Spy vs Spy

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Mad(r) Magazine's official

Spy vs Spy(r)

Instruction Manual

Kemco / Seika



User's Guide to Mad(r) Magazine's official Spy vs Spy(r)

For the Nintendo Entertainment System(r)

Mission Objective

Your mission is to escape the embassy, Top secret briefcase in hand. Before
time runs out, you must find, fill and keep the briefcase; locate the only
exit and board your plane with all of the following: Passport, Bag of Money,
Key and secret Papers.


Game options

After the SPY vs SPY(r) title screen appears you can either watch the self-
playing demonstration game or select the Game Option screen. If you do not
want to watch the demo, press the START BUTTON on the PLAYER 1 Controller to
see the option screen. From the Game Option screen you can select:

- TRAINING (This is a simplified version of the game. In TRAINING mode, a spy
needs only to collect the briefcase and a single item, i.e. money or key,

- VS COM (This option permits a user to play against the computer controlled

- VS PLAYER (This is the two player option in which users play against each

- LEVEL (Using PLAYER 1's controller, any of the 8 game levels can be
selected. The levels progress in order of difficulty. The higher the level,
the greater the number of rooms in the embassy. Also, as the levels
progress, a second floor is added to the building and sometimes parts of the
first floor can only be reached by traveling on the second floor. The
amount of time for each game is different on each level.)

(See notes regarding GAME LEVELS and SPY RANKING)



You may use either the SELECT BUTTON or the UP/DOWN commands on the DIRECTION
KEY to select between TRAINING, VS COM, VS PLAYER. You must use the LEFT/RIGHT
commands on the DIRECTION KEY to select among the 8 LEVELS.

Once the game is set as you desire, press the PLAYER 1 controller's START
BUTTON. You will then see the next screen. At the top, the floor plan or map
of the embassy will be shown. On levels with two floors, a second map will be
depicted. To the left of the map will be written either 1F or 2F which
indicates whether the first or second floor's map is being shown. Below the
map(s) the level of game play selected (1 to 8) is indicated


Movement: The rooms the spies appear in are three dimensional. Using the
DIRECTION KEY pushing the UP command will move you towards the rear of the
room. Pushing the DOWN command will bring you towards the front. Using LEFT/
RIGHT command's will move you left or right.

Object manipulation: Objects you can interact with on the screen include:
furniture, pictures on the walls, coat racks, doors, other wall mounted items,
ladders and trap doors. To manipulate an object, first move within range,
using the DIRECTION KEY. It is very important to make sure that you are FACING
the object. Next, if you are properly positioned, press the "A" BUTTON, at
this time the door will open/close or the object will visibly move.

Any object found within a room can be opened or lifted and may reveal one of
the hiddeni tems you are looking for. If you are not so lucky, it will
activate a BOOBY-TRAP! Hidden in the furniture or behind pictures you may find
such items as the key, briefcase, etc. Weapons are sometimes hidden as well.
If you try to hide an object you are carrying in a piece of furniture and find
that you can not leave the item, it meant that another item is already hidden

When you find the key, money, passport or secret paper, a bag will appear in
your spy's hand. At the same time, a picture of what he is carrying will
appear in the INVENTORY window. The inventory window is the white square
positioned to the right of the screen and just below your spy's POWER
INDICATOR BAR. A spy can carry only one object at a time UNLESS he is carrying
the briefcase. With the briefcase, the spy can carry all of the required
objects. The briefcase is not indicated in the INVENTORY window. If you find
it, the briefcase itself will appear in your spy's hand and you can carry it
about. You can carry single items or the briefcase (with or without objects in
it) from room to room.

(see the section entitled HAND TO HAND COMBAT for additional information)


How to use the techniques

Direction Key
- Use to select "TRAINING"; "VS COM" or "VS PLAYER" before starting game. Use
the UP/DOWN commands.
- Use to select the difficulty level (1 to 8)
Use the LEFT/RIGHT commands.
- Use to position your spy in the rooms. Use the UP/DOWN commands to go to the
BACK/FRONT of a room.
- Use the LEFT/RIGHT to move left or right in the room.
- Use to go up or down a ladder between floors. (Only after the "A" button has
been used to lower the ladder.)

