Little Nemo: The Dream Master


Capcom(r) USA

Little Nemo - The Dream Master(tm)

Instruction manual


Getting started

1. Insert the Little Nemo the DREAM MASTER GAME PAK and turn on your Nintendo
Entertainment System. The title sequence will appear. At this point you
will choose to start a new game by pressing the START button.

2. You will begin the game in the first dream area, the mushroom forest.


Controlling Little Nemo

The controls for Little Nemo are quite simple, but true mastery takes great
timing and skill.

Pushing RIGHT or LEFT on the control pad moves Nemo right or left. This works
when he is jumping or falling.

Pushing UP will move Nemo up (only if he is in/on a creature that can move in
that direction).

Pushing DOWN will make Nemo duck down, or move him in that direction if hs
is/on a creature that can move in that direction.

START pauses the game.

SELECT turns the player back into Nemo (child character).

A Button - makes Nemo jump.

B Button - when Nemo, he throws candy. When he is/on a creature, it will make
the creature use its natural defense. Not all ceratures have a defense.


Playing the game

Little Nemo is given an endless bag of candy by the princess of Slumberland.
He can use this candy two ways. The first use for the candy is to throw it at
certain creatures that are encountered in all areas of the game. After the
creature chews three pieces of candy, it will blow a bubble. When this
happens, Little Nemo can either ride or "become" the creature. Some of these
animals have an ability to defend themselves. You will discover these abilities
as you play the game.

The other use for the candy is to momentarily stun creatures that cannot be
ridden or imitated. This action will not dispatch the enemy charcters. It will
only slow them down.


The Little Nemo story

Little Nemo is invited to the royal palace of the King of Slumberland. Along
the way he has many adventures in a land where dreams are real, and danger is
everywhere. The good King of Slumberland has been kidnapped by the wicked King
of Nightmares. Can you help Little Nemo rescue the good King, and restore
peace to the land of dreams?


Nemo's friends

These creatures will give Nemo a ride when they are fed candy.

Hermit crab


Enemy characters

Flying fish
Army ant