Heavy Shreddin


Heavy SHREDDIN'(TM) The Snowboarding Video Game

Get ready for the ride of your lifetime! With the HEAVY
SHREDDIN'(TM) video game, you'll be traveling down slick,
snow covered mountains on a single snowboard that's not much
larger than a ski. To survive your runs, you'll have to master
some hot moves to get around the dangerous obstacles ready to
trip you up. Complete all five events (18 levels in all) and you'll
be rewarded with the coveted WORLD CUP trophy. It won't be
easy. But you can bet it'll be fun!

How to Use the Controller... page 3
General Rules............... page 4
How to master the Slopes.....page 5
The Events...................page 7

How to Use the Controller

UP arrow... aim left if standing; turn up if tucked
Right arrow... to tuck and gain speed
DOWN arrow... aim right if standing; turn down if tucked
Left arrow... to stand straight up
Select button... to select a new game
Start button... to start or pause the game
B button... for ducking under obstacles
A button... for jumping or kicking


At the start of each game, you'll first see a trail map screen
that shows you the name of the trial you're on and the events
within the current trial. There are five events and a total of
18 levels of play. In order to move on the next event, you
must first successfully complete the run you're on. Reach
the end of any trial and you'll be presented with a special
message. Reach the end of all events and you'll win the
WORLD CUP trophy!

When you're ready, press START.

You have four lives at the start of each game. Every time
you fall or fail to qualify, you lose one life. Lose all four
lives and the game ends. If you reach the next trail, you'll
earn a bonus life. If you fall and you have remaining lives,
you'll be sent back to the beginning of that event to try
again. You then hit Start again to begin your next trail.

You score points based on each screen you mange to pass.
The point values are 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 per
screen, depending on the skill level. Try to increase your
score each time you play.

How to Master the Slopes
To make it to the end of a run, you'll have to practice and
master the art of turning, ducking, jumping and stunting.

Turning can be done in two ways... tucked or standing. In
the standing position, simply point the board where you want
to go. In the tucked position, you'll simply move up and down
the screen. (Note: if you're daring enough, use the tuck position
to gain greater speed.)

Ducking is an easy enough maneuver. Just press the B key to
duck under obstacles.

Jumping can be done by pressing the A key. There are five
different jumps...a regular jump and four stunt jumps.

Stunting is where you'll really get your kicks. Stunts are for
survival as well as for hot-dogging. Practicing them enough
and the WORLD CUP trophy could be yours.

To stunt, you'll need to press any of the four direction keys
(UP/DOWNRIGHT/LEFT). The direction key is how you'll
choose a particular stunt.

How to do the stunts:

Toe Grab Stunt (a longer jump): Press A key and UP direction key.

Hand-Plant Stunt (a hot-dogging move and a requirement in the
Half-pipe event): Press A key and DOWN direction key.

Mid-Air 360 Stunt (this one is just for hot-doggers having a
great run): Press A key and RIGHT direction key.

Mule-Kick Stunt (especially useful in recovering your balance
while bouncing through treacherous moguls.): Press A key
and LEFT direction key

There are five events in all: Downhill, Slalom, Half-pipe,
Monguls and Backwoods. The first four have three levels of
difficultly. Backwoods has six. On some events you'll be working
against the clock. On others you'll merely try to survive while
racking up as many points as possible:

1. Downhill... The object here is to get down the slope as fast
as possible. Guide your board by pressing either the UP or
DOWN key. Jump (press A key) over any obstacles you can't
pass. if you fall, you'll be sent back to the top of the trail
for another try. This events has three levels of difficultly.

2. Slalom... Guide the board between the gates by pressing
the UP and DOWN keys. If you fall or miss going through a
gate, you'll be sent back to the top of the trail for another
try. This events has three levels of difficultly.

3. Half-pipe... This event requires stunts. But first you'll
need enough momentum to get high enough on the wall to
do a stunt. To do this, press and hold UP when the board
is moving up the far wall and DOWN when it's moving up
the near wall. once you've gained enough height, you'll be
given an on-screen command to perform a stunt (see How
to Master the Slopes for stunt information). This events
has three levels of difficultly.

4. Moguls... guide the board by pressing the UP and DOWN
keys. The small moguls (bumps in the snow) can be
handled by simply jumping over them (press A key). To
get past large mogul fields, you must use either a mule-kick
or toe grab stunt. To do a mule-kick, aim your board at the
mogul and wait long enough for the shredder to bend up.
Then press the A key and Left key and you'll mule kick
over the mogul field. This event has three levels of difficultly.

5. Backwoods... Not for the faint-hearted, this event has
a total of 23 difficult obstacles to deal with. each
requires a different response in for you to survive:

Trees..........avoid by turning
Snowgun Hose...jump over them
Ice............avoid by turning or jumping
Rocks..........avoid by turning or jumping
Gates..........avoid or pass through by turning
Logs...........jump or hit and mule-kick or avoid by turning
Metal Fences...avoid by turning
Rope Fence.....avoid by ducking
Streams........jump over them
Rivers.........cross the bridge
Ice Pond.......stay in tuck or jump over them
Truck..........hit ski jump in tuck position
Cliffs.........jump off edge and adjust board angle by holding the UP key
Crevasse.......jump small ones and toe grab over large ones
Hay Bail.......jump or hit and mule-kick
Mogul..........jump or hit and mule-kick
Mogul Field....hit and Mule kick
Chalet Roof....stay in tuck and adjust board angle by holding the DOWN key
Small Trail....turn in standing position
Waterfall......jump onto small island in river
Embankment.....hit and accelerate around trees
Tunnel.........duck to travel through it
Billboard......duck to go under it