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They're back.

Extinct for eons, the most awesome creatures ever to walkt he earth have been
brought back to life by astounding biotech advances. These breathtaking
behemoths have been unleashed to roam the most incredible animal preserve of
all time... man and dinosaurs together... JURASSIC PARK.

Now, you've been cast in a starring role in this sensational saga. As Dr. Alan
Grant, world-renowned paleontologist, your adventure begins on a mysterious
fog-shrouded island off Central America, where an untamed, primitive world has
been created. Controlled by a vast supercomputer complex, the most privileged
visitors are invited to experience its terrifying wonders in complete safety..
until something goes terribly wrong.

A computer malfunction has caused the release of hundreds of fearsome
prehistoric predators. Vicious raptors, spitters and tyrannosaurs are
threatening to overrun even the fortified visitor's compound... and two
children, Tim and Lex, are lost in the island's jungle wilderness. To find
and rescue them, you'll have to face some of history's most powerful and
deadly carnivores.

The perilous primeval world of JURASSIC PARK awaits!



Control Pad: Moves you up, down, left, right, and diagonally.

Start Button: Starts and pauses the game.

Select Button: Changes the type of Gun Magazine used (you cannot select
another type if it has no bullets).

A Button: Causes you to jump (doesn't work on some levels).

B Button: Fires your weapon (doesn't work on some levels).

Screen display

1 Power Bar: Shows how much power you have.
2 Lives: The number of lives remaining.
3 Type of Bullets: The color of the ball icon tells you which ammo you're
using (see GUN MAGAZINES).
4 Number of bullets: How many bullets you have.
5 Eggs/bomb countdown: The number of eggs still to be collected in current
level -OR- the countdown to a bomb explosion.
6 Score


The Option Screen displays the following options:

Start: Starts the game with the options that are displayed.

Hi score: Displays the Hi Score Screen.

Sound options: Chooses between Music Only, Sound Effects Only, Sound Off, and
Sound On.

One or two players: Chooses the number of players.


How to play

As a world-renowned paleontologist, you were invited to a special preview of
Jurassic Park. But your dream of a lifetime became a nightmare when a system
failure released the dinosaurs from their carefully-constructed pens. Now they
have overrun the island, and only three human survivors are left: yourself and
two children, nine-year-old Tim Murphy and his twelve-year-old sister, Alexis.

Your task, Dr. Grant, is to rescue Tim and Lex and escape from the island,
using any means necessary to avoid being eaten.

You will encounter many hazards along the way. These include:

A stampeding herd of Triceratops.
Groups of small, yet deadly, Compsognathus.
Your chief adversary, the vicious Velociraptor.
The poison-spitting Dilophosaurus.
The dolphin-like Ichthyosaur.
Stegosaurus, Euoplocephalus, and Dimetrodon.
The gigantic Brachiosaurus.
The unspeakable ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Two-player game

In the two-player game, both players work together toward the goal of escaping
the island. When one player loses a life, control passes to the other player.


You begin the game with 3 lives. After losing those, you can continue the
game 4 times, each time with 3 lives.

Note: You can increase your number of lives and continues by collecting the
correct Mystery Boxes (see below).

Continue screen

When you've lost all your lives, the Continue Screen is displayed with a
countdown. If you press any button before the countdown ends, you will start
at the beginning of the last level. Otherwise, the game ends.

If you have used up all your continues, the Continue Screen will appear with
a zero countdown and the game will end.

DNA message screen

This displays the plot so far. Press Button A to exit, or Button B to repeat
the message.


High score entry

If your score is good enough, you can enter it on the Hi Score Table. You will
be asked for your ID. Point at the letter you want and press Button A to enter
it. Press Start when you're finished; the Hi Score Table will then be

Hidden bonuses

All over the island, you will find bonuses hidden in the trees and


Collecting eggs

The dinosaurs have begun to breed, so to complete each level, you must collect
or destroy any eggs you find. You will receive points by collecting them.

Entering buildings

After you have collected all the eggs, you may receive a pass card. These
allow you to enter the various buildings you will encounter as you make your
way around the island.

If you have the correct pass card for a certain building, you will
automatically enter or leave the building when you walk up to a door.

Computer access

You can also use your pass cards to access the main computer on computer
consoles or motion detectors scattered around the island. This allows you to
open gates. It can also provide you with hints and tips on how to proceed. You
will automatically access the computer by walking up to it.


