Mappyland (tm)

Instruction Booklet


The story

Mappy is almost always busy at work as a policeman. But, today he is on vaca-
tion. Mapico is his girlfriend, and Mappy wants to marry her if he can find
the ring that was stolen by the Guchi Gang. Today is Mapico's birthday and
Mappy bought many wonderful presents for her.

Unfortunately, Nyamco and Muky of the Guchi Gang have stolen, and hidden them
somewhere in the eight areas of Mappyland. Mappy will be late for Mapico's
birthday party, and he may never have a chance to look for the ring unless
you help him find the presents.

Other exciting adventures await, as Mappy tries to capture the Guchi Gang with
some very odd weapons that include fish, fireworks and bowling balls. Only you
can help. Are you clever and brave enough to accept the challenge?


How to use the controller

A button - Weapons
B button - Jumping

Press the Start button during the demonstration to display the game and press
the Start button again to begin.

If you wish to pause, press the Start button. Press the Start button again
when you wish to resume the game.

The highest score to date remains when you press the Start button.

Press the Control pad to choose between game stages, to continue playing when
the game ends, or to begin a new game.
You may only choose stages 1,3,5 and 7 from each story. You must reach the
other stages by playing the game.

You lose one Mappy:
1. When Mappy's body and an enemy's touch (except while Mappy's jumping on a
2. When Mappy falls on the ground (except when falling from a trampoline).
When you lose the last Mappy the game is over.


Progress of the game

1. Get the presents and take them to Mapico's castle.
2. Retrieve all the presents visible on the current screen. If you fail you
can't proceed to the next area.
3. You must avoid Nyamco's and other's intervention by using weapons.
4. To go up or down use ladders or trampolines.
5. When you have retrieved all the presents, go to the exit on the right-hand
side. From there you can proceed to the next area.


Composition of the game

This "Mappyland" has four stories. The goal of story 1 is to retrieve a piece
of cheese for Mapico's birthday party. The goal of story 2 is to retrieve a
wedding ring for Mappy and Mapico's wedding. The goal of story 3 is to ret-
rieve a Christmas tree. The goal of story 4 is to retrieve a ball for Mappy
Jr.'s birthday party.

Each story consists of eight areas. Mappy retrieves the presents in the areas
and brings them to the castle where Mapico is waiting. Nyamco wears a different
costume in each area.

1. Railroad Town
2. Western World
3. Tropical World
4. Jungle World
5. Pirates World
6. Ghost Town
7. Seventh Avenue
8. Muky Town


Weapons for protection

To be used when in trouble. The A button operates the weapons.

When the weapons appear you must pick them up by moving underneath them. Col-
lected weapons are displayed on the screen and you can get them from the right
side of the screen when you need them by pressing the A button.

Toys - Mukies dance around toys.
Gold Coins - Nyamco dances around gold coins.
Pots - Mukies faint near pots.
Fish - Nyamco and Mukies chase after fish.


Weapons for fighting

Each area has one of the "Weapons for Fighting" which can be retrieved by mov-
ing underneath it and jumping up to get it. Defeated enemies won't come back
for a while. It's a very effective way to score and to get through trouble

1. Pulleys
2. Punching Bags
3. Fireworks
4. (no weapon)
5. Horizontal Bars
6. Flashlights
7. Sticks
8. Bowling Balls


Playing techniques

How to use the trampolines
Press the MOVE button when you wish to get back to the floor while Mappy is
bouncing up. If you land on the red trampoline you will lose points.

Combination attacks
When you mix "Weapons for Protection" and "Weapons for Fighting" you can
defeat most of your enemies at the same time and score a lot of points. For
example: After distracting Muky with toys (weapons for protection) use the
Fireworks and Pulleys (weapons for fighting) to add to your score.

Jumping techniques
You can jump above the enemies, but this trick must be used only in trouble


How to get through the sub-area

In some areas the exit which allows you to proceed to the next area will be
closed. In this case you must find a secret entrance which will take you to
a sub-area. For example, in the sixth area, after retrieving the key, you
must find the secret entrance into the church, and locate the cross. When you
have done this you can proceed to the seventh area.

In some areas, you must find a certain spot and then jump to enter the sub-
area. For example, in the Third story-first area, you must go between the
first and second cars of the train, then jump.