Select Button
- Use to exit the title screen.
- Use to select "TRAINING"; "VS COM" or "VS PLAYER". (Can be used instead of
the Directional Key)

Start Button
- Use to START the game.
- Press during game play to PAUSE the game. (This is good to use when
studying the map)
- Press again to restart game.

B Button
- Use to select BOOBY-TRAPS (There are 4 types, see instructions for "Setting
* 1st = Dynamite
* 2nd = Giant Spring
* 3rd = Water Bucket
* 4th = Time Bomb
- Use to select and view the EMBASSY MAP
* 5th press = View Map
* 6th press = Game Screen

A Button
- This is the ACTION button. Use it to:
* OPEN/CLOSE doors
* PLACE and SET traps
* COLLECTING/PLACING items by moving furniture or pictures
* COLLECT a REMEDY to protect yourself from setting off a BOOBY TRAP
* RAISE/LOWER ladder
* OPEN/CLOSE trap door


Game Elements

Simulvision(tm): In this unique, split-screen layout, the TOP hals monitors
the actions of the WHITE SPY, the BOTTOM half depicts the BLACK SPY which is
either player 2 or the computer.

Simulplay(tm): With the clock running, we didn't think it was fair to make
players wait to take turns. So, voila! Simulplay. Since both spies' activities
take place out in the open, the challenge becomes watching and remembering
what the other spy does while you go about your business. Simulplae allows
players to engage in hand-to-hand combat, place booby-traps, chase each other
and generally get in the way.

Hand-to-hand combat: The combat mode exists only when both spies are in the
same room. When this happens, the spy that entered the common room appears on
the game screen as the spy that was already there. If a spy is carrying
anything when he enters a common room, the object is hidden in the common
room. The winner of the combat sequence can search the room during the time
the opponent remains knocked out and will take possession of the items his
opponent was carrying. Both spies have the option of attacking, leaving or
avoiding the other spy.

In the combat mode spies can not: search for objects, use the map or set
traps. However, doors, ladders and trap doors still work and so do any traps
that might have been set. Use the "A" BUTTON to fight. If you have collected
a higgen weapon prior to engaging in combat then you will automatically use
this weapon in the combat mode. The first spy to find a given weapon will keep
it for the entire game. Remember, an armed spy is more deadly than an unarmed
spy. Consider this when you are deciding whether to fight or not!

Each time a spy is hit, he is weakened. Watch to make sure your blows are
landing. Once hit, a spy will double over in pain. Watch your POWER INDICATOR
BAR. It starts with full power. As you weaken, the RED is replaced with BLUE.
If all your power runs out, you will disappear from the screen for 10 seconds
and you will lose 30 seconds of game time from your spy's clock. While you are
out of the game for 10 seconds, the other spy is free to continue the game
without you!

When your power indicators get too low, one way to renew it is to set off a
booby trap on purpose. You will lose 10 seconds of play but you will return
with fully recharged power!

Time: Both players start the game with the same amount of time. The time limit
changes from level to level. As a warning that time is running out, the
background music will change.

To pause the game, press the START BUTTON. Press it again to restart.

Booby traps: As players move through the maze of rooms, they may select any of
the four booby-traps. The booby-trap arsenal contains: Dynamite Bombs, Giant
Springs, Buckets of Water and Time Bombs. All of the booby-traps EXCEPT the
TIME BOMB must be placed in the appropriate locations about the rooms. BUCKETS
OF WATER must be placed at CLOSED DOORS and the SPRING and DYNAMITE BOMB must
be placed either in FURNITURE and/or BEHIND PICTURES.

Sometimes, a booby-trap will be found in the embassy that was set by embassy
security BEFORE the game started. Both spies need to watch out for these.


