Ninja Gaiden


Ninja Gaiden (tm)





The wind howls as the two "Dueling" Ninjas glare at each other in the
moonlight. Though these men seem like little more than shadows in the air,
the moonlight reveals just for an instant, a glint of light that proves to be
the end of the contest. Ken, head of the Hayabusa clan which has for
generations been the guardian of the Dragon sword, is defeated.

Ken's son Ryu, after learning of his father's defeat, finds a letter. In it
Ryu is told that if his father does not return, he must take the secret
Dragon sword and go to America. Ryu senses danger awaiting him in America.
What will be the fate of Ninja Ryu!?


Cinema display

*Tecmo Theater
TECMO Theater Games feature a dramatic storyline which goes along with the
game play and make it even more fun and exciting.

*Cinema display
"Ninja Gaiden" has a Cinema Display (TECMO's unique system) that shows
movie-like scenes. Movie techniques such as close-ups of characters and
different camera angles are used. In addition there are great sound effects
and background music.
The storyline has one great scene after another, rising to an exciting
climax. Follow the story and then put yourself to the test as the screen
changes to the game mode. This is where your skill comes into play! After
wiping out the enemy and reaching your goal, continue on with the story. You
become the Ninja Dragon. Now, enter the world of "Ninja Gaiden" and may the
spirit of the Dragon be with you. Good luck!


Run Ryu!

Start Button
-Press to start
-Becomes (pause) button when game is in play
-Press to skip Cinema Display

Select Button
-Not used

Control cross
-Controls the Ninja's direction

Button A
-Jump button for Ninja

Button B
-Controls sword thrust

When you come to a ladder, use the control cross to climb up or down. Or you
can jump on it! To jump down from the ladder, just press the opposite
direction on the Control Cross and Button A.

Caution: Player cannot attack when on the ladder.

Wall-Spring Jump - Ryu can also jump and cling to walls. While clinging to
the wall, Ryu can jump back and forth by pressing the opposite direction
button on the Control Cross and Button A. Using this technique, you can crawl
up the wall.

Wall-Spring Climbing jump - While keeping Button A pressed, alternate between
the left and right directions on the Control Cross to easily scale the wall.


Indicator display

-Score Display
-Act-Level Display
-When time runs down to "0", one life is lost.
-When the number of lives becomes "0", the game is over.
-Spiritual Strength remaining
-Collected Power Item
-Physical Strength. You lost strength when wounded. When strength runs down
to "0", one life is lost.
-Enemy Boss's Strength. He loses strength when injured. When his strength
runs down to "0", the enemy is destroyed.


The ultimate in the art of the ninja

Each stage has an item that needs to be collected to gain points, strength,
weapons, etc. (Ex. Act 1 a street light, Act 2 a lamp, etc.)

-Spiritual Strength
Ryu has special powers when he uses this Spiritual Strength. There are 2
kinds, red and blue, and you can increase your Spiritual strength by
collecting them. Red is worth 10 points and blue 5 points.

-Time freeze
When Ryu collects one of these, everything on the screen can be frozen with
the enemy and shots being frozen for 5 seconds.

There are two kinds of bonuses, red and blue. You can increase your score by
collecting the red one worth 1000 points and the blue 500 points.

-Restoring physical strength
When Ryu is injured in battle, strength is lost. But this item will restore
Ryu's energy level by six cells.

-1 up
Collecting one of these will give you another life. This is one item you
can't pass up!

-Invincible fire-wheel
When Ryu's anger turns to fire, this item has a flame circling around him at
a super high speed, killing the enemy.

Gained strength

Increase your strength by collecting the following items. When you use these
items, the Spritual Strength is used up.

-Throwing Star (Up+Button B) (3 points)
In the spiritual world, this is considered a weak weapon. They only fly in a
straight direction.

-Windmill Throwing Star (Up+B) (5 points)
These stars cut right through the enemy, and come back like a boomerang.
Collect this one and cause some real damage to the enemy.

-The Art of the Fire Wheel (Up+B) (5 points)
Ryu discovered a secret art form at the end of a special training session. He
takes 3 balls of fire and twirls them around, burning any enemy in his way.

