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Seicross Story

Here on the planet Colura lived two different tribes. One was the Petras, a
highly civilized tribe. Another was the Basrah, a vicious tribe. The larger
Basrah all of a sudden declared war on the Petras. The Petras were very
civilized, and were pacifists who did not possess enough arms and weapons to
protect themselves against the Basrah's attack. They were quickly driven
underground without much resistance. A handful of the Petras were left and a
few ex-captives who barely escaped from the Basrah were waiting to be rescued.
Finally the Petras developed a mini-size rescue bike which they called Gilgitt
Petras. They blasted off on Gilgitt Petras from their secret hideout to rescue
the Petras who still remained behind.

Race your bike along thrilling backgrouns as you battle alien enemies. The
serenity of the space city is broken as players blast off into space from the
gate in order to save their people who are left in the battlefield.


Name of controller parts and operating instructions

Use Controller 1 for 1 player games
Use Controller 2 for second player in 2 player games

CONTROL pad: Operates Gilgitt Petras
SELECT Button: Use this button on title screen to select 1 Player or 2 Player
START Button: Push this button to start the game. If you push it during the
game, the game stops. If you push the button once more, the game starts again.
B Button: Shoots a laser beam.
A Button: Shoots a laser beam.


How to Play

Seicross consists of three different rotating scenes. There is a bike chase in
the obstacle zone, a bike chase in the slippery zone, and a final battle with
the Dinosaur Tank across the battery zone. As the game proceeds, the enemy
gets tougher, This is more than just a shooting game. You also have to
concentrate on avoiding enemy bikes and other obstacles. But you have the
energy beam gun to defend yourself.

- Control Gilgitt using the Control Pad. Use Gilgitt to throw the enemy's bike
into the wall and other obstacles. You can also destroy enemies with the
energy beam gun.

- Unless you destroy an entire battery of enemies, shells will be launched off
from behind you. You can't, however, destroy ancient obstacles such as
[pictures of "ancient obstacles" go here -tsr]

- If the energy level indicated on the score panel reaches zero, Gilgitt stops
functioning. You have to obtain Energy Packs to build you the energy level.

- Be careful not to move around a lot in the slippery zone. If you do, you'll
probably slip and hit obstacles.

- You'll get bonus points when you rescue the Petras. However, if you save too
many Petras, Gilgitt's energy will be exhausted quickly. So in order to
replenish your energy be sure to collect the Energy Pack whenever it comes

- Don't touch batteries. Even if you explode them, their wrecks will remian
and become obstacles.

- When you collect the Petras' favorite things on the way, you'll get bonus
points. (It's up to you to figure out what the Petras liked.)



1. Gilgitt Petras: Player
He rides on a motor bike and rescues the Petras are remain on the ground.
He also attacks and destroys the enemy.

2. Basrah bike; 300
It is the enemy's mini-size motor bike. The soldiers are reckless and
throw themselves against you. So be careful!

3. The Petras: 100
They are the captives of the Basrah and still remain on the groun. If you
save them, you will get bonus points.

4. Energy pack:
It contains energy to run the player's bike. If your energy runs out, you
can't operate the bike.

5. Warme Stone: 300
Rock Cannon. It attacks everything. If you explode it, it will change color
but remain there.

6. Apton: 300
Vegetal Cannon. If you explode it once, the wreck remains.

7. Gabium: 200
Energy Cannon. It attacks the player solo.

8. Taron Dome: 200
When the Quartz Energy explodes inside it, the claw opens and fires

9. Bodgiff: 200
C-Level Energy Cannon. Its cannonballs will split into three parts and each
part blasts off separately.

10.Triangle Wall: 200
B-Level Energy Cannon. A high power cannon.

11.Comsolar: 200
A-level Defensive Energy Cannon. This powerful weapon launches shells into
8 different directions at the same time.

12.Mirror Lurk: 200
A digging machine for underground energy. If you destroy this machine, your
enemy will have trouble getting energy!

13.Dinosaur Fossil: 500
A fossil of a dinosaur that the ancient Petras used to keep as their pet.
Sometimes the alien Pilpul hides inside it.

14.Radar Buoy: 200
The enemy's radar control system. Unless you destroy this, your enemy's
attack gets stronger.

15.Powarmon: 200
A special booby trap that radiates electric-energy magentic waves. It is
devised to block Gilgitt's way.

16.Sharking: 200
A small surveillance base. If it detects Gilgitt, it attacks it.

A gigantic plant that has absorbed the Basrah's energy. It does not attack.

18.Merameshra: 100
Gigantic plant. It does not attack, either.

19.King Merameshra: 100
Larger version of Merameshra. It does not attack, either.

20.Pigoran: 500
It is under the Basrah's control. It attacks Gilgitt.

21.BalTank: 500
It is the most powerful weapon of the Basrah. This Dinosaur Tank blocks

22.The Pilpul alien;
An alien hired by the Basrah for the battle. They hide and try to attack

23.Brain: 10,000
This is an alien object that never comes out. It does not attack.


Techniques for ultimate victory

- The Red bike is especially tough. Be on your guard and attack it with your
full strength!

- Always destroy the dinosaur's fossils! If you destroy the Pilpul alien
hiding inside the fossil, you'll get bonus points.

- When you destroy the Radar Buoy, Power Star comes out. If you pick it up,
your energy beam gets powered up.

- If you try to pick up every Energy Pack, you might go too far and encounter
too many obstacles. Be careful to check the meter level and catch only as
many as necessary.

- If you save too many Petras, your bike becomes too heavy and the energy will
get consumed too quickly. However, Petras will give you bonus points. So
choose them carefully.