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Strider (from Crapcom)

[The Story of Strider "Hiryu"]

"Strider" is the strongest secret maneuvers group in the world. It specializes
in smuggling, kidnapping, demolitions, disruption, etc. One strider of C-
grade is equivalent to one well-trained team of special corps.

Hiryu was the youngest strider of Super-A grade. After eliminating the sister
of a mad A-grade Strider, he decided to retire and was spending his life
peacefully in Mongolia.

One day the Vice-Driector of Strider, Matic, showed up. Apparently, Hiryu's
friend Kain had been caught by the enemy. Matic ordered Hiryu to destroy his
friend Kain and threatened to start slaughtering Mongolians if Hiryu refused.

Hiryu had no choice but to return. fter rescuing Kain, he discovered the
fearful plan conceived by the Striders and an organization called "Enterprise"
an evil project called "ZAIN"

Hiryu decided to destroy the ZAIN mind-control weapon along with Enterprise
and the Striders. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

[Controllin Strider "Hiryu"]

          DD                 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD                    DD
          DD     DDDDD       DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD      Nintendo      DD
          DD     D U D       D SELECT  START  D                    DD
          DD DDDDD   DDDDD   D ******  ****** D  DDDDDDD DDDDDDD   DD
          DD     D D D       DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD        B       A   DD
          DD     DDDDD       DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD                    DD

The A button makes Hiryu jump.
The B button make Hiryu hit.
The Start button will pause the game.

Pushing RIGHT or LEFT on the controller moves Hiryu right or left.
This world even when he is jumping or falling.
REMEMBER THIS! It is an important feature.

When UP is pushed, Hiryu will put his Cipher in the air. This may be used for
stabbing enemies overhead. Later on Hiryu will acquire the PLASMA ARROW
ability. To use this, hold the controller UP for 3-5 seconds and then press
the hit(B) button to fire a plasms arrow. Hiryu does not have this ability at
the beginning of the game.

Pressing DOWN will cause Hiryu to crouch. This is useful for avoiding flying
enemies or enemy bullets. Later on Hiryu will learn how to slide. To do this
hold DOWN along with either LEFT or RIGHT and press the Jump(A) button. This
is useful for sliding under enemies as they jump. Hiryu does not have this
ability at the beginning of the game.

The SELECT button is used for seeing the STATUS SCREEN and selecting tricks.
Initially, Hiryu has no tricks, but as he acquires them, he can select a trick
with the control pad. Press A button to select the trick. Press the SELECT
button to ignore the changes.

You can return to the BLUE DRAGON console by jumping in the left edge of the
beginning screen of each stage.


Some doors require a certain key to open them. When you have the key with the
same number as the number on the door, you can go through. Some doors open
automatically after you eliminate all of the enemies on the screen.

The keys you have are displayed in the lower right hand corner of the STATUS

[Message Disks]

You can obtain the Message Disks by killing certain enemies. Some disks are
hidden somewhere or are obtained by talking. Analyze them at the BLUE DRAGON

[Triangle Jump]

It is possible to jump very high by bouncing off walls. Jump toward a wall
and when you hit it, jump again in the opposite direction. It is even
possible to do a series of these and climb up chimneys.

[Acceleration Jump]

When Hiryu runs down a slope, he speeds up. You can take advantage of the
speed to jump farther.

[Power Tricks]

Press the SELECT buttton to bring up the STATUS SCREEN. Use the control pad
to move up and down the list of tricks. Press the A button to select a trick.

The Medical tricks add to your Health Points and then set your weapon to the
Cipher. Your weapon also remain the Cipher when using the jump trick.

The tricks are: Fire: (5) You can shoot fire bullet
Medical: (10) Recover 20 health points
Spark: (5) Roll electric ball
Jump: (10) Improve jump for a hort amount of time
Warp: (30) Return to BLUE DRAGON base
Ground: (30) Attack all enemies on the screen
Medical 2: (25) Recover 50 health points
Spark Ball: (15) Throw electric ball
Medical 3: (50) Recover 150 health points

The tricks marked with a � are used by pressing the hit B button. The number
in ( ) is the number of energy points consumed by each use of the trick,i.e.
WARP uses 30 points.


There are three different types of boots.

Magnet Boots (red):
You can climb where ground is flashing.

Aqua Boots (blue):
You can walk on water.

Attack Boots (yellow):
You can kick and kill the enemy by sliding.


In the upper left hand corner of the game screen are two energy counters. The
first shows how many more points of damage Hiryu is capable of absorbing.
When the number reaches zero points, Hiryu is defeated.

There are a number of objects that Hiryu can find that will increase his
energy. There is an energy pellet and an energy ball. These add a little
energy and a lit of energy respectively.

The second meter tells how much attack energy remains for doing trick. If
there is not enough energy, the trick may not be performed. Attack energy may
be increased with weapin energy pellets and balls.


Even though Hiryu is defeated, his accomplishments are remembered. When you
start another game, you automatically continue with the items you acquired.
If you select PASSWORD, the current password will be shown. You may write
this down and use it to return to the same point later(perhaps the nezt day.)
Use A and B buttons to move the cursor right and left and use the control pad
to change the letters.