-Jump&Slash Technique (press jump and Button B) (5 points)
Use this weapon in during a jump by pressing button B. You can jump and slash
through the enemy. Only Ryu with his light and agile body can perform such a
technique. This technique is especially handy when the enemy is below you.


Acts of the story's progression (6 acts in all, 20 areas)

Act 1 - Destiny
Galesburg, Jay's Bar

Act 2 - The Escape
Outpost, Death Valley, Amura's Altar

Act 3 - The Chase
Crystal Lake, Lizard Mountains, Yomi's Cave

Act 4 - A Trap
South American Amazon, Bazlisk Mine Field, Temple of Darkness - Hall of
Demons, Space of Kelbeross

Act 5 - Life or Death Combat
Prison of the Dead, Cliff, East Tower Outer Wall - The Nails of Lukifell,
Place of Red Execution

Act 6 - The Fall of the Demon
Death Bridge, Temple of Darkness - Hall of the Brahmans, Temple of Darkness -
Hall of Judgement, Temple of Darkness - The Black Throne


A supply of power for the defeated

If you still have the will to continue even though you've lost all your
lives, just press the start button and be on your way! You will begin your
battle once again from the starting point of the area you were defeated.



Introduction of characters

-Ryu Hayabusa
The hero. He was born into the ninja lineage of the Hayabusa Family. After he
hears the news that his father was defeated in battle, he finds a letter his
fallen father left behind. He obeys his father's will to go to America and
take revenge on the enemy. But what will really become of him?

-Ken Hayabusa
Ryu's father. Who he battled with and why he had a duel is still a mystery.
Yet, althouth defeated, he left behind the secret Dragon sword and a letter
for Ryu before leaving this world.

-Irene Lew
When Ryu arrives in America, he meets up with a mysterious woman in a bar.
She has a tempting attractiveness about her. Nobody seems to know her name,
nor anything about her.

-Walter Smith
An archeologist. During one of his field trips, he was researching a
mysterious sacred area of some ruins. He discovered something that he had
never seen before the looked evil. A discovery that turned a simple research
trip to chaos!

Although considered young in terms of age, he holds a powerful position in
the Secret Auxiliary Unit of the CIA. He knows alow of information about the
whole episode which he tells Ryu and asks for his help.

-Guardia de Mieux (Jaquio)
He calls himself Jaquio. He is the almighty evil, determined to take over the
world. He belives in the legens surrounds the evil temple at the ruins. He
has taken over the temple to build an empire of evil.


"The Malice Four" are the four evil forces hand picked by Jaquio himself. The
following is a description of the four evil forces and an evil spirit that
has taken the form of creature called "Kelbeross".

The Boss of Act 1. The first of "The Malice Four" who will cut anything to
shreds that gets in it's way. Lives in the deep forest of Brazil which he
uses as a his hideout. The natives are scared to death of this killer. Known
as the executioner of South America. He attacks his enemy by ferociously
swinging a huge ax.

The Boss of Act 2. Deserted in the South Bronx, his life takes a big change
for the worse. Presently, he controls the streets of New York with an iron
fist as the Lord of Evil. An expert with the sickle and chain, he wields it
on his prey. The Bomberhead is the vice-leader of "The Malice Four"

The Boss of Act 3. Trained in China and master of all forms of the martial
arts. He was a leader in a killers organization called the "Five Ranges of
Doom," but was expelled from the organization because he was too cruel. Just
the type Jaquio was looking for, Basaquer was chosen to be a memebr of "The
Malice Four"

The Boss of Act 4.. Once the pet dog of Jaquio, Kelbeross was given up as a
sacrifice victim for the evil spirits. As a result, the soul of Kelbeross
returns and takes the form of an evil creature as a loyal servant to protect

-Bloody Malth
The Boss of the bosses. A North European legens that has been passed down
from generation to generation about a cursed man with the "Iron Mask of
Blood" and the "Shield of Death". When he was young, he studied Eastern
Philosophy and became interested in Japanese martial arts. Now he seems to be
invincible with the secret fighting techniques of the Orient.


Cinema action "Ninja Gaiden" is depending on your skills to save the world.
Can you do it? It is essential that you succeed! Awating you is an ending
that you just have to experience for yourself. May the spirit of the Dragon
be with you!