love to pieces. She means well, and truly adores all creatures,
but her hugs will send you all the way back to the beginning of the stage. So
avoid her like the measles.

At the end of each stage, you will have to face one of Monty's brutish
Guardians who will do everything in his power to see that you don't pass him
by. You'll have to use some fancy footwork to take him out. Once you do,
though, you'll be able to grab the Key and move on to the next stage. In the
fifth level, Gogo Dodo holds the final Keys. (There are five in all.) His
split personality acts up, dividing him into five different characters. You'll
have to catch all five to get the Keys. When you've conquered a level you'll
see a door. That means it's time to "exit stage left," or right as the case
may be. Before you move to the next stage, a Progress Screen shows you which
stage and level you're at, how many points you've earned and your Time Clock
automatically moves back to zero.

Sound easy? Well it might be if it weren't for Monty's creepy crew who crowd
every level and do their level best to trip you up. They'll make you hopping
mad, so the best thing to do is hop right on their heads and stomp them. Some
of the special moves and the underwater moves use up your Power Meter and once
it's all gone, you can't "attack". Keep an eye on it because it will replenish
itself in time. You'll lose your "life" if one of the thugs gets the best of
you, if you fall off the course, if your time runs out, or if you get
"injured" too much. When that happens, you will start again as the same
character at the beginning of the level if you still have any of your three
Players left. If you've used up all three of your Players then the game will
be over. Even then, you may choose to continue the game where you left off.
Just press the CONTROL PAD to select CONTINUE and you will go back to the same
stage as Buster Bunny.


When it's time to bust a move, you gotta jam the toons

To Move Buster Bunny

To walk: press the CONTROL PAD Right or Left, press the B BUTTON at the same
time to speed up.

To duck: press the CONTROL PAD Down.

To jump/"attack": press the A BUTTON or hold the A BUTTON Down for a super
high jump.

To slide: press the CONTROL PAD Down while pressing the B BUTTON at the same

To swim: press the CONTROL PAD Right or Left and tap the A BUTTON continuously.

To jump out of water: press the CONTROL PAD Up and hit the A BUTTON.

To whirlpool "attack" (under water): Press the B BUTTON while under water.

To move Plucky Duck

Basically the same as Buster Bunny, but Plucky can flap his wings to glide and

To glide: (stay in the air longer while jumping) tap the A BUTTON continuously.

To swim: press the CONTROL PAD Right, Left, Up or Down and press the A BUTTON
at the same time to speed up.

To move Dizzy Devil

Basically the same as Buster, but Dizzy can't slide. He does have a powerful
"spin attack", though.

To "spin attack": hold the B BUTTON Down and press the CONTROL PAD Right or

To move Furrball

Basically the same as Buster, but Furrball can climb walls and twist jump.

To climb: press the CONTROL PAD in the direction of the wall and press the A
BUTTON at the same time.

To twist jump: (increase jump distance) press the CONTROL PAD in the direction
opposite the wall and quickly press the A BUTTON.


A few of my favorite things

Be sure to snag the many items that pepper your path, because each one can do

Pop the balloons to find the prize inside.

Not only are they good for you, but if you collect a bunch, they can also give
you an extra Player when you visit Hamton.

Grab the Toon-A-Round to switch to your partnet character and to change back
to Buster.

Happy Heart
A Happy Heart can boost your "life". Pop the balloons to find it. In your
possession, it will save your "life" once. If you already have on Happy Heart
and you get another, you will get an extra Player.

You don't need an ugly face to stop this clock. Just grab it out of the air
and you'll stop time, but only for a little while.


Circus of the stars

Buster Bunny
Our hero. The kind of guy everyone wants for a best friend. Never gets caught
with carrot between his teeth. Star athlete, can jump higher and run faster
than any other character. Flosses regularly.

Babs Bunny
Dreams of being a comedian when she grows up. Here's one of her favorite
jokes: "Q. How to you keep a turkey in suspense?" "A. I'll tell you tomorrow."

Plucky Duck
His big beak often gets the gang into trouble, but he's also a pretty good tap
dancer when it comes time to talking his way out of a pickle. An excellent
swimmer. Can also flap his wings while jumping to stay in the air longer.

Dizzy Devil
Fun loving, but if you invite him to a party he'll trash the place and empty
the fridge! He can even destroy rock solid walls with his "spin attack" and
send enemies flying.

A wandering kitty, always looking for a place to hang his collar at night. His
practice at dodging stray dogs makes him good at scaling straight up walls.

A bit wimpy when it comes to confronting enemies, so he hides out in secret
rooms along your route and will give you an extra Player if you being him
enough carrots.

Gogo Dodo
A loveable mischief maker with a split personality. Likes to hide keys.

Shirley the Loon
Fancies herself as a psychic new-age guru. She writes the horoscopes in the
Acme Inquirer and she's quite good at telling fortunes. Listen to her

Just loves these little animals, but her affections are just too much to take.
So if you see her, run for cover! If she catches you, you'll have to go back
to the beginning of the stage. Look out!


Menagerie of meanies

Montana Maz
Boo! Hiss! Boo! The maladjusted millionaire behind the meanies.

Private Eye
Roderick Rat
Pen Pal
Danforth Drake
Rubella Rat
Bottle Brush

Gallery of illegal Guardians

Arnold the pit bull
Captain Claw
Dr. Gene Splicer


All the world is a stage

Field of Screams
A stretch of plush prairie that borders downtown Acme Acres and is a favorite
spot for picnickers, or was until Monty littered it with traps and thugs.

Motion Ocean
By the sea, by the sea, by the treacherous sea. Watch out for crabs, pirates
and even the fish! Plucky Duck will help out swimmingly here.

Sure Weird Forest
Jump branch to branch among the wacked out woodland creatures. Some say these
trees are enchanted. I think that I shall never see, a thing as spooky as a
tree. Here Dizzy Devil can blaze trails for you.

An urban jungle where you may get konked on the noggin by objects flying from
open windows. Furrball is best here for climbing the city walls.

A topsy-turvy wonderland where you're never sure of the ground beneath your
feet and a strange breed of creatures pop out at you at every turn.

Monty's Mansion
This way-groovy pad is your ultimate destination. Monty likes to keep the
nastiest of the nasty close to home, so watch out for the cleverest traps.
Don't give up, because you're so close to Babs, you can almost hear her