How to play Jackal(tm)



Return to 'Nam

Infrared satellites soaring miles above Earth have spotted dozens of American
prisoners of war still trapped on enemy soil.

Missing for years but never forgotten, these men must be brought home.

But America is in no position to risk an all-out invasion that could prompt
retaliation. Instead, the only possible hope for their freedom is a small
scale commando raid - code name JACKAL.

Immediately the President turns to the Green Berets and their combat-ready,
tactical infiltrating "Jeep Squad". The Jeep Squad is comprised of twenty all-
terrain, four-wheel drive, super-mobile attack jeeps, each equipped with one
driver and one gunner. Only forty of the Green Berets' bravest and most
cunning soldiers belong to this elite fighting force, and because of the
secrecy of the mission, only a few of them qualify for the rescue attempt.

Needless to say, you've been chosen to be one of the few, the proud, the

So work up your courage and polish up your guns, because it's time to save the
life of each and every brave American POW.

And before you go, your country would just like to say, "Good luck, son. Don't
come home alone."


How to be a hero

Your mission begins when you and your faithful jeep, Trigger, are parachuted
along the fringes of the Cambodian border. From there, you'll claw and scratch
through six deadly enemy territories, rescuing POWs while encountering heavy
fire from tank pistols, cannon bunkers, bomber squadrons, and a hostile navy.

Your only means of survival are a trusty machine gun, hand grenades, bazookas
(obtained by rescuing POWs and powering-up), and world class driving skills.

You have a total of 3 jeeps to risk at the beginning of Operation Jackal. An
extra jeep will be added after you rescue a predetermined number of POWs.

Jackal can be played simultaneously by 2 players. If only one person plays,
use Control (1).

Your mission ends when you destroy the enemy's main fortress (code nam Zulu)
at the end of level 6.


How to rescue the POWs

1. Destroy the barracks where the prisoners are located by firing your machine
gun, grenades, or the bazooka. Be sure to blast away and search every
building you encounter.

2. Pull up to the blown-out barracks and pick up the prisoners as they flee
for their lives.

3. Drive your jeep full of prisoners to the heliport, where they'll be picked
up by top secret stealth helicopters.


The four wild jackals

Lt. Bob (Gunner)
The finest sharp shooter in the history of the Green Berets.

Sgt. Quint (Driver)
Indy car racer turned mercenary.

Col. Deckar (Gunner)
The commander of this operation and Medal of Honor recipient in Vietnam.

Cpl. Grey (Driver)
Winner of six European Grand Prix races, and considered the greatest stunt
driver since Evil Bo Weivel.


Controlling your attack jeep

Control Pad
Use like a steering wheel to guide your jeep in eight different directions.

Select Button
Press to select one or two player mode.

Start Button
Press to start your mission or to take a break from the action.

B Button
Press to fire your machine gun.

A Button
Press to launch hand grenades or fire the bazooka.


The six enemy territories

Checkpoint Alpha
Checkpoint Baker
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Delta
Checkpoint Tango
Checkpoint Zulu (Your final confrontation)


The enemy hordes

TSK-21 Panther
Troop Transport
50mm Cannon
Mobile Missile Launcher
Death From Above Bomber
Bandit Missile Copter
The Sniper Raft
Shark Attack Submarine
Anti-Jeep Personnel
Coastal Invader Gun Boat
Light (But Deadly) Infantry