Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

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Capcom(r) USA

Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight (tm)

Instruction Manual


Getting started

1. Insert the Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight Game Pak and turn on your
Nintendo Entertainment System. The cartridge will automatically show various
scenes from the game as well as give you some background on the hero, Ken.
Pressing the Start button begins the game.

2. "A little history" sets up the action in this game. It tells the story of
Ken, a former world class Street Fighter. It would be advisable to read
through this part before beginning the game.


Controlling Ken - the Street Fighter

The controls for Ken are simple, but true mastery takes great timing and

Start - pauses the game.

Select - removes stats panel to show more of the screen.

A Button - Press once to jump. While Ken is in midair press it a second time
to make him grasp a vertical surface (walls, plants, cliffsides...).

B Button - Launch attack. Depending on whether you are standing, jumping, or
pressing on the control pad, pressing the B button will make Ken punch or
kick. These are his two primary modes of attack.

Left and Right on the control pad moves Ken left and right.

Pressing Down on the control pad while pressing the A button makes Ken jump

There are a variety of martial arts moves available to Ken. To perform these,
press the B button and the Up, Down, Left and Right areas of the control pad.
Experiment to find the deadly combinations.


Playing the game

The main view of the game shows Ken in an alien setting, (main picture), and
a stats panel below. The stats panel shows:

PLANET - Which planet you are on.

P=4 - How many players are left.

LIFE - Bar measurement of Ken's life energy.

OPEN - When all the arrows are glowing, a teleport opening is created. Jump
into this portal before they stop glowing or you will lose one player. Dest-
roying various enemies will cause the arrows to glow.

POWER BAR - These five squares show the amount of power Ken has collected. The
more power units that are collected, the greater the power Ken will wield.

When the teleport beam arrives, this is a signal that you have successfully
cleared that area of the world.


The story

Ken grew up in a world of violence. He mastered the martial arts at a very
early age and went on a global tour to challenge the greatest Street Fighters
of the world. He was victorious. Upon returning to his home country he enroll-
ed at Bargham University and began his life study in the field of Cybotics.
While at Bargham, he was befriended by a gifted classmate named Troy. After
many years, they perfected a revolutionary discovery they named Cyboplasm.

This substance, when properly administered, could make a man several times
stronger than normal. This came at a good time, for mankind had just perfected
travel to the "frontier" of other worlds. Ken had no interest in traveling to
the new frontier, but he was glad their invention could be helpful.

One day he came to their lab and found it nearly destroyed. His partner Troy
was killed, and their formula was stolen. The killer escaped to the new
worlds. Ken knew he must avenge his fallen friend. He now has a very keen
interest in the frontier...


Enemy characters

Death Eye
Seeker Drone
Hunter Drone