Mickey Mousecapade



Mickey Mousecapade(tm)

Instruction Manual


Mickey Mousecapade story

Mickey, followed by Minnie, adventure through the Fun House, by the Ocean, the
Woods, the Pirate Ship, and the Castle. All in search of their mystery friend.
Help them solve the mystery!

Starting Hint:

In the Fun House you must get a key from the Wizard to proceed through the
door that says: "KEY"


How to play

Names of controller parts and operating instructions

Controller #1 - Moves Mickey and Minnie.
Button A: Jumps.
Button B: Shoots Stars.

Four Separate Action Tips
Pressing any of four tips moves you and player moves that direction.
Left moves Mickey & Minnie left.
Right moves Mickey & Minnie right.
Up moves Mickey & Minnie upward.
Down moves Mickey & Minnie down.


How to play

Mickey and Minnie must look for a Star to shoot ENEMIES.

the "Star" can be found in a Treasure Chest in a Blue Room.

To get Minnie's star, you must go around.

To go around, you must climb up 3 Green Rooms, right to a Blue Room, right
through 2 Brown Rooms, down 2 Ladders, left to Blue Room for Minnie's Star.

Now Minnie can throw stars too - good luck.


Level selection

During title screen, press the select button. While holding in select button,
also hold control pad, then press start.

Up + Select, press Start = to the Castle
Right + Select, press Start = to the Ocean
Down + Select, press Start = to Pirate Ship
Left + Select, press Start = to the Woods

Press Reset on NES to do New Stage Select.


Bonus characters

Diamond - destroys all enemies
Cake - renews strength
Lamp - shoot at lamp to receive cake or diamonds
Guardian Angel - You can use Guardian Angel to proceed through stage as fast
as you can, she lasts only about 10 seconds.

1 up - Throw stars at Windows and Walls for Extra Bonus.

Touching the Kye begins a Bonus stage to recover Minnie, when she is kidnapped
by the Crow. To recover Minnie, you have only 1 chance to jump on the statue
of your choice. If you jump on the right one, Minnie will appear. If not, try
again with another Key.

Note: Another Key is needed to find the Wizard and to exit the Fun House.


Enemy characters

The Crow comes out from hidden spots. He steals Minnie, you must save Minnie
by finding a hidden Key.

Note: Mickey and Minnie must go through stages together. If Minnie is gone,
you must find Minnie to proceed.

The Wizard
Peg Leg