Tecmo World Wrestling

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Tecmo World Wrestling(tm)




Hello!....And welcome to the Tecmo World Wrestling extravaganza. I'm your
announcer Tom Talker coming to you live from the magnificent Tecmo Coliseum.
The Mega-Event is about to begin where the TWW Title Crown is on the line. Who
will win and become the new champion of Tecmo World Wrestling? Just think, you
could be sitting on top of the world wearing the TWW Champion Belt! Go for it!

- ZOOM Mode!
The ZOOM Mode gives you an instant replay of your perfectly executed
technique - up close and in slow motion!



- Name of controller parts
* This game can be played by one or two players.

- Pause
To pause press the START Button. Can only be used while a match is in play.

- For one player
Use the SELECT button and choose 1 PLAYER. Then press the START button.

Wrestler selection

- Selecting Your Wrestler

At the start of the match, a picture of the wrestler and his portfolio will
appear on the screen. Use the A or B Button to scroll through the list of
wrestlers. When the wrestler of your choice appears on the screen, press the
right or left arrow of the control cross to move the star mark. The name of
the wrestler on which the star mark is placed indicates the wrestler you have
selected. Then press the START Button to begin.

- Creating Your Own Ring Name
Create your own name (up to eight letters) and enter it on the NAME SELECT
screen. Use the control cross to select the letters. Press the A Button to
save, then the START Button. If you make a mistake, press the B Button to
backspace, and reenter the correct letter.


Muscle training

When you start your first match or lose a match, the Muscle Training screen
will appear.

If you want to "beef up", press the upper or lower arrow of the control cross
to move the cursor to "YES". Then press the START Button. A different screen
will appear where you select the kind of work-out you want to do. Press the
upper or lower arrow of the control cross to select. Then press the START
Button. Beef up those muscles! When the whistle blows, press the A Button over
and over as fast as you can. This will build up your power on the PUSH meter.
Once the PUSH meter reaches "full", a section of the POWER meter will light
up. As the POWER meter increases, so does the talent and skill of the
* CAUTION.... When the NES machine is turned off, the POWER meter
automatically resets to zero.



* Physical Strength Meter

When the wrestler's Physical Strength Meter is around full capacity, he is
able to spring back and recover quickly. This meter regains strength whenever
you make a successful move with a technique.

* Time Display

The Time Display normally shows the time remaining in the match. When there is
an illegal move, the clock displays the penalty count of five seconds. When a
wrestler is outside the ring, the count-out time of 20 seconds is displayed.


Match rules

- Each match is seven minutes. A match will be considered a "draw" when it is
not completed within this time limit or when both wrestlers are caught outside
the ring after a count-out.

- If a wrestler is caught on top of the ropes by a five-count, it will be
considered a loss by disqualification.

- If a wrestler is caught outside the ring by a 20-count, it will be
considered a loss by disqualification.


Two player mode

Use the Select Button and choose 2 PLAYERS. Then press the START Button.

- Selecting Your Wrestlers
Use the Control cross to move the star mark and select the wrestlers of your
choice. Press the START Button to save. When you have chosen your wrestler,
enter the name the same way as in ONE PLAYER mode.

- Biometer
This is the meter under the Time Display. Red indicates PLAYER ONE and blue
indicates PLAYER TWO. The perfect time to attack is when the color of the
Biometer favors your wrestler. Your defenses will also be at their best.


How to operate the wrestler

- Movement
You can move the wrestler in eight different directions using the Control

- Running
To run (right and left directions only), press the Control Cross twice in a
row. To stop running, press the opposite direction of the Control Cross.

- Pinning
Close in on your fallen opponent and press the B Button to pin.

- Breaking a pin
If you are pinned by your opponent, press the A or B Button over and over to
break the pin.
* The speed with which a pin is broken will depend on the physical strength
of the wrestler.

- Climbing To The Top Of The Ropes
Go to the left or right corners of the ring and press the upper arrow on the
control cross to climb.

- Going Outside The Ring
When your opponent is outside the ring, press the control cross in the
direction of the ropes of the side you want to climb out. To climb back into
the ring, press the control cross in the direction of the ring side you want
to enter.