Objects to pick up

Gun magazines
When you pick up a Gun Magazine, that weapon automatically becomes active.
There are four types:

Multi-Shot (yellow) - your basic low-power weapon.
Explosive Multi-Shot (green) - Medium-power; one shot is usually enough.
Armor-Piercing Multi-Shot (blue) - This high-power ammo goes through almost
3-Ball Bolas (red) - Each ball is medium-power; useful in small places

Time bombs
Use these to blow up the Raptor nests.

Mystery boxes
These can be good or bad - you just need to learn which is which! They
Power Up Extra Continue
Lose a Life Invulnerability
Extra Life Power Down

See above.

Ammo balls
When some dinosaurs are destroyed, a bouncing Ammo Ball appears. Collect these
to increase the number of basic weapon bullets.



There are too many to list them all, but they include:

Rocks - These block your movement.
Trees/Bushes - Raptors and other carnivores can hide behind these and jump out
at you.
Volcanic Craters - These spew out rocks which you must avoid.
Electrified Gates - Found on the roofs of buildings and on the ground. Touch
them and you're fried!
Nodes - Sparks arc between them.
River - Use the inflatable raft.
Fences - Use them to corral the carnivores.


Game levels

Level 1: Triceratops stampete

Tim is somewhere beyond the Jurassic Park gates, right in the path of a
stampede of huge Triceratops! You must first open the gates using the central
computer; then, after reaching Tim, guide him through the stampede.

Touch Tim and he will follow you. If a Triceratops runs over either you or
Tim, power will be lost.

Note: You cannot fire on the stampede.

Level 2: T-rex confrontation

Lex has been cornered by the Tyrannosaurus!

To reach her, you must go through the deadly Raptor Pen and travel up the
river on an inflatable raft.

Inflatable Raft Controls: Press the A button for an oar stroke. Press the
Control Pad left and right to turn the raft.

Once you reach Lex, you must protect her by guiding her to a safe location
while firing on the T-rex. (The dinosaur's power is shown by a meter at the
bottom right of the screen.) If either of you get stepped on, power will be
lost. If the T-rex gets one of you, a life will be lost. If you run out of
ammunition, a gun magazine will appear for you to pick up.

Level 3: Restore computer power

The power to the main computer is out. You must restore the power, then boot
up the main computer consoles in the correct order.

Beware the Stegosaurus and Dimetrodon - especially the Stegosaurus, he's
armored and dangerous!

Level 4: The raptor nests

The Raptos have begin to breed in the volcanic caves. You must find some
explosives and destroy their nests. The explosives have a time fust, so be
sure you're not in the nest when it explodes!

Look out for the rocks which are thrown from the volcanic vents.

Level 5: Radio the mainland

The radio in the control room has been destroyed by the raptors. Your only
chance to get help from the mainland is to use the radio on board the ship in
the harbor. To accomplish this, you'll have to get past more stampedes, the
dock, and the hazardous Engine Rooms.

Level 6: Escape the island

The helicopter is on its way. Now all you have to do is get to the helipad to
be picked up and flown to safety. So near and yet so far! Will you make it?
(Hint: Give up now!)


Hints and tips

- When battling the T-rex, learn its movements and move Lex accordingly.
- When guiding Tim through the stampede, keep high on the screen at some
points so you can run across and down with the Triceratops.
- In the Raptor nests, X marks the spot.
- You can only drop the time bomb in the Raptor's nest when you have collected
all the eggs.
- The Raptors slow down when cornering.
- Raptors cannot get through doors.
- When chased by the dinosaurs, use the rocks, trees, etc. to slow them down.
- The T-rex can only be hit on the head when attacking.
- Collect all the eggs on the raft section for 2 bonus lives.
- Learn the timing ot the arcing sparks.
- There is a cheat mode... if you can find it.



Nearly the size of an elephant, the Triceratops is built low to the ground
with huge stumpy legs and a massive head with three horns, the longest
protruding from the middle of its face. Despite a fearsome appearance, they're
really quite docile.

Tyrannosaurus rex

"T-rex", the most famous predator in the history of the world, is the classic
blood-thirsty carnivore. Standing eighteen feet tall with a heat five feet
long, T-res has huge and powerful jaws which can swallow a man whole, They are
literally capable of eating over a ton of food in one sitting.


This enormous animal stands over fifty feet high. Weighing in at thirty tons,
one animal weighs as much as a whole herd of modern elephants. A friendly
unassuming animal with a tiny head and an equally tiny brain, it seems to
always have its head in the clouds, or at least the trees, chomping on
luscious leaves of the rain forest.

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