Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2



Getting started

1. Insert the Mega Man II cartridge and turn on your Nintendo machine. The
story of Mega Man will begin. If you would like to skip the story, press

2. The Mega Man II title screen should be on the screen. Use Select to choose
Normal or Difficult mode. Press Start to begin the game.

3. You must now choose to Start or enter a Password. Press Start to begin the
game. The Password option will be discussed later in the Passwords section
of the manual.

4. The Stage Select screen will appear. This screen has pictures of all eight
enemy robots plus a spot in the middle for Dr. Wiley. Use the control pad
to move the flashing box to the opponent of your choice and press Start.
The experienced player will probably want to choose Metal Man first. The
beginning player may want to try Air Man or Flashman first. Later on in
the manual you will find a secion called How to Beat Airman. This is
intended to help a beginner get the feel of the game.


Controlling Mega Man

The controls for Mega Man are quite simple, but true mastery takes both
practice and skill.

Pushing right and left on the controller moves Mega Man right and left. This
works even when he is jumping or falling. Remember this! It is a very import-
ant feature.

Up and Down are used for climbing up and down ladders. Any time the pad is
pushed up and Mega Man is over a ladder, he will immediately start climbing.

The A button is used for jumping. The longer you hold the button down, the
higher Mega Man will jump. If Mega Man is standing still on a ladder when you
try to jump, he will fall. Pushing Up while Mega Man is falling off of a
ladder will make him stop falling.

The B button is used for shooting. Unlike some super heros, Mega Man can shoot
while he is jumping or falling.

The Start button is used for changing weapons, using energy crystals, and
finding out how many lives you have left. It is also a convenient way to
pause the game. Choose Next to look at the second screen. Use the up and won
arrows to select the weapon you want and push Start again to return to the
game. For more information on this function, see the Weapons section of this
manual. Be careful; if you push Start while on a ladder, Mega Man will fall
off the ladder when you return to the game.

One final note: When Mega Man is damaged, he is invulnerable for a second or
two. Take advantage of this time to get past tough opponents.



In the upper left hand corner of the game screen is an energy meter. This shows
how many more points of damage Mega Man is capable of absorbing. When the
meter reaches zero points, one Mega Man life will be lost.

There are a number of objects that Mega Man can find that will increase his
energy. There is an energy pellet and an energy ball. These add a little
energy and a lot of energy respectively.

There is also an energy crystal. This is a full load of energy that Mega Man
can carry around with his weapons and use whenever he is running low on
juice. This is accessed by pressing the Start button and selecting the Energy
crystal. Push the Start button again to fill your energy back up to the maxi-
mum. Then select a weapon and hit the Start button once more.

When you select a weapon besides the standard Mega Man weapon, a second meter
will appear to the left of the first. This tells how much charge remains in
the current weapon. When that reaches zero, the weapon no longer fires.
Weapons may be re-energized with weapon energy pellets and balls.

The final robot of each level also has an energy meter on the right side of
the screen to tell how many of your shots it can absorb. When this meter
reaches the zero, you have defeated the enemy. Some enemies are invulnerable
to certain weapons, but usually one certain weapon will damage each opponent
a great deal.


Special items

In addition to the weapons, there are three special transportation items.
These are:

Item1: Acquired whtn Heat Man is defeated. This is a levitation platform. Up
to three may be launched at a time.

Item2: Acquired when Air Man is defeated. This is a jet sled. Use it to fly
over difficult areas.

Item3: Acquired with Flash Man is defeated. This is an elevator and may only
be used against a wall. This item is capable of traveling higher than
the Levitation Platform.



After defeating each enemy, you will have a choice between either Stage Select
or Password. If you choose password, the current password will be shown. You
may write this down and use it later to get to this exact same point in the
game. Simply keep track of where the bubbles are and next time you begin the
game select Password. A cursor will be displayed. Move the cursor around with
the control pad and hit the A button in each square that had a bubble in it
before. When you are finished you can continue the game from that point.


How to beat Airman

Airman lives in his domain in the clouds. Fortunately, Dr. Light has found
information about his domain. Here is a step-by-step guide beginning just
after you select the Airman level. Push the Start button to pause at the end
of each section. (Remember: You must push Start again to return to the game.)

