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1) Always turn the power off before inserting or remov-
ing the Game Pak from your Nintendo Entertainment
2) This is a high-precision game. It should not be stored
in very hot or cold places. Never hit it, drop it, or take
it apart.
3) Avoid touching the connectors, and do not get them
wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game.
4) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or
other such solvents.

Do not use a front or rear projection television with
your Nintendo Entertainment System ("NES") and this
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Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper
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It's a Bad Scene _____________________________________ 1
Controller Operation _________________________________ 2
Getting Started ______________________________________ 4
The Main Menu ________________________________________ 5
The Game Screen ______________________________________ 7
Your Mission...Like It Or Not ________________________ 8
Rule *Numero Uno* ____________________________ 9
This Stuff's Good For You ____________________ 10
Collar the Creeps ____________________________ 11
Fatal Attractions ____________________________ 12
Second Chances _______________________________ 14
"And Now for the Bonus Round, Bob..." ________________ 16
On the Level _________________________________________ 18
Tips _________________________________________________ 21


ROBOCOP is back, in old Detroit...

Where things have gone from bad to worse. The cops are
on strike, and no wonder. This whole *burg* is going
bankrupt - forced into liquidation by O.C.P., the cor-
rupt megacorporation that took over just a couple years
ago. And of course crime is soaring to stratospheric
levels. Can you say the word "anarchy"?

But the greatest threat of all is the new and deadly
chemical, code named "Nuke," recently developed by one
of old Detroit's most powerful crime barons, Cain.
Standing alone against Cain and his cronies, you must
find their deadly chemical factory, destroying all the
Nuke you find along the way.

But this time out you'll face more than just the usual
assortment of heavies and hazards. You'll find that
you've met your match, in more ways than you
enter a final confrontation with the *new* ROBOCOP
prototype - ROBOCOP 2.



Controller 1 -
for 1- and 2-player games.

Controller 2 -
for 2-player games

Control Pad

^ - Move Game Cursor Up
(- - Move ROBOCOP/Game Cursor Left
-) - Move ROBOCOP/Game Cursor Right
v - ROBOCOP Kneels/Move Game Cursor Down


ROBOCOP 2 Controls

Because of ROBOCOP's massive weight, he can't stop on
a dime. So you'll have to master the technique of con-
trolling his inertia when he jumps and walks, especial-
ly on wet and slippery surfaces.

B button - Fire weapon/punch/control jet-propulsion
when ROBOCOP is on a platform.

A button - Jump.

SELECT button - Changes options indicated by the Game
START button - Start/pause/restart game.



To start ROBOCOP 2 -

1) Make sure that your Nintendo Entertainment System is
turned off.

2) Insert the ROBOCOP 2 Game Pak into the system.

3) Press the POWER button on the front of the system -
the title screen will appear, with a menu of play


Use the Control Pad to move the Game Cursor among the
options. To change an option, press the SELECT button
on your Controller.

START. Select this to begin a game at Level 1

CONTINUE. This option lets you continue your game from
the beginning of the level you were playing when you
lost your last life. Even though you won't have to go
back to level 1, your lives, score, energy, weapons
and other game factors will be reset. If the game is
turned off you will need to start over at the

HI-SCORE. Select this to see the current table of
high scores. Press Start to return to the Main Menu.

ONE PLAYER. Selecting this will switch the option
between 1- and 2-player modes of ROBOCOP 2. Remember
that you must have two Controllers plugged into your
Nintendo Entertainment System for a 2-player game.
In 2-player games, players' turns will follow one
another as they lose lives or complete a level.


MUSIC ON. By selecting this, you can turn game music
on and off.

SOUNDFX ON. By selecting this, you can turn game
sound effects on and off.

If you make no selection from the Main Menu, after a
while a self-running demo of game play will begin.
For beginners, the demo may be useful for getting a
sense of how the game works.



The line across the top of the Game Screen gives
you vital information about game play status in

You should never waste a guy if you can put him out
of action by arresting him instead. Only a criminal
whose face appears on the screen (it will be
blinking and be accompanied by a whistling noise)
before he does can be arrested.



You wanna win? You wanna *survive*? Well then, it's
like this...

Thirteen levels to get through before you can even
*see* the guy that wants to reduce you to replacement
parts - ROBOCOP 2. Then another three tough levels
of taking *him* on. But first, the basics.


*Rule* Numero Uno

Destroy Nuke wherever you find it. You must destroy
at least 60 precent of the Nuke on each level. But
you won't know how much you've got to destroy, until
you reach the end of the level - *if* you reach the
end. Then you'll be told how well you did, in
percentage terms. If you blew it, you may get another
go at it - see "Second Chances" on page 14.
Otherwise, you'll be put back at the start of the
level. To nuke the Nuke, all ROBOCOP has to do is
touch it.

