Star Force

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Star Force(tm)



1. Game story

In the year 2010 of Dimension Almanac, there was a mysterious planet named
GORDESS which was moving in the darkness of the cosmos for the purpose of
mass murder and plunder. Everyone gave up fighting against GORDESS because of
its awesome power. One day a brave soldier riding a space patroller challenged
GORDESS to fight. People called this space patroller "FINAL STAR", wishing to
be saved. You must bring an end to the murders which have been committed for
the past 2,000 years.


2. How to operate the controller

- Names of controller parts and operating instructions
- This game is only A(1) player only!

- Select Button
Not used.

- Start Button
Pressing this button starts the game.
[Pause Function] Pressing the start button during the game causes the game
to be stopped temporarily. And pressing it again restarts the game.

Operations for Final Star

- Control Pad
Controls Final Star in eight directions

- A button, B button
Pressing one of those two buttons fires a Star Beam Gun.


3. Mission

Your mission is to attack GORDESS by controlling FINAL STAR. GORDESS is
divided into 24 areas. FINAL STAR will encounter enemies in each area. FINAL
STAR is armed with a Star Beam Gun, which he uses to destroy the enemies. This
is a powerful weapon enabling FINAL STAR to attack GORDESS.


4. Enemies

There are a number of enemies. The following gives a brief description of each
along with their attack patterns and point values.

- GALLI 100 pts
Intercepter fighters which appear on the opposite side against FINAL STAR over
the center line on the display. They fly in zigzag directions in formation.
Moving FINAL STAR to right and left, fire upon them immediately.

- TITTA 200 pts
High-speed fighting vessel which makes a straight advance and then after
passing FINAL STAR changes its direction at a high speed to make a direct
frontal attack. Fire upon it at your first opportunity.

- ETTORI 100 pts
Vintage unmanned fighting plane allowed to change its direction at a right
angle. As it is an old-type fighter, it stops for a short period of time for
directional change. Fire upon it when it pauses.

- ZOFF 100 pts
Fighter-bomber which appears at any place from upper zone of the display and
flies in zigzag directions.

- FAILLAR 100 pts
Heavy bomber which shoots a bullet while making a straight advance.

- MEEUWS 300 pts
Ultra-magnetic torpedo boat destroyer coming up to the side of FINAL STAR and
then turns at right angle to attack him. Shoot it before it nears FINAL STAR.

- OBSESS 500 pts
Automatic guided space mine. As far as you run away without attacking it, you
will be chased indefinitely. Shoot it now.

- LOPE 100 pts
New type unmanned fighting plane which appears in the same way as GALLI and
flies slowly in large or small circles on the right hand and the left hand

- QUIRI 100 pts
Heavy bomber which is an improvement upon FAILLAR and makes a straight advance
prior to turning to attack FINAL STAR. Destroy it by successive shooting in
the lower zone.

- RIVA 200 pts
Fighting plane which appears in the same way as GALLI. It does not scroll out
downward, but turns reversely in a circle.

- SPLITTA 500 pts
Hard reflecting plate mine. Each time a bullet is shot, SPLITTA is subject to
fission. After three times of fission, shooting it again causes it to explode.
Failure to shoot it allows it to chase FINAL STAR.

- GADOHA 500 pts
Unmanned scout plane which flies in waves in an unexpected manner and stops in
the center of the display. After pausing for a few moments, it flies away
shooting bullets. Shoot it before being shot.

- GIRARD 1,000 pts
Floating mine which moves in zigzag directions to the right and left. At least
eight bullets should be shot to destroy GIRARD. Your success in destroying it
leads to the explosion of all the enemies displayed.

- AMARA 100 pts
High-speed bomber which flies down to a point just below FINAL STAR in a
slanted direction and then flies up. Move FINAL STAR to the right and left
quickly to shoot bullets successively.

- NEIRA 500 pts
New-type fighting plane appearing at a point-symmetrical place against FINAL
STAR. (If FINAL STAR is in the lower corner on the right hand side, NEIRA
appears in the upper corner on the left hand side and starts to attack him.)

