Ikari Warriors 3: The Rescue

Ikari Warriors 3: The Rescue


It is the end of the 20th century. A worldwide economic recession
wreaks havoc with the nation and the planet. The impending threat
of anarchy has given rise to a secret vice organization called 'Crime
Ghost.' Dangerously poised to take over the world with its diabolic
strategy, 'Crime Ghost' has infiltrated every country simultaneously.
There is one President who has initiated a plan to wipe out the
association, but now his home has been attacked and his daughter
Elise abducted. A letter has arrived demanding that he resign his
powerful position within a number of days, or else his beautiful Elise
will be executed in a most unpleasant manner. The letter is signed
'Faust, the notorious mastermind of Crime Ghost. The president knows
to whom he must turn. The President has summoned two men known as
Paul and Vince, the incredible Ikari Warriors. Now, YOU become Paul and
Vince. You must go to the enemy hideout, rescue the lovely Elise, fight
Crime Ghost, and destroy them all. To do this, you will use your undersea
scuba tactics; your guerilla fighting power with machine guns and grenades;
and your own brute strength, together with your superior Martial Arts skills,
performing kicks, round-house kicks, jump kicks, punches, and more. Ikari
Warriors, save the world from chaos! Now!


Start Button

Press to start game during the title screen. Press to pause during game.

Select Button

Press to start or continue game; press to select 1 or 2 players; press
to show score and number of remaining lives.

Control Pad

Press up, down, left, and right to move the hero.

A Button

Press to throw a round-house kick; press to pick up and throw the enemy
while in water; press to use a gun while in water.

B Button

Press to use items you pick up.

A + B Button

Press to jump kick in the water and on the ground.

A + B Buttons + Control Pad

Press for round-house kicks while jump kicking.

Note: In area 4 you can use guns in water, but no other means of attack.


Vince and Paul each have 3 lives.

An extra life is gained every 30,000 points.

The game can be played from the level last played.


Bullets will appear on the screen when you are equipped with a machine gun.

(pictures not included)

Machine Gun
Machine guns have 10 bullets; use them sparingly.

Grenades have very good destructive power; only 11 throws.

Diamonds offer bonus points.

Life Item
Life Items will recover the life gauge to 100%.

One-Up Character
Increases number of lives by one.

Wipes out all enemies on screen. Good for onslaughts.

Destroys when thrown at enemies.



Strong as an ox and quick as silver. The only person Paul trusts
enough to work with; they are partners in blood.


A soldier for hire, veteran of wars who has fought on the threshold of
death. A master of martial arts, combat and military technique.


The only daughter of the only President brave enough to conspire
against Crime Ghost.


Crime Ghost Soldier

Though but single-minded. Paul and Vince can destroy soldiers and
assume their guns and grenades.


5-feet-10, 160-pound tough guy. Attacks with a circling spiked
iron ball. A viciously primitive combatant.

Todd Manor

Boss of area 2. Sly and skillful commander of a maneuvering unit.
Stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 195 pounds.

Brothers Cheng

Villainoustwin bosses of area 3 who instruct the mobile units of
Crime Ghost. Versed in ancient arts of war.


Aggressive leader of menacing fight unit in water. Commands
aqua-lung soldiers. Dark and devious.


Swiftly brutal controller of specialized Ninja force. Intelligence advisor
to general headquarters. 6 feet tall and 170 pounds, the exact size of Paul.


Megalomaniac commander of Crime Ghost. Plans to conquer the whole
world. Stands nearly 7 feet tall and is 220 pounds of solid muscle.