While you're cruising for Nuke, don't forget to look
out for other things, too, and scoop 'em up at every
chance. Stuff like batteries, weapons, and
"Indestructible" capsules.


This Stuff's Good for You

When you find any of these items, scattered all
around the various levels, grab 'em (just touching
one of these objects is enough to pick it up).

Battery. This boosts ROBOCOP's energy level.

(W) Weapons. You'll find different weapons on
different levels. Each one gives you a limited
number of shots.
*T-Shot* fires a bullet up, down and
*3-Way* fires three bullets at once in a
scattered fashion.
*Super* destroys everything in its path
*Armor-piercing* destroys robots with a
single shot.

(I) Indestructible capsules. Each of these renders
ROBOCOP invulnerable for a short time - he
flickers while he's indestructible, even though
a fall can still do him in.


Collar the Creeps

After all, you're a cop, right? You're *supposed* to
make some arrests. In fact, you must arrest 60 percent
of all the "arrestable" bad guys on each level. To do
so, ROBOCOP just has to make physical contact with a

Again, you'll get a make on the bad guys you can
arrest at the top of the screen. *Don't waste a bad
guy that you're supposed to arrest*. It may feel like
fun, but it's the fast route to a *very* short career.

Just like with the Nuke, you won't know how many bad
guys there are on a level, or exactly how many you've
got to arrest, until you reach the end of the level.
Then you'll be told how well you did, in percentage
terms. If you don't have enough collars to your
credit, you may get one more chance - see "Second
Chances" on page 14. Otherwise, you'll be put back at
the start of the level.


Fatal Attractions

Remember, there are all kinds of people - and *things*
- out there that want ROBOCOP terminated. On the other
hand, some so-called hazards *can be* helpful. Here
are a few examples - you'll have to explore each
level to master them all.

Crusher. Triggered when ROBOCOP walks onto the marked
floor below it. To avoid a Crusher altogether, jump
over the section of the floor below it.To fight back
at a Crusher once it's activated, jump straight up
and meet it head on as it comes down. Rumer has it
that Cain has also installed some *upward-moving*
crushers on later levels. Nice guy.

Magnets. Triggered when ROBOCOP walks onto the marked
floor below them, magnets will pick you up and drop
you in another - usually fatal - position. On the
other hand, some magnets may actually be useful for
getting where you want to go... guess you'll just
have to learn by trial and error. To avoid a magnet,
jump over the section of floor below it.

Magnetic floor. When ROBOCOP is standing on one of
these, he can't jump or shoot.


Jet platform. When ROBOCOP is standing on one of these
you use button B to control thrust and your Control
Pad to control direction. Mastering use of jet
platforms is *essential* if you want to destroy your
quota of Nuke.

Reverse. When ROBOCOP is standing on one of these,
his left and right movement controls are reversed.
It's not enough to just think fast - sometimes you
have to think *backwards*.

Grabber. Think of it as transportation. When ROBOCOP
jumps into a grabber, it will move across the screen,
taking him with it. He must jump again (Button A) to
be released.

Coil. When ROBOCOP touches one of these, it acts as a
powerful spring. Try it some time.

Laser. Each laser fires lethal bolts of energy at
ROBOCOP, always in a set pattern. Jump or duck to
avoid getting toasted.


Second Chances

When you reach the end of a level but fail to destroy
your quota of Nuke or arrest your quota of bad guys,
you'll get another "shot" at success; where else but
at the Shooting Range, of course.

If you succeed at the Shooting Range, you'll be
placed at the start of the next level. If you fail,
you'll have to replay the previous level.

At the Shooting Range, you're given a set amount
of time and limited number of bullets to shoot a
certain quota of targets.


Once in a while, a clock or ammo magazine will drop
down on the screen - shoot these to be awarded extra
time or bullets. If by mistake you shoot a civilian,
ten extra targets will be added to your quota.

You'll get a second chance only *twice* during each
game. There are no third trips to the Shooting Range
in any game. And selecting the CONTINUE option from
the title screen does not reset the number of shots
you get at a second chance at the Shooting Range.



Many levels include a secret bonus challenge, the
entrance to which is hidden. At the start of each
level, you'll see a screen that details your
position and tells you *whether* - but not *where*
- there's a bonus challenge on that level.

Sometimes the bonus challenge is a sort of
"mini-level," where you can destroy more Nuke.

The entrance to these "secret passageways" are
not easy to detect.

We'll give you a hint as to the whereabouts of the
entrance to the secret "Slimy Sewer" found on
Level 1.

HINT: Toward the end of the level, you'll see a
large blue pillar; right below the pillar are two
"tiles" or squares which have a different pattern
on them than the rest of the "tiles" or bricks in
the level. Stand on one, or both of these tiles
and press down on the crossbar of your controller.
This will take you underground to a slippery,
slimy gold-mine of "Nuke."