- TOPPER 1,000 pts
Barrier-type fighting plane. Despite its three-layer barriers, shooting four
bullets destroys it. Each hit causes it to move wider horizontally.

- SULTAN 100 pts
Magnetic fighting planes which appear on the opposite side against FINAL STAR
over the center line on the display. They fly in a slanted direction and stop
for a short period of time for directional change.

- SUPER SONIC 300 pts
Small magnetic weapon making a straight and high-speed advance.

- ZMUDA 1,000 pts
An object on the surface used as an energy storage atation. Shooting it four
times destroys it.

- BIGO 100 pts
An object on the surface serving as an energy station and an entrance/exit
leading to and from an underground world.

- GUILER 1,000 pts
Huge airplane carrier which flies up from the lower part of the display,
drawing waves.

- BIGORRA 300 pts
Fortresses on the surface. There are airplane sheds, control systems, power
sources and weapons, and also powder magazines. In the inner area, idols for
GODS and demons are deified. What an unearthly sight it is.


5. Ultra-techniques

- Saving PURSER to be combined into one Fighter!

After the combined floating fortress named LALIOS is destroyed, the prison
convoy "CALDERON" appears. PURSER, your ally is imprisoned in CALDERON. FINAL
STAR can be combined with PURSER into one by destroying CALDERON and saving
PURSER, thus making the speeds of FINAL STAR and star beam 1.5 times faster.

- Side attack to destroy an enemy beside FINAL STAR!

FINAL STAR cannot be destroyed through the light touch of the wings. So it is
best for him to near an enemy sideways and upon light contact, shoot a bullet
at the enemy. the destruction of an enemy beside FINAT STAR is feasible. This
technique is effective to attack OBSESS.


6. Seven mysteries

1. Hidden (H) 2,000 pts
Hidden in the underground invisible to the naked eye. Shooting a bullet causes
HIDDEN to appear and shooting four bullets causes its destruction.

2. Bonus target 500 pts
There are bonus targets in certain areas. You can obtain the bonus of 10,000
points by destroying all the bonus targets (B) (b) in each area.

3. Magikka (happy face)
? mark on the surface. Shooting four bullets causes it to be overturned and
then two pictures will appear. If one of the two pictures is "KERA",
additional FINAL STARs will be stored. KERA is liable to appear at any place
each time.

4. Alpha target
Computer-control command ship appears at the end of each area to hinder FINAL
STAR. You cannot clear an area without destroying it. Shooting eight bullets
causes ALPHA TARGET to be destroyed. It moves to the right or left.

5. Larios
Super-magnetic combined floating fortress. First, a blinking red core appears
and allows eight fortresses to be combined into a huge fortress. Shooting
eight bullets destroys LARIOS after the fortress formation. In this casae, you
can get no more than 1,000 points. But before the fortress formation, the
destruction of LARIOS by shooting eight bullets allows you to get the bonus of
50,000 points. In this case, you must shoot bullets after the center of the
core is illuminated. If you shoot them before the illumination of the core,
the number of the bullets you shot is added to eight and you will have to
shoot that many times at LARIOS to destroy it.

6. Zmuda Stegui
ZMUDAs are standing in a double line. This place is called ZMUDA STEGUI.
Shooting ZMUDAs at random and destroying all of them will give you a high
score. On the other hand, you can get the bonus of 80,000 points by shooting
10 ZMUDAs which stand on one side successively. But failure to shoot one or
shooting the other line by mistake requires a restart.


7. Solving the mystery of the earthly picture to unmask Gordess

A mysterious picture is hidden deep in an area. It is said to provide clues
for unmasking GORDESS. Your final mission is to locate this picture to debunk
GORDESS. You can find the place where CLEOPATRA is hidden by solving the
mystery of this picture. A bonus of one million points will be yours if you
succeed in making CLEOPATRA appear and destroy it.