1. Walk right to the edge of the platform. When you reach the edge, the first
Air Tikki will appear. It will immediately start raising its horns. Jump onto
it as soon as it starts to lower its horns, run across and jump to the plat-
form on the other side. Do not remain on its head if you can help it. As soon
as you land on the platform on the other side, turn around and shoot the Lump
that pops up. If you do not hit him immediately, jump up and shoot at him
until you hit him. Then turn and wait for the horns to go down on the next
Air Tikki and repeat the process. Do this for all five.

2. a) a Lightning Lord will fly on the screen to your right. Jump up and
shoot him until he explodes. Then jump onto his Thunder Chariot.

b) Turn to your right and shoot at the next Lightning Lord as he comes onto
the screen and jumps his chariot.

c) Ride through the cloud and as you drift up into range, carefully jump up
and shoot at the next Lord as quickly as possible. Jump to his charior as
fast as you can.

d) Turn to the left and shoot the next Lord as you come up alongside. Then
simply step off the left side of your chariot and you will land on his.

e) Face right to shoot the final Lord when he comes up alongside, and jump to
his chariot. When this chariot gets close to the next edge, you can easily
jump onto it.

3. Run along the platform until you see a Flying Fish drop an egg. When the
egg hits the groun it will explode and the feathers will hurt you. To avoid
this, you should stop and shoot at the egg as it is falling. The Flying Fish
are evenly spaced and some are not visible because they are behind clouds.
You will have to learn how far apart they are so that you know when to stop
running and start shooting. When you reach the right edge of the platform,
walk into the cloud and off the side and you will fall down to the lower

4. Jump left onto the two upper platforms. Then walk into the cloud on the
lower left and you will fall down to the next screen.

5. Walk right to the edge of the platform and another Air Tikki will appear.
When its horns start to go down, jump onto it and walk to the right edge and
back to the center. Walking to the right edge will summon the next Air Tikki.
You must wait, however, for the horns on both demons to go down before jump-
ing onto the second one. Wait at the center of the second one for the horns
to go down again and jump to the edge. Remember, if you get hit, you are
invulnerable so move quickly.

6. Jump from platform to platform until you get close to the first Fan Fiend.
The Fan Fiends will try to blow you away from them. Just jump up to the right
and shoot away while he blows you back left. After you defeat him, move on to
the next one. Be careful, there are more flying fish out here. If you are
jumping between platforms and get hit, yo umay fall into the abyss. Once past
all three Fan Fiends, you will reach a gate. Walk through this gate and you
will enter a room with another gate on the far end. Beyond this gate dwells

7. Airman throws small tornados which deflect your shots and damage you. Run
up close to the nearest tornado and try to jump over it. When there is nothing
between you and Airman, he is very vulnerable to your shots. Shoot as quickly
as you can before he has a chance to throw more tornados. He will usually
throw 2, 3 or 4 sets of tornados before a proficient player defeats him.

Good luck!



As Mega Man defeats each enemy, he acquires their powers.

HeatMan: The (H) Atomic Fire can throw three different sizes of fireballs. The
longer you hold the fire button, the bigger the fireball.

AirMan: The (A) Air Shooter throws small tornados.

WoodMan: The (W) Leaf Shield creates a shield around you until you move. The
leaves are then thrown in the direction the control pad is pushed.

BubbleMan: The (B) Bubble Lead is a bubble that rolls on the ground in front
of you and damages what it hits.

QuickMan: The (Q) Quick Boomerang can throw up to three boomerangs. Hold the
fire button for continuous fire.

FlashMan: The (F) Time Stopper will freeze all enemies for a little while. Be
careful. When this is used, it will continue until is is completely drained
of energy. It cannot be turned off early.

MetalMan: The (M) Metal Blade is a gear. Up to three may be thrown in any
direction the control pad is pushed. This is probably the best general purpose
weapon and the energy lasts a long time.

CrashMan: The (C) Crash Bomber can be thrown at walls and will detonate after
a short delay. It may be used to get through certain walls.

These weapons work with varying degrees of effectiveness on different oppo-
nents. It is best to experiment, especially when fighting the final robot of
each level.