Setting Booby-Traps

To select a booby-trap from your arsenal press the "B" BUTTON as follows:

- ONCE to select the DYNAMITE BOMB
- TWICE to select the GIANT SPRING
- FOUR TIMES to select the TIME BOMB

The booby-traps will appear in the spy's hands as you press the "B" BUTTON and
any item(s) you were carrying will be automatically hidden in that room. When
the trap you desire is selected, you can carry it from room to room or to the
desired location in a given room. Refer to the BOOBY-TRAP & REMEDIES chart to
find where to set traps and how to protect yourself from them. For ALL traps,
when you are ready to set them in place, simply press the "A" BUTTON.

If you change your mind and do not want to set a trap, press the "B" BUTTON
for the 5th and then 6th time. After the 6th press you will return to the
game screen.

Remedies: EXCEPT for the TIME BOMB, each of the traps has a disarming remedy
hidden throughout the rooms. Each type is always hidden in the same type of
location. For example, the umbrella is used as a protection from WATER BUCKETS
attached to the tops of closed doors. Umbrellas are always found on the COAT
RACK. As with traps, remedies can be picked up and carried from room to room.
Remedies can be used over and over again, but you must collect them each time
you wish to use them. Use the WIRE CUTTERS to disarm the SPRING and the WATER
BUCKET to protect yourself from DYNAMITE. Refer to the BOOBY-TRAP & REMEDIES
chart for details.


Booby-Traps & Remedies

Trap Useable Remedy Location

Bomb Everywhere Water Bucket Red Fire Box on Wall
EXCEPT with door
Spring Everywhere Wire Cutters White Tool Box on Wall
EXCEPT with door
Water Bucket Door ONLY Umbrella Coat Rack
Time Bomb ANYWHERE None N/A


Exit: There is only ONE way out of each embassy building. The exit door is
marked with the picture of an AIRPLANE. You can not leave without all of the
required items in the briefcase. The security guard will see to that!

Splitlevel embassies: Some of the buildings are two stories high. Your spy can
climb from floor to floor by using the ladders. Holes in the floors are often
hidden with trap doors. Use the "A" BUTTON to OPEN/CLOSE TRAP DOORS and RAISE/
LOWER the LADDERS. Use only the UP command on the DIRECTION KEY to climb
either UP and/or DOWN.

Floor plan maps: By pressing the "B" BUTTON 5 TIMES, you can access the
embassy's floor plan. By reviewing the map you can learn your location and
that of the other spy in the building as well as the locations of required
objects and booby-traps. There is but one exception and that is that locations
of TIME BOMBS are not indicated on the map.

The only way to tell where a TIME BOMB is located is to watch the spies'
faces. If a spy enters a room booby-trapped with a TIME BOMB, his face will
turn BLUE. If that spy does not exit that room in 2 seconds... he will be
blown into smithereens!

In the map mode, a "room" with a small YELLOW square in the cneter has a
booby-trap set in it. A "room" with a small BLUE square or BLUE circle in the
center has at least one of the required objects hidden in it. (MORE THAN ONE
OBJECT CAN BE HIDDEN IN A ROOM). By monitoring the blue SQUARES vs blue
CIRCLES will help you keep track of objects that have been moved from room to
room. The large WHITE or BLACK squares indicate the locations of the WHITE and
BLACK spies.

To cancel the map and return to the game's action, press the "B" BUTTON a 6th
TIME. Remember, the other spy can go about his business while you are looking
at your map!


Game Levels & Spy Ranking

Level Maximum "You Spy Harder" "What a Guy Spy" "A Sky High Spy"
1 5 min. :30 to 3:29 :21 to :29 Less than :20
2 6 min. :40 to 3:49 :40 to :49 Less than :39
3 7 min. :48 to 3:59 :48 to :59 Less than :47
4 10 min. 2:00 to 3:59 1:41 to 1:59 Less than 1:40
5 15 min. 3:00 to 8:59 2:44 to 2:59 Less than 2:43
6 15 min. 2:20 to 9:59 2:01 to 2:19 Less than 2:00
7 20 min. 3:00 to 9:59 2:31 to 2:59 Less than 2:30
8 20 min. 2:00 to 9:59 1:34 to 1:59 Less than 1:35