POW: Prisoners of War

POW: Prisoners of War

Instruction Manual
Game by SNK


* As this Game Pak is a precision device, keep away from heavy shock and do
not use under extreme temperature conditions.
* Do not touch the connectors and avoid water exposure, which might cause
* Do not clean with thinner, benzine or alcohol.
* Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from
the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Thank you for selecting P.O.W. from SNK for your Nintendo Entertainment
System. For maximum enjoyment of your new game, please read this booklet
carefully and save it for future reference.

Your Mission ..................................... 4
About the Game ................................... 5
The Controller ................................... 6
Game Screen Display .............................. 8
Levels of Game Play .............................. 9
Power-Up Items ................................... 10
Enemies .......................................... 12



Your code name is Bart. You are a captain of the Army Special Forces Unit.
Your mission is to infiltrate GOON (Government of Offensive Network), a
subversive organization whose aim is to break up the international economy
and establish a worldwide smuggling ring. You will accomplish this by
purposely being captured and imprisoned in their escape-proof armed camp.
You'll have to fight your way out with your bare fists - but is you can
break into the ammunition depot, you'll find grenades, knives, and
M-16's to tip the odds in your favor. Your goal is to find and
eliminate the leaders of GOON before they can carry out their
diabolical scheme!

Code Name: Bart
Captain, Army Special Forces Unit.
Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat
and familiar with all types of weapons.
WEIGHT: 160 lbs.



You begin each game with three lives. The game ends when you lose them
all.(See GAME SCREEN DISPLAY) for life indicator.)
With every 30,000 points you score, you will receive an additional life.

Continue Mode
In the continue mode, the game restarts at the beginning of the same sage
where the hero was destroyed in the previous game.

Acquiring Power-Up Items
You may enter huts and vehicles to acquire these power-up items:
- Brass Knuckles
- Bullet-proof Vest
- Life Force
Be careful - once you enter, you cannot leave again until
all the enemies are defeated.



Start Button
Press to start the game when the title screen appears, or press while
playing to interrupt the game(pause), then press again to continue playing.

Select Button
Press to choose GAME START or Continue.

Control Pad
Press to maneuver hero.

A Button
Press to kick, or to fire gun.

B Button
Press to hit with fist or gun butt, or to throw knife or grenade
(when holding these items).

A + B Button>
Press simultaneously to jump-kick.

Control Pad + B button
Press Control Pad in opposite direction of hero's movement and press B
Button simultaneously to make a back-punch.



Life Gauge
High Score
Remaining Number of Lives
Power-Up Items
When you acquire an item, the symbols for the following
will appear: bullet-proof vest in A; brass knuckles in B;
machine gun, grenade, or knife in G.



First Level: Escape from Prison Camp
By picking up power-up items, you should be able to reach the Boss enemy
without too much difficulty.

Enemies in this area are:
Foot Soldiers & Green Berets
Commandos Assault Chopper (the Boss of the first level)

You cannot proceed to the next level until you have destroyed the
Boss Enemy.

Second Level - Attacking the Industrial Area
In addition to the soldiers found in the first level, watch out for Bike
soldiers and Frogmen. You must use your skill to avoid traps that are set
in the industrial area.

Third Level - Guerilla Attack in the Jungle
Cliffs and waterfalls in the jungle make it tricky to maneuver. Watch out
for surprise attacks from the enemy.

Fourth Level - Destruction of Communications Headquarters
This is the most difficult level. All the enemies attack with
increased speed and firepower. The strongest Boss Enemy is here.



Brass Knuckles
Doubles up your punching power. This is the fatal-blow item. You will find
this item in various rooms in each area. You will lose it when you lose a

Bullet-proof Vest
This can be found in various rooms in each area. You will
lose it when you lose a life.

Combat Knife
Can be thrown at enemies. Obtain it by knocking down an
enemy who has it. You will lose it when you throw it, or
when you lose a life.


Machine Gun
The strongest item! Use it to strafe enemies. You only have
ten bullets, so use them wisely. You will lose it when you
drop it, use up your bullet supply, or lose a life.

Use it to attack helicopters and armored cars. Get it by
knocking out GOON soldiers. You will lose it when you
throw it, or when you lose a life.

Extends your life. You will find it in various rooms in each



GOON Foot Soldiers
The most common soldiers. Take their grenades away from them.

Assault Chopper
The Boss of the first level. Its mission is to patrol the camp. Only
grenades or machine guns can destroy it.

Take their guns or knives way from them.

Green Berets
Watch out! They are expert soldiers.

Soldiers skilled in underwater combat.

Bike Soldiers
They belong to the mechanized unit.

Don James
Captain of the GOON mechanized unit and Boss Enemy of the
second level.
Height: 6'4
Weight: 176 lbs.

Commanding Officer of the GOON Special Forces Unit and
Boss Enemy of the third level.
Height: 6'7
Weight: 336 lbs.

The General of GOON Headquarters and Boss Enemy
of the fourth level.
Height: 6'4
Weight: 187 lbs.

The Leader
The mystery Boss of the final area.
Height: 7'8
Weight: 231 lbs.