If you're interested in more hints as to the
whereabouts of these hidden levels, call us at
(408) 286-7074 Ext. 298 or 297.

Other times the bonus challenge is one of these two
puzzles or logic games -

Murphy's Memory. The goal here is to help ROBOCOP
(Alex Murphy was his original name, remember?) regain
his memory by reconstructing the image of his face.
At the start, you'll see his face intact; then it
will be jumbled up into a bunch of disjointed tiles.
In the limited amount of time you're given, you must
reconfigure tiles into his face. To do so, move the
pointer to any tile that's next to the blank area,
then press either button A or B to select numbers.

Safecracker. If you can crack Cain's safe, you can
help Detroit out of the financial hole it's gotten
into - and help your score at the same time. To do
so - in the limited amount of time you're given -
you must figure out the three numbers that make up
the combination to the safe. The order of the
numbers isn't important. Move the pointer and press
either button A or B to select numbers. As you do,
the display will indicate how many of the numbers
you've chosen are correct. In other words, it's a
process of elimination.



Here's a rundown of all the levels of ROBOCOP 2.

But first, a basic tip for those who want to stay
healthy. In general, the great outdoors - exterior
scenes - are better for your health. But look out
for rolling barrels - they'll turn you into
aluminum foil in one *big* hurry. And when you hit
the interior scenes - well, you'll be up to your
eyeballs in trouble.

Level 1. River Rouge Complex - Exterior. It's only
the beginning.

Level 2. River Rouge - Interior. Many traps and
hazards await you. Watch out for those Crushers.

Level 3. River Rouge - Interior, Part II. More
traps, and the Jet Platform!.

Level 4. The Sludge Plant - Exterior. You're
getting closer to Cain now. Avoid the falling

Level 5. Sludge Plant - Interior. Avoid the
pink and red droplets and beware of the electric
whirlpools in the chemical vats!

Level 6. Nuke HQ - Exterior. Nobody said
penetrating Cain's laboratory would be easy.


Level 7. Nuke HQ - Interior. More bad guys and traps
than you may think. Cain is close by, too!

Level 8. Cain. Dodge the energy bolts he's firing.
You can't hit him until he drops his gun.

When Cain is defeated, he'll be taken by the
scientists of O.C.P. and transformed into -

You guessed it - ROBOCOP 2. A killing machine of
awesome power. All you have to do is make your way
to the roof of the Civic Centrum to take him on.
But O.C.P. has secured the building with zillions
of security robots, sentries, and deadly traps. Who
said it's lonely at the top?

Level 9. Civic Centrum, 1st Floor. Not much is known
about the Centrum's layout. You're on your own!

Level 10. Civic Centrum, 2nd Floor.

Level 11. Civic Centrum, 3rd Floor.

Level 12. Civic Centrum, 4th Floor.


Level 13. Civic Centrum, Roof. The last frontier
before you take on ROBOCOP 2. Human sentries and
parachute bombs are just two of many kinds of
obstacles you'll run into here.

Level 14. ROBOCOP 2, Round 1. Dodge his massive
arsenal of firepower and shoot him as many times as
you can. At all costs, don't come into direct
contact with him! At the bottom of the screen, you'll
see how much energy is left to both ROBOCOP and
ROBOCOP 2. If you complete this level, much of your
energy will be restored - but ROBOCOP 2 will regain
*all* of his energy for...

ROBOCOP 2, Round 2. Another one just like the last
one, except that this time ROBOCOP 2 has some new
weapons, and he's shielded from the waist up. So fire
below his waist - any shots that hit his torso will
be deflected right back at you!

The Final Challenge. Now ROBOCOP 2 is using *all*
the weapons at his command, and he's shielded from
the waist down, so you must shoot at his chest and
head. Blow him away!



Nothing in ROBOCOP 2 is random - you can learn
everything. Learn where the bad guys - especially
the ones you can arrest - come on, and where the
Nuke and other stuff is.

Everyone and everything - including ROBOCOP 2 -
shoots in a set pattern. Learn those patterns so
you can make your own moves accordingly.

Explore - especially the unlikely spots. There are
bonus screens on most levels.

Sometimes you'll have a choice of two routes to
take. Learn which one yields the most Nuke.

A gushing fire hydrant and the slimy sewers usually
make for some very slippery surfaces. Watch out!

Avoid hanging around on energy-robbing barrels.
ROBOCOP is likely to sustain damage or die
immediately from ricochet bullets or rolling objects
while squatting on top of these barrels. You can
minimize or avoid damage by keeping ROBOCOP standing
upright and getting off the barrel as soon as you