Snow Brothers

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Snow Brothers(tm)

Snow Brothers
Instruction Manual


Getting started

1. Set up your Nintendo Entertainment System and plug in controller 1. For two
players, plug in controller 2 as well.
2. Insert the Snow Brothers Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System
and turn it on. The Title screen appears.
3. In a few moments, a demonstration game begins. Watch the Snow Brothers pack
snowballs and snow-bowl the baddies into smithereens. Press the Start but-
ton at any time to return to the Title screen.
4. Press Start again to choose a one-player or two-player game. For one-player
games, press Start to begin. For two-player games, press the Select button
on controller 1 to move the marker to "2 Players". Then press Start on
controller 1 to begin.
5. Read the story screens to find out how wicked King Scorch trapped Nick and
Tom and kidnapped the Frost Princesses. When the story is over, press Start
to scoot straight into action. (You can also press Start at any time during
the story to start the game.)

Note: Press the Reset button on the Nintendo Entertainment System at any time
to start the game over from the beginning.


S'no time for fun!

B-b-b-brrrrrrr! Nick and Tom are trapped in the freezing snowdrifts! But their
hot determination to save the Princesses is more than a match for the cold ice
and the chilly creatures in it. Magically, they transform into the mischiev-
ous, mighty Snow Brothers! Now, slipping, sliding, and slinging snow, they're
about to make their escape!


Controlling the Snow Brothers

To do this: Do this:
- Run left or right. Press the control pad left or right.
- Somersault up. Press button A.
- Throw snow. Press button B.
- Push a snowball. Move Nick or tom next to the snowball and press the
control pad left or right.
- Roll a snowball. Press button B while pushing the snowball.
- Bounce a snowball Stand under the snowball and press A.
- Pause. Press the Start button. Press it again to resume play.


Freezin' floors

The Snow Brothers must climb from floor to floor to escape the cold. But each
floor is packed with frosty creatures, all members of King Scorch's Ice Comm-
andos. As the creatures crowd closer, Nick and Tom must pelt them with snow,
packing each foe into a huge snowball. Then, the Snow Brothers can r-r-
rooLLLLL the snowballs, and smash the cold baddies into ice-pops!

The top of the screen shows each player's score, and the highest score so far
in the game. It also shows the number of chances each player has left.

Each player starts the game with 3 chances. Player 1 (Nick) has a blow snow-
suit, and Player 2 (Tom) wears red. If you get caught by an ice foe, you lose
one chance. But you'll keep coming back as long as you have chances left.

If you lose your last chance, watch the top of the screen. When the number 0
starts blinking, press A. Your Snow Brother will reappear, and you'll get
three more chances to win!

You can reappear 4 times in all. After that, if you lose your last chance, the
game ends and the Princesses are lost forever in the wicked clutches of chilly
King Scorch. (In two-player games, Nick and Tom share 4 continues between


Ice foes

Lots of little ice men are waiting to bop you off. They're cute as snowflakes,
but don't be fooled. They're tricky, too.

Flying Pumpkin Head will pop up to chase you around. The grim ghost Chilblain
may appear, cold as a sheet of ice and just as slippery.

As you climb the floors, your foes get bigger, badder and better at catching
you. Pretty soon they'll be zipping around the ski slopes or turning into
whirling Ice-Bats that are almost impossible to escape!

You can bury most of your enemies in mounds of snow. But if you let them sit
too long, the snow will thaw and they'll be after you again! If any of your
ice enemies get too close, they can turn you into slush! S'no long, Snow Bro!

Floe Frog I
Pumpkin head
Cold Fish


Chilly treats

Bowl over a baddie with a snowball and you may get a chilly treat that'll warm
you up! Run to the treat to pick it up. (Be quick or it will melt away!) Pick-
ing up chilly treats earns you cool bonus points!

There are plenty of treats for you to find. Here are only some of them:

Money Bag


Hot sauce!

Some of the Ice Commandos will drop jars of hot sauce when you bowl them over.
Grab these for special powers that last until you lose your chance.

Red Hot Sauce - Gives you speed skates so you can run and jump faster.
Blue Hot Sauce - Gives you Power Shots so you can throw larger globs of snow.
Green Hot Sauce - Lets you throw your snow globs farther.

Two special jars give you special powers. One jar turns you into an invincible
flying giant. With this power you can float anywhere, bonking off the Ice
Commandos, and they can't hurt you!

The other jar warps you to King Scorch's treasure rooms for a few seconds.
Pile up snow on the Snow Faces that appear, then roll them to start an ava-
lanche. Each face you bowl over is worth 1 letter. If you can spell out the
word "SNOW", you'll gain an extra chance. The letters you win appear at the
top of the screen, above your score, and stay there until you spell out "SNOW"
or the game end.


The boss round

Every tenth floor is a Boss Round. An enormous Abominable Snow Boss will hurl
wicked little creatures at you. If you're not quick, you'll be caught! Roll
huge snowballs on the Boss to freeze him into a cold blue sleep, and dash away


The bonus round

After the Boss Round, try your skill at the Bonus Round. A giant slot machine
appears. Press button A to start the wheels rolling. Then press button A once
for each wheel that the glove points to. The wheels will crank to a halt.

You earn bonus points for each letter that shows up. The letters you collect
appear at the top of the screen (along with any letters you may have won in
King Scorch's treasure room). Spell out "SNOW" to gain an extra chance. Spin
a picture of a Snow Brother, and you'll also win an extra chance. Note: in
two-player games, Player 1 spins first, and then Player 2 spins.


Snow tips

- Hot Sauce is a cool treat. If you can grab 3 different colors during 1
chance, you'll be the hottest thing on ice!

- Pile up a bit of snow on toes to stop them, then climb up high and make a
big snowball. Roll the snowball to bowl away all the baddies and find a pile
of bonus treats.

- Sometimes you'll take a ride on a rolling snowball. Press button A to jump

- After losing a chance, you flash for a few moments when you reappear. During
this time the snow foes can't hurt you.