- Picking Up Your Opponent
To Pick up your opponent, close in on him and press the A Button or press the
A Button simultaneously with the upper or lower arrows of the control cross.

- Throwing Your Opponent Into The Ropes
When in a clinch with your opponent, press the right or left side of the
control cross to throw your opponent into the ropes.


Moves Common To All Wrestlers

When separated
- Kick: A
- Punch: B

When opponent is down
- Stomping: Up/Down + B

- Kneelift: A
- Brain Buster: Up + A
- Body Slam: Up + B
- Headlock: B
- Back Drop: Left/Right + A
- Pile Driver: Down + A

- Drop Kick: A
- Clothesline: B

Throwing into the ropes
- Shoulder Throw: A or B

Climbing the ropes
- Diving Body Attack: A
- Flying Knee Drop: B

Fighting outside the ring
- Metal Post Slame: Left/Right + B


Techniques For Each Wrestler

When opponent is down

* Knee Drop: Left/Right + A
A. Dragon, E. Tigre, P. Gordon, R. Beat, J. Lee, M. Lose, R. Gomez, J. Falcon

* Elbow Drop: Left/Right + A
B. Chekov, Dr. Guildo

* Giant Swing: Left/Right + B
B. Chekov, Dr. Guildo

* Figure 4 Leglock: Left/Right + B
E. Tigre, P. Gordon, R. Beat, M. Rose

* Scorpion Deathlock: Left/Right + B
A. Dragon, J. Lee, R. Gomez, J. Falcon


* Power Slam: Down + B
P. Gordon, R. Beat, J. Lee, B. Chekov, J. Falcon, Dr. Guildo

* Back Brain Kick: A
A. Dragon, R. Gomez

* Bear Hug: B
B. Chekov, J. Falcon, R. Beat

* Cobra Twist: Down + B
A. Dragon, E. Tigre, J. Lee, M. Rose, R. Gomez, Dr. Guildo

* One Hand Backbreaker: Down + A
P. Gordon, B. Chekov, J. Falcon

* German Suplex: Left/Right + A
A. Dragon, J. Lee

* Northern Right Suplex: Left/Right + A
E. Tigre, M. Rose

* Power Bomb: Down + A
R. Beat, R. Gomez

* Argentine Backbreaker: Up + A
Dr. Guildo

* Octopus Hold: Down + B
A. Dragon, M. Rose

* Death Drop: Up + B
R. Beat, J. Falcon, Dr. Guildo


* Jumping Kneebutt: Left/Right + A
E. Tigre, P. Gordon, J. Falcon, Dr. Guildo

* Shoulder Tackle: Left/Right + B
R. Beat, J. Lee, B. Chekov, Dr. Guildo



"The Samurai" AKIRA DRAGON
Place of birth: JAPAN
HT: 6'03" WT: 231 lbs.

"Striker" EL TIGRE
Place of birth: MEXICO
HT: 6'00" WT: 242 lbs.

"Greek Warrior" PAT GORDON
Place of birth: GREECE
HT: 6'05" WT: 282 lbs.
Best technique: BACK DROP, POWER SLAM

"British Star" REX BEAT
Place of birth: BRITAIN
HT: 6'02" WT: 286 lbs.
Best technique: POWER BOMB, DEATH DROP

"Kung-fu Master" JACKIE LEE
Place of birth: HONG KONG
HT: 5'11" WT: 264 lbs.

"The Siberian Machine" BORIS CHEKOV
Place of birth: U.S.S.R.
HT: 6'03" WT: 297 lbs.

"Mr. Tattoo" MARK ROSE
Place of birth: GERMANY
HT: 6'04" WT: 260 lbs.

"Iguanaman" JULIO FALCON
Place of birth: ECUADOR
HT: 6'07" WT: 319 lbs.
Best technique: DEATH DROP, POWER SLAM

"The Flying Grenade" RANDY GOMEZ
Place of birth: VENEZUELA
HT: 6'02" WT: 275 lbx.

"The Technician" Dr. GUILDO
Place of birth: U.S.A.
HT: 6'08" WT: 330 lbs.



His name is Blue King, "the Manic Warrior". Rumor has it that he came in 11th
place and was disqualified from the preliminary matches, yet there is
something mysterious about him...